Culture and Heritage

Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (National: Toronto, ON)

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television is a national nonprofit association dedicated to the promotion, recognition and celebration of exceptional achievements in the Canadian film and television industries.

Activate T.O. (Local: Toronto, ON)

Activate T.O.’s wide variety of events showcase outreach practitioners, cultural activists, and community members in the Greater Toronto Area. They foster critical dialogue between individuals from all social, political, and cultural backgrounds in a safe and accessible space. In doing so, they aim to forge essential links between neighbourhoods in Toronto and the residents that help them flourish.

Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead Historic Site (Local: Brant County, ON)

The mission of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead is to inspire positive social change by sharing of one woman’s remarkable drive and dedication to making the world a better place for women and families.

African-Descendant Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

This organization offer various participation-optional classes, activities, functions, events, and workshops (C.A.F.E.W.) to members (and non-members), with the main purpose of breaking through the societal and psychological barriers to their empowerment.

Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

The association is committed to improving the quality of life for Aboriginal people in an urban and rural environment, promoting better understanding and relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal citizens, and encouraging and facilitating the enhancement of Aboriginal culture among Aboriginal people and the communities they reside in.

AlgomaTrad (Regional: Desbarats, ON)

AlgomaTrad celebrates inter-generational community through traditional music, dance, arts, heritage craft, local food and sustainable building, workshops, community dances, and concerts. Collaborations with other not-for-profits happen throughout the year in addition to a week long camp in August.

Alliance Française de Calgary

A nonprofit educational association dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture.

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Calgary Chapter

A society dedicated to the research and preservation of the genealogy, culture and history of that group of people known as the Germans from Russia. The Calgary chapter is one of more than 50 throughout Canada and the USA.


APTN has served Indigenous Peoples in Canada as well as Canadian audiences, for over two decades. Steadfastly adhering to its mission: “to share our Peoples’ journey, celebrate our cultures, inspire our children and honour the wisdom of our Elders.

Architectural Conservancy Ontario (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Architectural Conservancy Ontario has been involved in preserving Ontario’s architectural and environmental heritage since 1933 by helping communities and owners preserve buildings and structures of architectural merit and places of natural beauty or interest. ACO uses education, advocacy and direct action to encourage the conservation and re-use of structures, cultural heritage districts and landscapes of architectural and historic and cultural significance to inspire and benefit Ontarians.

Arrow Recovery Canada Inc. (National)

Our goal is the recovery of the lost Avro Arrow Free Flight Models which lie in Lake Ontario. When recovered these historical artifacts will be donated to Canadian aviation museums. Our group is made up of skilled, unpaid volunteers.

Association of Manitoba Museums (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

The Association of Manitoba Museums was established in 1972 and is dedicated to providing affordable training to members as well as advocacy and advice. In addition they promote Manitoba museums to the public through their newsletter and website.

Atlantic Film Festival Association (Regional: Halifax, NS)

The Atlantic Film Festival Association (AFFA) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting and building a strong film industry in Atlantic Canada and presenting the best films from this region and around the world to our community.

Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of Canada’s audio-visual heritage, and to facilitating access to and usage of regional and national collections through partnerships with members of the audio-visual community.

Awo Taan (Local: Calgary, AB)

Awo Taan provides shelter and community services, guided by Native cultural traditions, to anyone affected by family violence. Awo Taan has a broad continuum of services and seeks to promote peace and end family violence and bullying in our society.

Basilica Foundation Inc. (Local: St. John’s, NL)

The Basilica Foundation Inc. is a registered Canadian charity that raises funds to preserve, maintain and restore the 150-year-old Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and adjacent historic properties in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

B’nai Brith Youth Organization Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) is a worldwide Jewish movement whose mandate is to engage teens in meaningful Jewish experiences through community service, philanthropic, Judaic, social and athletic programming. As informal educators, our staff provides opportunities for teens to develop their leadership potential, a positive Jewish identity, and commitment to their personal development.

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society (Local: Meaford, ON)

Do you know our Joe? He’s Canada’s most famous dog! His story was written in 1893 by Nova Scotian, Margaret Marshall Saunders, and this children’s book was translated into over 10 languages and sold over 7 million copies by the late 1930’s …. Not bad for a little abused dog from Meaford. The Beautiful Joe Heritage Society is celebrating 25 years (1994-2019) and have been working on spreading this timeless story and to further develop the Park where he is buried.

Bodo Archaeological Site and Center (Regional: Alberta)

The Bodo Archaeological Site and Center is an education based archaeological society that focuses on First Nations history. We invite the public to get hands on with the history through archaeological finds and visiting the 500 year old archaeological site.

Brant County Museum & Archives

British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association (BCVCA) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

BCVCA plans and implements commemoration events that will ensure that the war and peace time contributions of Canada’s armed service men and women as well as those of the citizens on the home front are never forgotten.

The British Council (International: Toronto, ON)

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide, calling this cultural relations.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Presents cultural activities and functions, where people of different races can meet and come to know each other better.

Calgary Multicultural Centre

The Centre is a non-profit, non-denominational and a non-partisan charitable organization. Our aim is to promote a multicultural awareness, access, participation, communication and unity among the different communities in Calgary, while recognizing the potential strengths of cultural diversity.

Calgary ReggaeFest (Local: Calgary, AB)

Calgary’s ReggaeFest isn’t just for Reggae fans. It’s a full-day family event with live performances from Canadian and international Reggae artists. ReggaeFest also features a beer garden, separate youth area, plenty of arts and crafts, and many food vendors.

