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Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto
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Case Management, Community Outreach, Management / Executive, Social Worker
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ON - Metro Toronto Area
30 Drewry Avenue
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Manager (Supervisor of Staff)
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Anti-Racist Anti-Oppression Practice Supervisor

Strategic Services Initiatives of The Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto is seeking an Anti-Racist Anti-Oppression Practice Supervisor to provide leadership and program coordination in the implementation of plans and processes and equity strategies to achieve the anti-racist, anti-oppression transformation of the Society. 

The position will provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship to direct service related areas in the society on applying anti-racist and anti-oppression theories to front-line practices. The position also provides support to Leadership, Management, all staff, members of the Board of Directors, agency Committees, Volunteers, and Resource Parents by providing coaching, consultation, advice, and coordination of initiatives, on anti-racist anti-oppression diversity and inclusion matters. 

Duties Include:

  • Provide leadership and program coordination to the agency's efforts to recognize and build a diverse and inclusive environment with the implementation of relevant anti-racist anti-oppressive practices and guidelines; 
  • Promote and champion respect and understanding of all individuals who are employed within the agency and towards all those we serve and work with in partnership in the delivery of child welfare services; 
  • Assist all employees at CCAS in applying a diversity and inclusion anti-racist, anti-oppression lens to decisions and practices through coaching, mentorship, consultation, and training; 
  • Support evidence informed practice through relevant anti-racist anti-oppressive practice research;  
  • Prepare reports, statistics, and recommendations to leadership on the societies progress on anti-racist anti-oppression matters; 
  • Facilitate anti-racist anti-oppression change initiatives utilizing the Child Welfare AO framework, OACAS One Vision One Voice service framework, and a Trauma Informed Practice framework lens;  
  • Research and support the development of content and delivery of training for Staff and Caregivers on change initiatives; 
  • Provide support and leadership to the Societies services to African descent advisory committee, and any committee the society develops to promote the direction of the Society becoming a Anti-Racist Anti-Oppressive Practice Organization; 
  • Participate in the strategic development of an overall organizational strategy that moves the organization to practice values of inclusion, collaboration and empowerment while identifying practices that support encourage and foster diversity in recruitment, policies, and practices; 
  • Recommend policy and service improvements, and support policy development and quality improvement projects as assigned; 
  • Outreach and liaise with external stakeholders as required to further the Society's ARAO objectives and to ensure Society responsiveness and accountability to the broader communities; 
  • Identify opportunities for improving linkages, partnerships and joint ventures with a view towards knowledge exchange and ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of CCAS programs and services; 
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance with the Society's Health and Safety Policies and procedures and all relevant legislation; 
  • Other duties as assigned by Manager.  

Qualifications Requried:

  • M.S.W. Degree from a university of recognized standing and a minimum of 3 years of Child Protection experience; B.S.W. degree or MA in Equity or relevant discipline studies from a university of recognized standing with a minimum of 5 years of Child Protection experience will be considered;  
  • Applicants currently accepted and enrolled in an accredited program, for a BSW or MSW and have a minimum of five (5) years and (3) years of Child Protection experience, respectively. If successful in the competition process the offer would be conditional upon continued participation and completion of the respective degree within a reasonable period of time.
  • Several years of frontline practice experience; 
    • Understanding and experience in adult education, training and curriculum development; 
    • Experience in programs for equity and diversity and/or community outreach programs and initiatives;  
    • Comfort in public speaking and conflict resolution practices;  
    • Understanding concepts of multiple identities and the intersectionalities associated with those identities. 
  • Theoretical understanding and/or practical understanding of anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, trauma informed, critical reflective practice, social work best practice, and equity; 
  • Strong leadership and demonstrated ability to support, coach, mentor, and train staff and caregivers in ARAO practices;  
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills and the ability to liaise with community professionals, agency staff, caregivers, and volunteers; 
  • Excellent verbal, written and listening communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to work effectively with individuals and groups from a variety of diverse communities and to resolve conflict in an effective manner; 
  • Demonstrated understanding of, and commitment to, integrating the values in the CCAS Mission Statement, the principles of equity, justice, non-discrimination and accessibility into practice, service delivery and team relationships;  
  • Mediation, negotiation, and facilitation skills; 
  • Ability to provide critical thinking in all problem solving processes and deal effectively with conflict if needed; 
  • Strong leadership abilities to empower, network and motivate staff and caregivers to incorporate anti-racist anti-oppression principles in daily practice; 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and maintain confidentiality; 
  • Demonstrated understanding of Society's Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and relevant legislation.

Salary:  $91,382 - $109,348

External Closing Date:  June 23, 2017

Please apply via the following link:


If you are interested the position, please submit your resumé to later than the internal closing date at 11:59 p.m.

All communications will be held in strict and professional confidence.
The Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto is committed to equity and diversity and encourages applicants from varied backgrounds.  We will accommodate disabilities in the recruitment process in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Should an applicant require an accommodation during the recruitment process, please contact the Human Resources Department.