As the world deals with the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s important that we do our best to keep each other in high spirits and continue making an impact for the causes we care about.  

If you’re passionate about the planet, remember you can still help nature from home. Take on WWF-Canada’s #VirtualCNTowerClimb and get active to raise funds for nature and wildlife. 

Instead of climbing the CN Tower’s 1,776 steps up 144 flights, challenge yourself to go up and down the stairs in your home 144 times or use a stair machine. You can even do a dance-a-thon! Encourage your friends and family to set a collective fundraising goal and put all funds raised towards it. The sky’s the limit — you can do it however you’d like. 

Set aside time on Saturday, April 4 or Sunday, April 5, pick a challenge that works best for you, and work up a sweat for nature. Share your progress with your donors and the community by using the hashtag #VirtualCNTowerClimb.  

 Your support for wildlife is needed now more than ever.  

Sign up for your virtual climb today and support a healthier future where people and wildlife thrive.