Canada Science and Technology Museums Foundation (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Foundation supports the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and Canada Science and Technology Museum as they inspire Canadians to celebrate Canada’s history of innovation and to become tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and science literate citizens.

Canada’s Walk of Fame

This organization works to celebrate the achievements of Canadians who have excelled in their respective fields and to inspire the next generation.

Canadian Centre for Architecture

The Centre Canadien d’Architecture/ Canadian Centre for Architecture is a museum and study centre devoted to the art of architecture past and present. It is founded on the conviction that architecture, as part of the social and natural environment, is a public concern.

Canadian Communication Foundation

Works to chronicle and document, in sight and in sound, the “History of Canadian Broadcasting”, by establishing an electronic data base, available to Universities, Colleges, Schools, Libraries, news media and communication centres across Canada and elsewhere, giving free access to all persons interested in the development of Broadcasting and related services.

Canadian Ethnocultural Council

The CEC’s objectives are to ensure the preservation, enhancement and sharing of the cultural heritage of Canadians, the removal of barriers that prevent some Canadians from participating fully and equally in society, the elimination of racism and the preservation of a united Canada.

Canadian Fire Fighters Museum (National: Port Hope, ON)

The Canadian Fire Fighter’s Museum, established in 1984, collects, preserves, researches and displays fire apparatus, fire equipment, photographs, text, etc., to illustrate the historical development of the fire service in Canada.

Canadian Friends of Somalia (National: Ottawa, ON)

Canadian Friends of Somalia is a federally registered non-governmental organization that focuses on making a difference for ethnic minority communities. It develops, coordinates and delivers effective social, community, health, settlement and integration services.

Canadian Heritage Information Network

A gateway to museums, galleries, and heritage information in Canada and around the world.

Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation (CHPF) (National: Mississauga, ON)

The Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation is dedicated to digitizing, restoring, and preserving significant images of Canadian life and times, taken by Canadian and non-Canadian photographers, both professional and amateur, and making them available for those interested in appreciating Canadian history and heritage.

Canadian Islamic Centre Al-Jamieh (National: Quebec)

The CIC serves the Muslim community by providing religious, educational and social services to meet its needs. The CIC strives to interact and contribute to the whole society at large.

Canadian Macedonian Historical Society (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Macedonian Historical Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization, incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act, supported by volunteers and funded through programmed events and donations. The Society provides all Canadians, especially those of Macedonian descent, with a true perspective of Macedonian history and culture.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum (National: Brantford, ON)

A 13,000 square foot facility houses more than 10,000 artifacts including fully restored military vehicles, full-size WWI airplane replicas, uniforms, medals, and rare photographs and documents. The museum includes artifacts from the 1700s up to present day.

Canadian Museum of Nature (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian Museum of Nature is home to one of the world’s largest and finest natural history collections. Comprised of 24 major science collections of more than 10 million specimens, the museum’s holdings cover four billion years of Earth’s history.

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

The national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

Canadian Railroad Historical Association, Esquimalt & Nanaimo Division (Regional: Victoria, BC)

The purpose of the society is to acquire and maintain a rail museum, to reflect all aspects of railway transportation on Vancouver Island, to acquire and maintain artifacts for the museum, to operate an excursion train, record the history of the railways on Vancouver Island, publish & disseminate information, and collaborate with other groups of similar interest.

Canadian Society for Asian Arts (National: Vancouver, BC)

The purpose of the society is to promote the appreciation and understanding of the arts of Asia by bringing quality programs, exhibitions and publications to interested groups and individuals in Canada and by exploring links among the cultures of Asia.

Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village (Local: Windsor, ON)

The museum is a 25,000 square foot facility that houses various modes of transportation from the mid 1800s up to present day. The museum includes horse and oxen drawn carts, a 1904 Mitchell horse drawn hearse, fire trucks, Ford Model Ts and As, hot rods, Corvettes, T-Birds, and more.

Canadian Tulip Festival (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian Tulip Festival began in 1953 and is attended by people from throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The event, which grew from a Dutch gift of friendship, has become the world’s largest tulip festival and Canada’s most colourful event.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (National: Mount Hope, ON)

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a living museum featuring the aircraft used by Canadians or Canada’s Military from the beginning of World War II up to the present. The Museum’s collection includes aircraft that really fly and several that remain on static display and are interactive workshops.

Casa Loma (Local: Toronto, ON)

Casa Loma is a profitable, heritage tourist attraction and hospitality venue which delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and enhances the City of Toronto’s image as a premiere heritage, leisure and tourist destination. Proceeds from the operation of Casa Loma support a wide range of the Kiwanis Club’s charitable works.

Cecilia Concerts (Local: Halifax, NS)

Cecilia Concerts presents local, national and international classical music in a series of concerts throughout the year in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For more than a quarter century, they have been presenting the best in classical music experiences for Halifax.

Central BC Railway and Forest Museum (Regional: Prince George, BC)

The Railway and Forest Museum features one of the largest rail collections in BC with over sixty vintage rail cars and locomotives from the steam and diesel eras. They focus on forestry as well as fire fighting, telegraph and communications history.

Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society

The Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society is a non-profit non-political organization concerned with the advancement of immigrant settlement and the fostering of awareness and pride in cultural identity and diversity. The Multicultural Society provides services to new immigrants and visible minorities.

Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Founded in 1975, Le Centre has a mandate to offer artistic, community and educational programming in French to Vancouverites. Through its various services, Le Centre has gained an important place within the Vancouver community.

Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver a comme mandat d’offrir des activités artistiques, communautaires et éducatives en langue française aux Vancouvérois. Par ses divers services et activités, Le Centre a su s’imposer comme partenaire privilégié au sein de la communauté Vancouvéroise.

