About us:

Art With Impact (AWI), a virtually-run, national nonprofit, is hiring a part-time Workshop Facilitator for our theatre-based program, "Our Bodies, Our Minds." AWI promotes mental wellness by creating space for young people to learn and connect through art and media. Since 2015, AWI has grown from working with a handful of colleges and universities in Ontario, to having run over 90 workshops in 8 provinces. We are continuing to grow, and in the not-too-distant-future, plan to offer workshops at colleges and universities in all provinces!

One of our campus-based workshops is Our Bodies, Our Minds (OBOM), which is a theatre-based workshop to raise awareness of the mental health impacts of sexual violence, and help communities be more supportive of survivors of sexual violence. We are looking to hire someone to facilitate this workshop on college campuses.

The OBOM workshop is a two-hour program for college students, faculty and staff. It involves brief initial discussion about the potential impacts sexual violence can have on survivors. The bulk of the workshop involves using fictional monologues to explore the worlds of survivors and their families and friends, identifying tools for supporting survivors and supporting ourselves. The theatre-based activities include embodied warm-up activities, exploring the characters with stage pictures, and improvised scene study similar to Forum Theater. The workshop concludes with a moderated panel of speakers, including 1-2 students who identify as survivors, and 2-4 representatives of resources for survivors and supporters of survivors.

About you:

You are a unique and beautiful mix of varied interests. You’re comfortable as a facilitator and the topic of sexual violence. You are passionate about using theatre to change the world, and love the idea of working directly with a wide and diverse range of college and university students. Travel isn’t a deal breaker for you, in fact, getting to visit far flung areas of Western Canada or the Maritimes sounds great — you love the idea of meeting people where they are. You feel confident holding space for small to large groups of people, facilitating sometimes difficult discussions about topics that don’t always come up in our day-to-day. 

As a facilitator, you love working with people, listening to them, and letting them lead the way as you provide the container for discussion. You are comfortable with public speaking and are an engaging and energetic person, with a strong presence that upholds participant experiences and perspectives as the primary focus of the workshop.

As a “theatre person” and/or someone comfortable with theatre as an art form and social justice tool, you feel confident that you’ll be able to learn the theater forms we use in the OBOM workshops and apply them with poise, skill and expertise. You are familiar with forms such as Theater of the Oppressed, Drama Therapy, Sociometry and other forms that use theater for community conversation and social change.

As someone knowledgeable about the topic of sexual violence, you have a personal investment in helping communities be more aware of what survivors experience, and how to support them. You have experience participating in / leading community conversations about sexual violence, and recognize that survivors, people who support survivors, and entire communities can be impacted by sexual violence and need support.

As someone organized and a team player, you can adhere to deadlines, maintain regular communication with the AWI team, and can make meaningful connections with the staff and students at the campuses we serve. You will be able to take our model and apply it successfully, while creatively observing yourself, the workshops, and participant responses to discover areas of possible improvement.

About the role:

This is a part-time (periodic) independent contract position. You will facilitate anywhere from 3-10 workshops per academic semester, and will be consulted for availability prior to us confirming workshop dates. Workshops can be in the morning, afternoon or evening, and are almost always on weekdays. Some workshops might require overnight travel, depending on the location of the workshop and where you live. This position is best suited for someone with a flexible schedule and an ability to travel.

Each workshop will have up to 3 hours of prep work, and up to 3 hours of post work. The pay is $28 / hour for those hours, plus a $350 day rate per workshop. AWI covers all travel expenses to and from workshops. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Excellent public speaking and engagement skills
  • Experience leading groups of people in dialogue-based learning
  • Lived and / or professional experience with sexual violence and mental wellness
  • Experience with theatre, especially as a tool in community experiences
  • Strong commitment to fostering mental wellness in college students, and communities that are supportive of survivors
  • Willingness and ability to travel throughout Canada to college campuses to conduct workshops
  • Strong organizational skills, experience coordinating events and keeping track of many details at once
  • Ability to work independently while keeping team members, event speakers and other stakeholders informed and up to date with project-specific information

 Preferred Requirements

  • College / university teaching or facilitating experience
  • Background in or knowledge of Drama Therapy
  • Experience as a theatre director
  • Enjoyment of administrative tasks, as there is the possibility for this role to grow to include workshop coordination as well as facilitation

 Communication with the Art With Impact team will take place over email and video calls, as well as an annual in-person training / retreat. The next training / retreat is in September 2020, and attendance is required. You will receive additional in-person training from AWI prior to and shortly after your first few workshops.

We work with a huge diversity of students, and are looking for facilitators and team members who can reflect some students' identities and help them feel seen. Therefore, people of colour, first generation college students, people with disabilities, and immigrants to Canada are especially encouraged to apply.


How to Apply

To apply, please send the following to Cary McQueen at apply@artwithimpact.org with the subject line: OBOM Facilitator – Canada – [Your Name]

  • Cover Letter – PDF attachment
  • Resume – separate PDF attachment
  • A 60-second or less video of you talking about something you're passionate about – it can be anything! Please upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo (if you make it "private," please be sure to give us permission to view it), or send a link to a file in Google Drive or Dropbox.