Environment and Animals

A Rocha Canada (Regional: BC, MB, ON)

A Rocha is inspired by God’s love to restore salmon habitat, train young scientists, inspire school children, feed low-income families – We transform people & places through hands-on conservation projects, environmental education programs & sustainable agriculture initiatives.

A2A – Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association (Regional: Lansdowne, ON)

A2A connects and enhances wildlife habitat essential to the survival of native wildlife from Algonquin to Adirondack Parks through respectful partnerships with landowners, organizations, and governments, while maintaining the A2A region’s unique heritage, resulting in healthier air, water, and soils.

Abbey Cat Adoptions (Local: Toronto, ON)

A newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for abandoned cats and kittens. We work closely with foster homes and potential adopters to find a suitable match between families and their new pet.

Action For Animals In Distress Society (Local: Burnaby, BC)

A nonprofit, no-kill, humane animal rescue sanctuary dedicated to the fostering and adoption of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals that would otherwise be euthanized, and to educating people to be responsible pet owners.

Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue (Regional: Nova Scotia)

This organization works to rescue and offer a second change to misunderstood, neglected and abandoned pit bulls and other bully breed types facing euthanasia. They re-home them into responsible loving homes as well as, educate the public on the dangers of breed discrimination and responsible care and handling of these dogs.

Aequo Animo (Local: Pointe-Claire, QC)

Aequo Animo is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to promote vegetarianism, the protection of animals, and the protection of the environment. Aequo Animo’s methods consist primarily of informing and sensitizing the public about the ethical and environmental consequences of our consumption habits with respect to food and clothing to name only two. The actions carried out by Aequo Animo are intended to guide individuals toward making more enlightened choices that respect all animal life.

Agility Association of Canada (National)

The Agility Association of Canada (AAC) was founded in 1988 for the promotion of uniform and safe standards for dog agility in Canada. The AAC is committed to promoting inclusive, competitive agility at a local, regional, national, and international level, for all handlers and dogs, without regard for pedigree.

Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation (Regional: Coaldale, AB)

Active since 1982 and more recently a registered charity, the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation is Alberta’s first privately licensed raptor rescue and conservation organization. In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey, the foundation also runs a captive breeding program for endangered species.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (Regional: Calgary, AB)

This organization works to improve the lives of animals by rescuing and providing sanctuary to abandoned, surrendered, or abused animals. They also assist communities in achieving healthy and respectful relationships with animals and promote responsible and compassionate guardianship and advocating on behalf of all animals.

Alberta Ecotrust (Regional: Calgary, AB)

Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between the corporate sector and the environmental community. Together, they invest in the people and projects that protect the natural systems we rely on for life and prosperity. They achieve this goal through three main programs: environmental grant making, capacity building, and community collaboration.

Alberta Emerald Foundation (AEF) (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

The AEF works to recognize, celebrate and inspire environmental excellence in Alberta. The flagship program, Emerald Awards, celebrates environmental achievements at all levels including youth, community groups and business. The AEF also hosts a youth grants program as well as organizing Emerald Day in communities across the province.

Alberta SPCA (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

The mission of the Alberta SPCA is to have every animal in Alberta humanely treated. We provide educational resources and speakers for children and adults all over Alberta, in addition to enforcing animal protection legislation.

Alberta Wilderness Association

AWA is the oldest wilderness conservation group in the province of Alberta and works to defend wild Alberta through awareness and action.

All Breed Canine Rescue (Regional: St. Thomas, ON)

We rescue homeless dogs from high-risk situations such as shelters and pounds in Southwestern Ontario. We spay, neuter, vaccinate, heartworm test and microchip the dogs before placing them in foster homes and adoptive homes. We are an all-breed rescue, and work with all breeds, ages, personalities, or health. We are totally reliant on the generosity of donors and volunteers to help these dogs that would otherwise be destroyed.