Chatham-Kent Dickens Fellowship (Local: Chatham, ON)

The Chatham-Kent Dickens Fellowship’s mission is to promote artistic and economic development in Chatham-Kent through the writings of Charles Dickens. They are a branch of the International Dickens Fellowship.

Chilliwack Métis Association (Regional: Chilliwack, BC)

The Chilliwack Métis Association is made up of Métis from as far away as the Maritimes, the USA, Red River, West Coast, and both the Northwest and Hudson Bay. They offer monthly meetings for members, as well as $500 bursaries for graduating high school students within the Chilliwack area.

Chinatown House (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Chinatown House is founded by an alliance of entrepreneurs, urban designers, cultural curators and nonprofit organizations with the shared goal of building a Chinatown that is vibrant, culturally and financially sustainable and accessible to all.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The aims and objectives of CCC are: to promote understanding and friendship between the Chinese community and other cultural groups in Canada; to promote and foster Chinese culture and art within the Chinese community and with other cultural groups; and to help Chinese immigrants adjust to the culture, heritage, and lifestyle in Canada.

Cowichan Historical Society (Regional: Duncan, BC)

The society’s mission is to gather and preserve information and records connected with the history of the Cowichan area and to maintain and develop a museum for the preservation of objects of historic interest and value.

Crafts Association of British Columbia (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Crafts Association of BC, a registered, nonprofit, charitable arts service organization, provides leadership in the craft community by building and promoting the development, appreciation, and viability of Canadian fine craft.

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) brings together representatives of arts disciplines and cultural industries in the cultural sector to address the training and career development needs of employers and cultural workers. Many resources are available through its website.

Culture Bridge Initiatives (Regional: Newmarket, ON)

We produce events and programs to combat social and psychological isolation through intergenerational, integrative social activities reflective of the significant demographic shift in the northern York Region/South Simcoe area.

Design Exchange (National: Toronto, ON)

Design Exchange is Canada’s only not-for-profit museum dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of design excellence and preservation of design heritage. At the crossroads of multiple disciplines, exhibitions, talks, and educational programs reflect contemporary culture to showcase design relevance in everyday life.

Edmonton Heritage Festival Association

The Edmonton Heritage Festival is specifically designed to be a family-friendly, alcohol-free event, in which each pavilion is able independently to offer a sampling of their unique foods, entertainment, arts and crafts, and customs. Our mission is to promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity through an annual summer festival as well as to provide educational events, programs and/or projects on a year-round basis.

Edmonton Telephone Historical Centre

This unique hands-on museum and science centre is located in Edmonton’s historic Old Strathcona district. It collects, preserves, catalogues and interprets artifacts and archival material relating to telephone technology, with emphasis on the history of telecommunications in Edmonton.

Ekran Polish Film Association (National: Toronto, ON)

Ekran Polish Film Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of film, art, and culture from Canada’s multicultural communities, with a focus on the Polish-Canadian community. Ekran also organizes the annual Polish Film Festival held in Toronto.

Essa & District Agricultural Society (Regional: Thornton, ON)

A not-for-profit organization focused on connecting/educating communities through farming, food production and agribusiness. Our mission is to innovate, facilitate, advocate, rejuvenate and motivate the local community in order to achieve our goal. We provide comprehensive programs/events, such as the annual Barrie Fair, which connect with non-farming communities and express the long-term necessity and sustainability of agriculture and agribusiness.

Festival of the Sound (Local: Parry Sound, ON)

Festival of the Sound is Canada’s premier summer classical music festival held in Parry Sound Ontario. They host year round educational outreach programs for youth as well as a summer 3week long summer concert series which includes some free events.

Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan (FCAV) (Local: Vaughan, ON)

The FCAV was created in 1990 to promote community spirit among Filipinos; stay united and achieve common goals both to members of the association and to the community; assimilate Filipino culture and values into Canadian society; help newly landed immigrants; and participate in civic and social events within the community.

Fondation Aérovision Québec (Regional: Saint-Hubert, QC)

The foundation exists to protect the aviation and space heritage of Quebec and of Canada.

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary brings history to life by telling the stories of the site, the settlement and the people through an exciting process of discovery which includes interactive interpretation, vibrant exhibits and hands-on areas.

Fraser-Fort George Regional Museum

Located in Prince George, British Columbia, this museum traces the history of the Fraser-Fort George region.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting


Friends of the Canadian War Museum (Local: Ottawa, ON)

This group is a charitable organization that supports the Canadian War Museum by sponsoring museum projects and exhibitions, fundraising, providing volunteer services, and conducting research.

Friends of Gatineau Park/Amis du Parc de la Gatineau (Local: Chelsea, QC)

Works co-operatively with park management to foster understanding, appreciation and stewardship of the park’s heritage. It does so by providing support for the park’s interpretation and research programs, by publishing educational material, and by fundraising.

Une organisme de bienfaisance qui coopère avec la direction du parc, a été mise sur pieds dans le but de bonifier les programmes d’éducation dans parc. Grâce à leur action bénévoles, les Amis offrent leur appui aux activités d’interprétation, à la production de publications éducatives et à des levées de fonds pour l’avancement de l’interprétation du patrimoine du parc

Fort Erie Festivals (Regional: Fort Erie, ON)

Fort Erie Festivals organizes the annual Friendship Festival, a celebration of the bond between Canada and the United States, spanning nearly 200 years of peace.

George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art


Located in Toronto, the museum houses an extensive collection of ceramic art from around the world and presents pieces from diverse time periods.

