The M.I.N.D. Program Moving in New Directions Inc. ( is a small, registered charity. We seek to improve the sense of meaning, belonging and well-being in Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) buildings in southwest Scarborough.

We are expanding our Community Meal Program and now seek an additional cook (30 hours/week) to prepare and serve meals with occasional assistance from volunteers. Our meal program serves a low-cost, nutritious daily breakfast and simple evening meals to a diverse community facing many challenges. It is important in addressing food insecurity, building community, and reducing social isolation.

Key Tasks

1. Deliver the daily meal program.

  • Develop weekly menus and shop for groceries.
  • Cook the daily community breakfasts and dinners, and the special event meals.
  • Ensure the kitchen is kept clean and meets Public Health demands for a safe food environment.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to assist in cooking meals for residents in the community kitchen and on their own floors, and support them with menus, shopping, cooking, packaged meals, etc.

2. Balance the meal budget on a weekly basis.

  • Watch meal income and costs closely to ensure the program is self-sustaining.
  • Use MIND’s bank account to deposit income and pay for supplies, and keep all receipts for the MIND bookkeeper.

3. Build relationships with residents.

  • Keep a friendly, welcoming atmosphere during community meals.
  • Advise Friends on Guard volunteers if a vulnerable, regular meal program person misses a meal.
  • Seek to meet special food requests from Friends on Guard for residents in their care.

4. Work with TCHC.

  • Keep good relations with TCHC building staff and tenant representatives in the buildings.
  • Implement and comply with all TCHC policies, emergency plans, etc. as apprpriate.
  • Serve as the main channel between TCHC and MIND’s meal program for access, repairs, use of space, training, communications, etc.

5. Relate to food agencies and secure donations.

  • Keep good relations with our food donors and comply with their requirements and MIND’s kitchen rules.
  • Find other food donors to help reduce the meal program costs.

6. Report to the MIND board and TCHC each month and measure the success of the meal program using agreed statistics.

7.Other duties as may be assigned by the MIND Board.

Needed Experience and Skills

  • fluent in English
  • legally able to work in Canada
  • at least one year’s work as a cook
  • able to gain a Safe Food Handler Certificate
  • worked with vulnerable people and able to pass Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • able to carry heavy grocery orders
  • able to budget and watch costs, organize and prioritize tasks
  • self-starter and able to finish tasks on time without direct supervision
  • able to meet new people and enlist their involvement
  • skilled in listening to and gaining trust from a wide variety of people

Such experience and skills would usually come from finishing high school plus work in the food services industry.


Accountable to the MIND Board Chair or delegate through monthly check-ins and reviews every three months.