Alternatives Journal (National: Waterloo, ON)

Alternatives is a bimonthly (6 issues/year) Canadian magazine that blends ecological, social, political and economic perspectives, and provides a deeper level of analysis on environmental themes than can be gained from the mainstream press. Each issue contains articles by respected writers, interviews, book reviews, research reports, resource pages and commentaries. The organization is also a registered charity.

Angel’s Animal Rescue Society (Local: Merritt, BC)

Angel’s is a 27-acre facility in the interior of BC where hundreds of dogs have come to find a second chance at life. The society is named after a dog who, although badly injured, survived a fatal car accident.

Animal Abuse Defence Registry (National)

Helping to prevent animal cruelty through education, allowing users to confirm that whomever they are adopting an animal to hasn’t been convicted of animal-cruelty related charges.

Animal Advocates Society of B.C. (Regional: BC)

Formed in 1992, AAS is an all-volunteer registered charitable organization dedicated to the rescue, fostering, and rehabilitation of animals that official agencies will not help. We advocate for getting laws passed to stop animal cruelty, and exposing the reason why there is so little help for suffering animals in B.C. from these official agencies.

Animal Aid Foundation (National: Mississauga, ON)

Animal Aid’s mission is to reduce the number of homeless pets and to reduce euthanasia rates of companion animals. The Foundation achieves its mission by accepting donations and legacy gifts and directing funds exclusively to spay/neuter programs and projects and TNR. Animal Aid is committed to funding programs that deliver high impact, that are in urgent need of funding from a priority basis, not a financial need and that have a high potential for success. Their policy is to seek out organizations and programs with a well-defined sense of purpose, demonstrated commitment to making the best use of available resources and a reputation for accomplishing their objectives. Priority funding consideration given to charities who are 100% volunteer run. Animal Aid is committed to investing money back into the communities where the money is being raised.

Animal Aide of St. Thomas Elgin

A nonprofit, no-kill organization, dedicated to the rescue of homeless or unwanted cats, dogs and other animals in Elgin County, Ontario.

Animal Aide Outaouais (AAO) (Regional: Gatineau, QC)

Our mission is to end the needless suffering of companion animals in the Outaouais through education, advocacy and networking, as well as direct financial assistance.

Animal Alliance of Canada

Animal Rescue Foundation

ARF rescues animals upon request from Reserves and rural areas in Alberta, provides them with food, shelter and care, and places them in permanent homes.

Animal Rescue Network (Local: Montreal, QC)

The largest non-kill shelter in Montreal, entirely run by volunteers. Its mission is to bring about a day when no unwanted animals are destroyed in shelters or pounds, and when every cat and dog can be ensured a happy life in a good home.

Animals in Science Policy Institute (National: Vancouver, BC)

Our mission is to build an ethical culture of science that respects animal life by promoting the reduction and replacement of animals in research, testing and teaching.

Annex Cat Rescue (Local: Toronto, ON)

Our goal is to eliminate cruelty to animals by providing for the fostering and adoption of cats that are homeless, abandoned, or where their owners (through illness, age, or death)

can no longer care for them. We try to educate members of our community regarding the proper care of cats and to provide information aimed at reducing the feral, homeless, and abandoned populations.

Appalachian Corridor Appalachien (ACA) (Regional: Sutton, QC)

Appalachian Corridor (ACA)

is a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect natural areas in the Appalachian region. Through the implementation of a transborder conservation strategy, the ACA helps local communities to maintain and restore a framework for living that respects the ecology of the region from a perspective of sustainable development. The ACA offers technical assistance, advice and expertise to conservation organizations and contributors who share its vision.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a registered charity located in Rosseau, Ontario, in the heart of Muskoka.  Their mission is to rescue orphaned and injured wildlife, rehabilitate them and return them to the wild.   They also provide homes for certain permanent animals who cannot be released due to human interference and care for hundreds of wild mammals yearly

Association Lesomalanga/Arasco of Canada (International: Edmonton, AB)

Inspire immigrant and refugee strains, as well as the general population, to contribute in combating climate change, protection of natural resources, and promote the valuation of human well-being by helping on their activities relating to the environment, agriculture, social, culture, arts, education, community health, in Alberta, Canada, as well in developing countries.