Georgian Canadian Friendship Association (Interational: Toronto, ON)

Georgian Canadian Friendship Association is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization founded in 2015 with an aim to contribute to the development of friendship between Georgia and Canada.

German-Canadian Congress (National: Vancouver, BC)

An umbrella organization for German clubs, churches, companies, and individuals who are interested in the goals and work of the congress.

Ghost River Rediscovery Society (Local: Calgary, AB)

Ghost River Rediscovery Society is a Calgary-based nonprofit organization that offers outdoor and cultural education programs (camps and urban youth nights) based on Aboriginal traditions and values. They are recognized for their capacity to run quality programs that promote the rediscovery of tradition and the development of healthy, sustainable lifestyles among children and youth.

Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre (Regional: Waterdown, ON)

Our mission is to champion environmental stewardship and conservation and to educate the community, students, and visitors about the formation, geological history, natural resources, flora/fauna, culture and heritage of the Niagara Escarpment.

Grand Bank Heritage Society (Local: Grand Bank, NF)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and publication of the rich history of Grand Bank. The organization is open to all residents of the town.

Greater Toronto Collector Car Museum (Local: Toronto, ON)

This organization works to collect, restore, maintain and preserve unique, rare and antique automobiles and display them in a period correct manner for the general public. They also maintain and operate a resource library for the public for historical and special interest automotive related books, magazines, trade journals and related publications and educate the public about the history and maintenance of the automobile by providing educational programs and materials, including seminars and workshops.

Gregorian Institute of Canada (GIC) (National: Dundas, ON)

Undertakes research and education to promote the study and performance of Gregorian and other western chant repertoires in Canada.

Griffin House

The early settlement and history of Ancaster is well preserved at the “House on the Hill” – the Griffin House. Located in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, the one and a half storey home is situated near the Hermitage Ruins and Gatehouse Museum. The house was inhabited by Enerals Griffin who was one of the early refugee slaves to find refuge in Upper Canada through the Underground Railroad.

Guelph Historical Railway Association (GHRA) (Local: Guelph, ON)

The GHRA organized as a group in the early 90’s with the objective to establish an operating railway museum to promote, teach and preserve the unique history of the City of Guelph’s owned railway by obtaining and restoring a collection of vintage railway equipment by providing interactive opportunities for the public through excursions and static displays.

The Hangar Flight Museum (Regional: Calgary, AB)

The Hangar Flight Museum exists to provide a rich understanding and appreciation of the evolution of flight by telling stories related to our collections that provide inspiration to current and future generations.

Harbourfront Centre


Heritage BC (Regional: West Vancouver, BC)

Heritage BC is a not for profit, charity supporting heritage conservation across BC through advocacy, training and skills development, capacity building and funding through the Heritage Legacy Endowment Fund. They build links between heritage conservation, arts, culture tourism, economy and the environment.

Heritage Community Foundation (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

A learning resource for Albertan culture and heritage brought alive through a series of interactive web sites and edukits. The resources have been compiled in collaboration with indigenous and cultural groups, including non-governmental and governmental institutions

Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

Established to promote an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the architectural heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Heritage Montreal

Since 1975, Heritage Montreal has worked to promote and protect the architectural, historical and landscape heritage of Greater Montreal, its districts and communities.

Heritage Toronto

Heritage Toronto is committed to the development of a shared sense of place and memory among the citizens of Toronto, and believes that community involvement is essential in achieving this. Working with the people of the city, Heritage Toronto will interpret, support and act as an advocate on behalf of the city’s historic buildings as well as its natural, archaeological and cultural heritage.

Historica (National: Toronto, ON)

Historica’s mandate is to provide Canadians with a deeper understanding of their history and its importance in shaping their future.

I Am Compelled (National)

A national charity that educates and inspires students (Kindergarten – Grade 10) in Canadian identity, encouraging them to become excellent students and citizens. They accomplish this by running a riveting 45 minute media and theatre assembly at the schools.

Immigrant Writers Association (Regional: Toronto, ON)

The Immigrant Writers Association provides programs, activities, and services that empower and support immigrant writers in their journeys. Our mission is to encourage immigrants to express themselves through writing, to bring more awareness, compassion, and peace into the world.

Ireland Fund of Canada

A non-political, non-sectarian Canadian charity that funds community-level projects in North and South Ireland, and Irish projects here in Canada. The mission of the Ireland Fund is to be the largest worldwide network of people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland dedicated to raising funds to support programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development.

Jalalabad Association of Toronto (International: Toronto, ON)

Jalalabad Association of Toronto Canada visualizes a historical culture ashore in love: embodying compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, empathy, delight in diversity, cooperation, and the exalting of all living things and supports living with intention on united sylheti Jalalabadi and all Canadians

Japanese Canadian National Museum (National: Burnaby, BC)

This organization works to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit artifacts and archives relating to the history of Japanese Canadians from the 1870s through the present, and to communicate to all the Japanese Canadian experience and contribution as an integral part of Canada’s heritage and multicultural society.

Jukasa Radio (Regional: Ohsweken, ON)

Jukasa Radio 93.5FM is a nonprofit Indigenous community station servicing Six Nations and surrounding areas. Their vision: Delivering high quality Top 40, Hip-Hop and R&B programming to younger generations, while promoting language, culture and education through spoken word content.

Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre


Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) (National: Winnipeg, MB)

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) raises funds to support landscape architecture research, communication and scholarship activities. Since 1988 LACF has awarded over 100 grants and scholarships to projects and people that reflect the core values of the profession of landscape architecture.

