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Youth Now Canada
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Management / Executive
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Program / Project Evaluation & Development, Program / Project Management, Supervision / Team Leader
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Full Time
ON - Ottawa Area
Ottawa, Cornwall, Peterborough
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Senior Executive (E.D., CEO, CFO)
$70,000 - $80,000
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Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario (with programs in Ottawa, Cornwall, & Peterborough)


Youth Now Canada is a dynamic and youth-focused organization that is committed to providing quality evidence-based programming to assist youth and their parents. We have served youth with complex needs over the last three decades and have worked extensively with probation services, the courts, education and child welfare.  We provide flexible, individually-tailored services that meet youth where they are, and build on their strengths. Previously a for-profit corporation (Youth Now Intervention Services Inc./YNIS), Youth Now Canada is a newly established non-profit entity transitioning to a charitable organization. The new Executive Director will play a key role in this transition.

SCOPE: Youth Now Canada is now looking for a new Executive Director to lead the organization into the future and create a vision in line with our strategic plan that will build influential partnerships with key stakeholders in the Eastern Ontario/Peterborough region. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the new E.D. is responsible for providing overall management leadership within the agency. The E.D. will build networks of influence with funders, work with local community partners and identify new potential revenue streams to ensure greater service delivery and overall brand identification. The new E.D. will bring creativity and collaboration in leading a strong senior management team as well as a diverse Board of Directors, and ensure that the organization is focused on their core business areas. The E.D. will be in full agreement with the mission of Youth Now, in assisting children and youth to succeed by enhancing their own strengths and resiliency.

Duties and Responsibilities

Resource to the Board of Directors

  • Report to the board of directors at meetings on the progress of the organization in achieving stated outcomes by providing a written and verbal report at the board and Annual meetings.
  • Lead the organization through the transition process towards becoming a not-for-profit, charitable entity.
  • Identify requirements in legislation and regulations including the Human Rights Code, Labour Relations Act, Employment Standards Act, Canada Health Act, Fire and Health Department regulations that pertain to the organizations. Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Ensure policies and procedures are in place to respond to the requirements specified in legislation and regulations
  • Document and take action in response to suspected abuse, illness or accident according to legislation/regulations and the policies and procedures of the organization

Risk Management

  • Ensure and maintain appropriate insurance policies and coverage
  • Inform the board of potential situations that could potentially create liabilities for the organization
  • Implement policies, procedures and standards to minimize risk

Operational Management

  • Develop and implement an annual operational management plan that supports the strategic directions for the organization as stated by the Board of Directors
  • Ensure that all policies and procedures manuals are in place and that all staff have proper orientation and training in this area
  • Facilitate the planning process which will provide the direction for all organizational, program and policy development
  • Develop, implement and monitor an organizational design that enables the organization to achieve its mission, mandate and strategic directions

Management Priorities and Outcomes

  • In consultation with the various stakeholders of the organization, determine the priorities and outcomes for the service delivery, finance, human resources, information and overall operations of the organization; monitor results
  • Identify variances from established outcomes and ensure corrective action is taken

Human Resource Management

  • Analyze and design organizational structure and job functions and set performance standards
  • Provide direct supervision to the senior management team and staff
  • Provide professional guidance to the management team in the resolution of concerns and problems
  • Provide a positive, fair and learning environment within the organization
  • Review and revise job descriptions to reflect responsibilities, authority and accountability
  • Conduct probationary and annual job performance evaluations with the senior management team and ensure senior management team completes performance evaluations with staff
  • Implement disciplinary action according to the policies and procedures of the organization

Financial Management

  • Plan, develop, prepare and present an annual budget which reflects accurately the allocation of funds and meets any funding requirements of the provincial government
  • Authorize funding expenditures within the approved budget
  • Monitor the financial stability and viability of the organization and identify any variances/issues to the board on a monthly basis
  • Ensure that complete, accurate financial records are maintained
  • Identify and secure major sources of revenue to meet operational requirements
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships, innovative approaches to problem solving and alternative sources for funding

Service Delivery Management

  • Ensure that programs and services reflect the mission and values of the organization
  • Evaluate programs regularly to ensure that they meet quality standards of the organization
  • Identify community needs through consultation with the key stakeholders of the organization
  • Prepare proposals for the development of new programs

Physical Facilities Management

  • Manage all owned and leased facilities contracts
  • Ensure appropriate and safe working conditions exist to enable staff to carry out their duties


  • Provide leadership and initiative in developing and maintaining positive relationships with appropriate groups, community organizations and government bodies
  • Communicate and consult with the stakeholders of the organization (i.e., consumers, community partner organizations) as required
  • Communicate with the media, when requested, on operational activities and/or issues