Atlantic Coastal Action Program Cape Breton (Regional: Sydney, NS)

ACAP Cape Breton is a charitable environmental organization that integrates environmental, social and economic factors into projects focusing on action, education and ecosystem planning. It strives for: clean air and water; clean, safe and accessible spaces; protected habitats; properly managed waste; a strong economy, and a healthy community whose citizens make informed decisions.

Barrhead Animal Rescue Society (Local: Barrhead, AB)

This society provides a safe and nurturing environment for unwanted, abandoned, lost, and mistreated pets until they can be placed into loving homes. Through proactive intervention, public education, fundraising events, and community outreach, the Barrhead Animal Rescue Society seeks to promote respect for all life by breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, and pet overpopulation in their communities.

Beacon of Light Wildlife Centre (Local: Nanticoke, ON)

Our mission is to increase awareness of, rescue, and rehabilitate injured and/or orphaned wild animals and birds with a view to returning these animals and birds to the wild via the provisions of facilities for these activities.

Beagle Paws (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

The first nonprofit volunteer beagle rescue organization in Newfoundland and Labrador. Beagle Paws is a registered charity whose goal is to promote the beagle as a family pet and educate the public on the proper care and treatment of beagles.

Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary (Regional: Barrie, ON)

Founded in 1989, this volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization is dedicated to the survival of rare and endangered species. They are also involved in humane wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of animals involved in public concerns, and provide a safe haven for unwanted, abused and injured exotic and zoo surplus animals.

Bear Valley Rescue (Local: Sundre, AB)

This organization’s mission is to save from slaughter usable and healthy horses and find them good homes, and to rescue injured or ailing animals from auctions and feedlots or abusive situations and rehabilitate them or alleviate their suffering. They also strive to educate the public on the plight of unwanted or aging horses and to network with other rescue organizations.

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society (Local: Meaford, ON)

Do you know our Joe? He’s Canada’s most famous dog! His story was written in 1893 by Nova Scotian, Margaret Marshall Saunders, and this children’s book was translated into over 10 languages and sold over 7 million copies by the late 1930’s …. Not bad for a little abused dog from Meaford. The Beautiful Joe Heritage Society is celebrating 25 years (1994-2019) and have been working on spreading this timeless story and to further develop the Park where he is buried.

Better Dog Network and Humane Society (Regional: Brandon, MB)

A nonprofit rescue network and humane society. Our goal is connecting people in need of pets and pets in need of homes, in Manitoba and surrounding areas.

Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Society

Located in Dartmouth, NS, the shelter provides compassionate care for abandoned and neglected animals until suitable homes can be found. Bide Awhile is a “No Kill” shelter and does not support or participate in animal research endeavors.

Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary (Regional: Kemptville, ON)

Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary was established in 2002. Originally a hobby farm, Big Sky Ranch has become known to many animals as a safe haven and an opportunity to recover from their past lives or professions, as well as restore their trust and faith in humans. The organization adopts out abused and unwanted dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals.

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

A nonprofit society that makes ecosystem information available to decision makers as well as local citizens. The Biosphere Resource Centre houses computer databases and a map and document library. The Biosphere Institute also facilitates, encourages, supports and coordinates ecological, economic and social research pertinent to the region’s ecosystem.

Bird Studies Canada (National: Port Rowan, ON)

Bird Studies Canada is the country’s national bird conservation organization. Working with volunteers from across Canada, BSC’s mission is to advance and encourage the wider understanding, appreciation, and conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

Brandon Humane Society (Regional: Brandon, MB)

A nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter and registered SPCA dedicated to caring for and re-homing abandoned and surrendered companion animals, and conducting humane education. Active in Western Manitoba for 60 years.

British Columbia Conservation Foundation

A registered not-for-profit society and federally registered charity dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of British Columbia’s ecosystems and species. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the conservation of BC’s fish, wildlife and habitat through the provision of administrative, project management and technical field services.