Le centre de documentation Marius-Barbeau (Regional: Montreal, QC)

The Marius-Barbeau Documentation Center’s collection specializes in the area of immaterial culture, which is everything related to the lore and beliefs (namely folk arts and traditions) of the First Nations, Quebecois, and ethnic communities.

La collection du Centre de documentation Marius-Barbeau est spécialisée dans le domaine de la culture immatérielle, les arts et traditions populaires des Premières Nations et des Québécois dont ceux issus des communautés culturelles.

Legacy of Hope Foundation (National: Gloucester, ON)

Legacy of Hope Foundation is a national charitable organization that educates and raises awareness about the history and impacts of the Residential School System, including the ongoing effects on First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Survivors, their communities, and descendants.

Lundy’s Lane Museum (Local: Niagara Falls, ON)

Constructed in 1874, the building that houses the museum is located on part of the battlefield of Lundy’s Lane 1814. It is one of the few remaining buildings of that era in the City of Niagara Falls.

Mainland South Heritage Society (Regional: Halifax, NS)

Our mandate is to research, document and preserve the heritage of the communities of Mainland South. This region has a rich history and includes former farm lands, fishing communities, military establishments, quarries, and the sites of pioneer industrial enterprises.

Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc. (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

The Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc. is a registered charity that promotes genealogical research and the writing of family histories. It assists individuals researching ancestors from all origins and backgrounds at our library/resource centre in Winnipeg and our branches.

Manitoba Museum (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

A unique ‘you are there’ journey through time and space that explores Canada’s heartland and the mysteries of the universe with hands-on science.

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes (Regional: Kingston, ON)

This museum compiles information and items recording the history of the Great Lakes in Ontario. They run a variety of educational and children’s programs, and the largest artifact at the museum is the Alexander Henry, an icebreaker that provided service to the Upper Great Lakes until 1984.

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Company (Local: Medicine Hat, AB)

Through volunteerism, dedicated staff and responsible management, the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede promotes and develops urban-rural ties in southeastern Alberta by providing a unique brand of community events and services while recognizing their western heritage.

Mennonite Heritage Village (Local: Steinbach, MB)

Mennonite Heritage Village exists to preserve and share the Mennonite heritage and illustrate a traditional way of life that has all but disappeared. It brings to life the Mennonite way of life from the 16th century to present day on a forty-acre site.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) (Regional: Ottawa, ON)

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) brings Métis people together to celebrate and share their rich culture and heritage and to forward the aspirations of the Métis people in Ontario as a collective.

Miyazaki House Society (Local: Lilloet, BC)

The Miyazaki House is committed to honouring Dr. Masajiro Miyazaki’s generous gift of the historic Phair residence to the Village of Lillooet by restoring, preserving, promoting, and transforming the heritage site into the community’s multicultural heart.

Mon Sheong Foundation

The Mon Sheong Foundation is a Canadian registered charitable organization, dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture, heritage, language and philosophy through caring for the elderly, encouraging the young and providing programs and services in response to the needs of our communities. In addition to a modern facility for seniors located in downtown Toronto, the foundation operates a successful heritage school, youth group and health centre.

Museum for Textiles

This organization traces the history of fabrics through the ages and explores the rich history of the craft.

Museum London (Regional: London, ON)

Featuring an impressive permanent collection of fine art and artifacts, Museum London offers regularly changing exhibitions of prominent national and regional artists complemented by films, lectures and concerts. Photos, documents and rare artifacts tell the story of London and region.

Museum of Health Care at Kingston (Local: Kingston, ON)

The Museum of Health Care at Kingston is Canada’s largest museum specializing in health care history, housed in a historic nurses’ residence. Our exhibits explore a variety of topics in the ongoing story of fighting illness and caring for the sick, from early folk remedies to the latest in modern techniques. Walking tours detailing the social history of hospitalization and medicine offered from May to September.

Museum of Ontario Archaeology (Local: London, ON)

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is devoted to the preservation of Ontario’s 12,000 year history as told through the archaeological record. The Museum is located adjacent to the Lawson Iroquoian village, where ongoing archaeological excavations are open to the public.

Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal


Muskoka Conservancy (Local: Bracebridge, ON)

Dedicated solely to the protection and enhancement of Muskoka’s natural, cultural, and built heritage, Muskoka Heritage Foundation actively protects, conserves, and nurtures the natural history and traditions of Muskoka through research, stewardship, education, advocacy, and environmental leadership.

Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre (Local: Gravenhurst, ON)

We own Royal Mail Ship Segwun, Wenonah II, and operate the Muskoka Discovery Centre. We demonstrate and preserve the culture and heritage of Muskoka and its contribution to Canada by presenting compelling, entertaining and educational experiences, attractions, and events.

Nanaimo Community Archives (Local: Nanaimo, BC)

Established in 1991, the Nanaimo Community Archives is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the region’s archival heritage. They acquire, preserve, and provide public access to the historical records of Nanaimo.

National Aviation Museum


National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC)

The association represents volunteer-driven campus and community radio stations across Canada. Members work towards promoting socio-political issues, community awareness, and underexposed talent through the medium of participatory radio.

National Museum of Science and Technology Corporation


National Trust for Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

The National Trust for Canada is a national charity established in 1973. They inspire and lead action to save historic places. Their sites, projects and programs enhance community and quality of life and encourage Canadians to conserve, use and celebrate their heritage buildings, cultural landscapes and communities.

Niagara Historical Society & Museum (Local: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON)

The Niagara Historical Society & Museum was established in 1895. In 1907 it became Ontario’s first building solely dedicated to housing a collection. Today the museum contains a collection including very early furniture, textiles, Black History themes, and archival materials and extensive early military artifacts reflecting local First Nations and the War of 1812.