Representation of the Organization

  • Represent the organization in meeting with governments, community partner organizations, provincial associations and any other representation that may be required from time to time
  • Participate in community collaborative initiatives, inter-agency planning and coordination activities designed to improve outcomes for individuals supported by the Mills and their families


The Board of Directors delegates authority to the E.D. to:

  • Manage the organization
  • Manage the resources of the organization in an effective and efficient manner
  • Interpret and implement the policies of the organization


The E.D. is accountable to the Board of Directors for the following:

  • Ensuring that legislation, regulations, policies and procedures are not violated
  • Ensuring that the programs and services are delivered within the approved budget and that resources are allocated wisely
  • Ensuring that the staff of the organization have the support, supervision, orientation and training to carry out their responsibilities
  • Ensuring a safe, healthy and productive work environment
  • Developing and maintaining positive working relationships with community organizations and governments


As the ideal candidate, you have extensive experience leading within a community services organization, with a particular emphasis reporting to a Board of Directors and working with government funders. Your background in community youth services as well as your strong understanding of new revenue generation will serve you well as you consider expanding services and programs. Collaborative and creative, you have a proven track record in developing exceptionally strong mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships across a variety of key stakeholders. You approach business with an entrepreneurial mindset and have effectively articulated your vision to engage and influence a wide range of stakeholders. An outstanding communicator and collaborator, you possess a high level of diplomacy, tact and judgment.

Education: University degree in a relevant field.


• Five years or more management experience in a not-for-profit charitable structure

• Experience in a related field

• Experience in working with a non-profit Board of Directors

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

• Knowledge of relevant legislation pertaining to the organization

• Knowledge and skill to provide professional expertise and guidance to staff

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Effective and well-developed interpersonal skills

• Computer literacy level to manage the organization

• Experience in program planning, development and evaluation

  • Proven track record of successful funding proposals

Working Conditions

The working conditions for the E.D. are as follows:

• Work is generally performed in office, community settings, and occaisionally from home.

• Flexible hours

• Work involves regular driving to programs, committees, and conferences in Cornwall & Peterborough. Some overnight travel is required.

Employment Conditions

Specific employment conditions of the E.D. are specified in an employment contract with the Board of Directors and include the following:

• Valid Ontario driver’s license and reliable car

• Criminal record check for the vulnerable sector


Core Values

Strength-Based Philosophy of Care

Strengths are competencies that reside within us that create a sense of personal accomplishment, contribute to satisfying relationships, enhance our ability to deal with adversity and stress; and promote personal, social and academic development. Our strengths contribute to our resiliency; our ability to bounce back after traumatic events and life changes.

Adopting a strength-based philosophy of care means we strive to ensure that all decisions within our agency are made through the filter of strengths. We assess our therapeutic relationships, interventions, programs and written reports to ensure they reflect this mandate.

A strength-based approach helps young people build on the strengths they already possess to overcome obstacles. Youth build confidence, accept responsibility for their actions, and draw on their resources to develop achievable goals.  Our programs are tailored to each youth individually as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.  When we identify and focus on a youth’s strengths, we build bridges for better relationships with them based on trust and a positive belief in their abilities.

Values, Beliefs & Attitudes

Youth Now is built on a foundation of strong Values, Beliefs & Attitudes which guide our team in building therapeutic relationships with youth and maintaining therapeutic environments in which youth are given opportunities to realize their potential for success.


Respect: That fosters accountability, commitment, leadership, and integrity.

Self Control: Demonstrated by faithfulness, forbearance, patience, and peacefulness.

Compassion: Through relationships that characterize forgiveness, gentleness, goodness, honesty/truth, love, joy, tolerance, and kindness.

Responsiveness: With regards to taking initiative, modeling positive behaviour, consistency and diligence.


We believe that youth represent the present and the future and therefore deserve to be served in an environment shaped by love, hope and respect.

We believe that youth are resilient, have potential for change, and are worth investing in.

We believe that it is important to recognize the potential of a young person regardless of his/her past.

We believe youth can become positive, contributing members of society.

We believe that growth is facilitated through learning.


We demonstrate our beliefs:

  • by recognizing people’s strengths, worth and individuality, despite past history or behaviours.
  • by building meaningful relationships and providing positive role modeling.
  • by celebrating success.
  • by encouraging/providing learning opportunities for people to take responsibility and ownership for their behaviour and future.
  • by helping people to identify hurtful behaviours and encourage the development of helpful behaviours.
  • by showing compassion in creating supportive and caring environments.
  • by a commitment to continuous learning.

Board members, staff and volunteers are expected to support and demonstrate these values, attitudes and beliefs in all aspects of their involvement with Youth Now Canada.

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