Welcome to a very special episode – the first of a few very special episodes. We are podcasting live from EconoUs, which is the Community Economic Development Conference in London, Ontario. We are bringing you some of the excellent sessions as a bonus to the podcast. This first episode is a great panel discussion about social enterprise and funding opportunity, which is fantastic. They also discuss a new initiative that has a number of players at the table to invest in and make social enterprise sustainable for Canadians. Tune in to hear it!

In this special bonus mini-series recorded live at EconoUs 2019, we’re learning all about leadership for new innovation and leadership for a new economy. And so many of what Amanda the session host talks about rings true to my experience and I’m excited to share with you! Definitely pay attention to some of what she says around giving and receiving feedback around failing up. There’s so much great content in here about how to lead in a sector that’s trying to do good. Happy listening and stay tuned for our very next session!

This third session is led by Ted Howard who is the co-founder and president of the Democracy Collaborative. Tune in as we look at co-ops and ways that we can redistribute wealth and provide ownership opportunities for the communities we work with.

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