Niagara Railway Museum Inc. (NRM) (Local: Niagara Falls, ON)

The NRM is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the vast railway heritage of the Niagara Region of Ontario, through artifacts, documents and photos. Located in the CNR diesel shop in Fort Erie, Ont.

Nikkei Place Foundation (Local: Burnaby, BC)

This organization is a charitable fundraising organization for the “Nikkei Place” Japanese-Canadian community. Together with the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre and the Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, they work to build a strong and vibrant community that is shared with all.

Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development Inc. (Regional: London, ON)

Founded on Aboriginal principles, this organization encourages and supports self-determination and personal development through individualized workplace preparation, life skills and vocational training.


Norfolk Heritage Centre (Regional: Simcoe, ON)

First established in 1900 by the Norfolk Historical Society, the NHC consists of the Eva Brook Donly Museum and the Norfolk Archives. Learn about the United Empire Loyalists of the Long Point Settlement, trace your family history by using the extensive archival resources, and enjoy works of art by such local artists as Edgar Cantelon and Eva Brook Donly.

North Highlands Community Museum (Local: Cape Breton, NS)

Located on the picturesque Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, North Highlands Community Museum strives to preserve and promote local history. Stop by for a tour of our exhibits, Culture Center, settler’s garden, or even a live blacksmith demonstration!

O’Connor House (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Mission of O’Connor House is three-fold: the preservation and maintenance of the historically significant Frank O’Connor estate buildings to heritage standards; promote and manage the property as a hub for community, educational, cultural, heritage related activities and programs; and celebrate the history, legacy and values of Frank O’Connor with a new generation of Canadians.

The Ojibwe Cultural Foundation (Local: M”Chigeeng, ON)

The Ojibwe Cultural Foundation strives to be the identity center of the Anishnaabe people and is committed to the revitalization and growth of the language, culture, arts, spirituality and traditions of the Anishnaabe People of the First Nations of the Robinson Huron Treaty area.

Old Town Hall Association

The association is dedicated to revitalizing the 1902 town hall into a multi-functional centre for the community of Waterford, Ontario.

Okanagan Historical Society

The Okanagan Historical Society and its 7 branches has taken responsibility for collecting, writing and publishing local history in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia for the past 70 years, issuing a report of history and stories each year.

Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association

The association operates the Halton County Radial Railway, Canada’s first, and Ontario’s only, operating electric railway museum.

Ontario Genealogical Society (Regional: Toronto, ON)

This nonprofit corporation works to support genealogical research in Ontario. They operate numerous branches where Ontario citizens can receive assistance in accessing records, connecting with other genealogists, and conducting general genealogical research.

Ottawa Markets (Local: Ottawa, ON)

We are a not-for-profit municipal services corporation incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. We manage Ottawa’s two public markets: ByWard and Parkdale. Our mission is to maximize the ByWard and Parkdale Markets’ potential to be unique year-round places and destinations to purchase local produce and goods as well as other services and products that meet the needs of local and city-wide residents and tourists alike.

Ottawa Museum Network (Local: Ottawa, ON)

The vision of the Ottawa Museum Network / Le Réseau du Musée d’Ottawa is to have a thriving, sustainable local museum community that work collaboratively, that is respected and engages its audience to preserve and celebrate the greater Ottawa story.

Ottawa School of Art (Local: Ottawa, ON)

This organization exists to provide the community with the opportunity for creative expression, development and growth based on an orderly progression in knowledge and skills within a well-defined program and through direct involvement with professional artists.

Parkwood Estate (Local: Oshawa, ON)

Parkwood is one of Canada’s finest and last remaining grand estates, featuring exceptional architectural, landscape and interior designs of the 1920s and 1930s. Once home to auto baron R. Samuel McLaughlin (founder of General Motors of Canada), Parkwood is now a national historic site, open year-round to be enjoyed by all.

Pier 21, Canada’s Immigration Museum (Local: Halifax, NS)

A nonprofit organization, this museum celebrates and shares the Canadian immigration experience by honouring the unique stories of immigration throughout history. They pay particular tribute to the 1.5 million immigrants, war brides, displaced people, evacuee children, and Canadian military personnel who passed through Pier 21 between 1928 and 1971.

Port Moody Station Museum (Local: Port Moody, BC)

Port Moody Station Museum is a 1907 Canadian Pacific Railway Station. On the grounds is a 1921 railway car “The Venosta”. Displays and artifacts reflect the early life of Port Moody history.

Powassan Agricultural Society (Local: Powassan, ON)

Holds an annual fall fair on the Labour Day Weekend, since 1895, which includes horse pulls, a demo derby, arts & crafts by local exhibitors, bingo, penny sale, vendors, mud bogs, kids games, petting zoo & inflatables.

Powell Street Festival Society (Local: Vancouver, BC)

The Powell Street Festival Society’s mission is to cultivate Japanese Canadian arts and culture to connect communities. Their main activity is producing the the Powell Street Festival (PSF) in Vancouver’s historic Japanese Canadian neighbourhood. The PSF is an annual celebration of Japanese Canadian arts and culture.

Project North Star Association of Canada (PNSAC) (National: Ottawa, ON)

PNSAC’s mission is to assist the Canada Aviation Museum in the restoration of its aircraft collection, and is dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s aviation heritage.

Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society (International: Victoria, BC)

The Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society strives to preserve the Quechua weaving tradition in the Peruvian Andes. This ancient tradition is integral to their history, culture, and economy, but is at great risk of disappearing in the face of globalization.

Québec Air and Space Museum

The museum, which will be located at St-Hubert Airport, will be devoted to the preservation of the aviation, aeronautical and aerospace heritage of Québec, as well as to that of the pioneers and heroes of our aviation history.

Quinte Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA) (Local: Ameliasburg, ON)

The Quinte Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA) is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of educational history in Prince Edward County and Hastings County. They provide engaging programming at our Victoria Schoolhouse and a wealth of documents and artifacts for research at our archives.

Red Lake Museum (Local: Red Lake, ON)

The Red Lake Museum, located in Northwestern Ontario, preserves, interprets, and promotes the arts and heritage of Aboriginal people who live in and around Red Lake, as well as the rich bush flying, gold mining, and immigration stories of the region.

Reel Asian (International: Toronto, ON)

A pan-Asian international film festival, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Reel Asian) is a charitable, not-for-profit cultural organization, whose mission is to lead the world in embracing the stories and cultures of Asian Canadians and Asians everywhere through the media arts.

Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society (Local: Richmond, BC)

The society provides leadership in helping the community to achieve intercultural harmony. It believes that all people in the community have a culture and ethnicity and all people in the community must be included in the integration process.

Riverdale Historical Society (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Riverdale Historical Society was established in 1999 by a group of local residents who adopted the mandate of discovering, interpreting and preserving the heritage of their particular community within the wider city of Toronto.

R.J. Haney Heritage Village & Museum (Local: Salmon Arm, BC)

Travel back in time. Discover this beautiful park set on 40 acres of Shuswap farm land. Explore the Heritage Village with buildings dating back to the early 1900’s, a Heritage House with beautiful gardens & 2.5 km of walking trails as well as a Dinner Theater depicting a historical era.

Roedde House Museum (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Roedde House Museum provides a glimpse into Vancouver family life circa 1890 to 1925. Its interiors have been carefully restored with period furnishings and family artifacts.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Local: Toronto, ON)

Royal Canadian Yacht Club is a sailing club with a tradition that dates back to 1852. With its two Clubhouses, one in the heart of the city and the other on Toronto Island, RCYC is one of the premier private clubs in Toronto.

Royal Ontario Museum


Canada’s largest museum focuses on four main categories — Earth and the Cosmos; Biodiversity/Life on Earth; World Cultures; and Art and Design.

Royal Tyrrell Museum (National: Drumheller, AB)

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is Canada’s most important museum dedicated to the science of palaeontology and is a world renown institution. Its mandate is to collect, conserve, research, display, and interpret palaeontological history with special reference to Alberta’s fossil heritage.

Saanich Historical Artifacts Society


Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL) (Regional: Regina, SK)

SOHL is a provincial nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the study and teaching of heritage languages. That means we concentrate on languages other than Canada’s official languages of English and French. SOHL operates as an umbrella organization for groups, schools and individuals across the province.


SaskCulture Inc. is a community-driven, non-profit organization that works with our members to build a culturally vibrant Saskatchewan. where all citizens celebrate value and participate in a rich, cultural life.

Scottish Association of Winnipeg (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

This organization’s mission is to share the culture of Scotland via food, entertainment & displays and to bring a piece of Scotland to Winnipeg during Folklorama, Winnipeg’s annual multicultural festival. Running the Pavilion of Scotland is the group’s sole purpose.

Seeds of Diversity Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation, documentation and use of public-domain non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance.

Sesheme (Local: Toronto, ON)

Sesheme works to restore the importance of family and culture to community development across the GTA. To do so, they work with people to create and support opportunities to youths, seniors and families for the betterment of the community.

Sharon Temple Museum Society (Local: Sharon, ON)

A national treasure built by the Children of Peace in 1832, the Sharon Temple Museum Society preserves this unique heritage site and the material culture of the Children of Peace and actively collects, interprets, and researches the history of the site.

Shawnigan Lake Museum (Local: Shawnigan Lake, BC)

This museum uses guides to enhance visitor’s experiences with anecdotes that supplement the local artefacts and displays. In addition, a surround sound digital theatre, with old time plush seating, acquaints the viewer with fascinating elements of Shawnigan history.

Shubenacadie Canal Commission (Regional: Dartmouth, NS)

The Shubenacadie Canal Commission is responsible for the historic canal features (locks and marine railways) which are part of a waterway consisting of seven lakes and a river which stretch 100 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Bay of Fundy.

Southern Manitoba First Nations Repatriation Program (SMFNRP)

A coordinated effort of the First Nations Child and Family Services agencies and First Nations Bands of Manitoba to address the issues of treaty status adoptees. The Repatriation Program actively searches for adoptees and birth parents who were affected by the ‘sixties scoop’.

St. Catharines Historical Society


Stanhope Museum (Local: Minden, ON)

The Stanhope Museum located in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario is home to more than 140 years of records and artifacts. This Ontario museum specializes in local pioneer history and is home to the historic Hawk Lake Log Chute.

Storytellers School of Toronto

The Storytellers School of Toronto, founded in l979, is a creative home for a community of storytellers, listeners, and story-explorers. It produces the annual Toronto Festival of Storytelling, and supports a variety of cultural, therapeutic, and educational programmes.

Strathcona County Museum & Archives (Local: Sherwood Park, AB)

We are a nonprofit museum and archives in Sherwood Park committed to providing a valued and educational community service while preserving the history and heritage of Strathcona County.

Tem Gaak Naagdo Wend Mowin (Local: Port Loring, ON)

We are a volunteer team of native and non-native likeminded individuals and families who have come together to heal from our past and move forward into the future together in a positive way through our newly formed nonprofit Native Cultural & Spiritual Family Support Centre.

Terence Bay Lighthouse Committee (Local: Terence Bay, NS)

We are a registered nonprofit community group established to protect, repair and maintain the Terence Bay Lighthouse and lands for public use as a reminder of the rich maritime history of Nova Scotia.

Textile Museum of Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

The Textile Museum of Canada engages the public by fostering knowledge, creativity and awareness. The museum explores the continuum of textile work from antiquity to the present through all its activities, including exhibitions, collections, education programs, research and documentation.

Toronto Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia (International: Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia is a volunteer-based community organization. Through education and public awareness, they unearth forgotten war atrocities of WWII Asia and celebrate truth, justice, peace and reconciliation as global citizens.

Toronto Early Music Centre

Promotes appreciation of historical music performance (medieval, renaissance, and baroque) through sponsorship of concerts and activities such as pre-concert lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and masterclasses.

Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded by Artistic Director and tabla master, Ritesh Das. The TTE’s mission is to share the depth and excitement of Indian classical music, culture and history and make it accessible to all people.

Toronto Ward Museum (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Ward Museum is a community-engaged museum that facilitates the preservation and sharing of personal stories of migrants in Toronto’s history.

Turkish Association of Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Turkish Association of Canada’s aims are to gather the community around social and cultural events; to build awareness of Turkish activities in the community; to promote knowledge and represent the Turkish Community in Canada; to organize other activities related to education, academics, and culture; to collaborate and network with other partners/organizations within Canada and abroad; and to support and encourage Turkish/Turkic students in regards to accommodation and their academic well-being.

Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre


A nonprofit organization housed in an historic Lennoxville, Quebec residence, devoted to the preservation, support and expansion of the cultural and historical traditions of the Eastern Townships through art exhibitions, craft shows, educational projects, lectures and workshops.

Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) (Local: Vancouver, BC)

UNYA’s mandate is to help Native youth in the urban setting. UNYA was formed to address Aboriginal youth issues when it became apparent that growing numbers of young people were continuing to leave reserves for the city.

urban ink Production Society (Local: Vancouver, BC)

This theatre company creates, develops and produces Aboriginal and Diverse cultural works of theatre, writing and film, utilizing an approach which embraces and strives for the combination and integration of artistic disciplines, including different forms of theatre, story-telling, dance, music, video and multi-media.

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT) (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Strives to produce and develop quality productions where Asian-Canadians assume culturally and artistically significant roles. Formed in July 2000, VACT intends to remove the barriers and stereotypes for visible minority actors and to represent the community’s diverse ethnic base.

Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham (Local: Markham, ON)

The Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham raises funds to support the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, with a focus on art acquisitions, conservation of the art collection, educational programs and exhibition research. The Foundation also operates an active volunteer program to further support the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

Vedanta Cultural Foundation Canada (National: Mississauga, ON)

Vedanta is the wisdom of life and living that strengthens intellect to manage an ungoverned mind. Aids integrate prosperity, peace and evolution. Inspired by the works of Swami Parthasarathy, the Foundation fosters universal and contemporary application of Vedanta to everyday living.

Villa Charities (Local: Toronto, ON)

Villa Charities continues provides culturally sensitive care and improves the quality of life for seniors, and also assists individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental illness pursue their life dreams and goals.

Vimy Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The Vimy Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2006 with the intention to make young people more aware of the vital role Canadian soldiers played at Vimy Ridge, a landmark engagement of the First World War.

Vintage Locomotive Society

The society operates the Prairie Dog Central, a steam train built in 1882 which runs between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Warren. The operating crew are all volunteers, trained by the CNR. The 5 coaches carry 300 passengers on a 21/2 hour round trip covering 45 kilometers.

Virtual Museum of Canada

An online collection of images, exhibitions, galleries, archives and events from more than 600 Canadian museums.

W.A. Deacon Literary Foundation (National: Delta, BC)

The W.A. Deacon Literary Foundation nationally exhibits and tours a complete collection of first English language edition books which have won Canada’s Governor Generals’ Literary Award for fiction and poetry. In addition to the exhibit, authors who have won the award attend and perform a reading from their award-winning book. The foundation’s mandate is to educate and increase the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the literary arts in Canada.

Waterloo County & Area Quilt Festival (Regional: St. Clements, ON)

Presents an annual 10-day festival in May, celebrating the art and heritage of quilting through 35 different events in 10 communities. This is the largest festival of its kind in Canada.

West Coast Railway Association (Regional: Burnaby, BC)

The West Coast Railway Association, a registered charitable non-profit society, collects, preserves, operates and exhibits artifacts relating to the history of railways – with a focus on those of British Columbia. West Coast Rail Tours encourages the public to travel on today’s railways, to see the country first hand and support the passenger rail travel industry. The West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, BC, develops educational and entertaining exhibits on the heritage of the railways that appeal to all ages.

Whistler Museum & Archives Society (Local: Whistler, BC)

Founded in 1986 as a nonprofit organization for the purpose of collecting, cataloguing, and conserving artifacts and photographs of the pioneer history of the Whistler Valley. The museum has since expanded to include a wide selection of photographs, documents, and materials that represent the many phases of Whistler’s history and development.

Whitby Historical Society (Local: Whitby, ON)

The Whitby Historical Society was formed in 1967 as a way to preserve Whitby and Area history for future generations. In 2004, the Whitby History Museum & Children’s Centre was opened by the society. It offers classes and events where children, youth and families can enjoy learning about history and artifacts.