BC Parks Foundation (Regional: British Columbia)

Our mission is to protect, enhance, celebrate and pass along on the magic of park life. Our primary role is to promote and support public interest, engagement and involvement in parks and encourage people to contribute. British Columbia will have the most active, diverse and innovative community of parks supporters per capita of any jurisdiction in the world. Working together, we will help create the best parks system on earth.

BC Pets and Friends (Regional: North Vancouver, BC)

Pets and Friends is a registered nonprofit society run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Founded on the belief that people benefit emotionally and physically from regular interactions with loving companion animals, our highly successful pet visitation program brings animal companionship to residents of hospitals and long-term care facilities all over the Lower Mainland.

British Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (Regional: Kelowna, BC)

BCLSS is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and restoration of BC lakes. Our vision is clean, healthy lakes that provide quality habitat for aquatic life, wildlife, and people throughout BC.

British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) (Regional: Victoria, BC)

The British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) is a nonprofit association of citizens, professionals and practitioners committed to promoting the understanding, development and adoption of sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation in British Columbia.

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The BC SPCA was created under the auspices of the provincial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and is the only animal welfare organization in BC which has the authority to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty and to prepare cases for Crown Counsel for the prosecution of individuals who inflict suffering on animals.

BC SPCA North Cariboo Branch

Based in Prince George, BC, the organization’s mission is to prevent animal abuse and promote animal welfare.

BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society (Regional: Aldergrove, BC)

The BCSHAS is dedicated to changing the lives of horses and humans by finding homes and safe havens for standardbred horses. The Greener Pastures Program involves volunteers that are dedicated to providing a second chance at productive lives for those horses by supplying care, shelter,retraining and adoption services for retired horses donated into our program by their racing owners.

BC Wildlife Federation

A province-wide voluntary conservation organization which aims to protect, enhanced and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

Brooks Animal Protection Society (BAPS) (Local: Brooks, AB)

This charitable organization’s mission is to save lives and find loving homes for abandoned and unwanted animals. Photos of pets for adoption are updated weekly on their website.

Bruce Trail Conservancy (Local: Hamilton, ON)

The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest footpath. The Bruce Trail Conservancy (formerly Association) is a charitable, membership-based volunteer organization committed to establishing a conservation corridor containing a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment, in order to protect its natural ecosystems and to promote environmentally responsible public access to this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Buddy’s Bully Rescue (Local: Ellershouse, NS)

Buddy’s Bully Rescue is a no-kill, nonprofit rescue organization made up of a group of volunteers with a goal to rescue abused, neglected, and abandoned canines with a focus on rehabilitation through calm, assertive energy and positive reinforcement.

Bully Buddies (Regional: British Columbia)

Bully Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, foster, and adoption of bull breed dogs. They strive to place Pit Bulls with excellent temperaments, who are breed ambassadors, into loving and responsible homes.

Burke Mountain Naturalists (Local: Coquitlam, BC)

The Burke Mountain Naturalists was formed in 1989 by local residents who called for protection of critical habitat areas such as Colony Farm on the lower Coquitlam River and local mountain slopes, now Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park. Today, BMN remains as an active group of people interested in enjoying nature, conserving local green spaces and promoting a more sustainable way of life.

Burns Bog Conservation Society

Works to save British Columbia’s rarest ecological jewel, an estaurine raised peat bog, through education and public awareness.

Calgary Humane Society

Provides homeless animals with shelter, medical attention and a chance for a better life.

Calgary Rainforest Action Group


Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) (Regional: Calgary, AB)

Established in 1993, The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is a veterinary-based wildlife hospital. Their mandate is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned animals back into the wild. The CWRS also provides outreach and education services to the community.

Calgary Zoo

The mission of The Calgary Zoological Society, in partnership with the City of Calgary and its citizens, is to develop, operate and promote an integrated zoological, botanical and prehistoric park and a conservation centre for the purposes of conservation, education, recreation and scientific study.

Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) (National: Kitchener, ON)

CAAT is a group of veterinary professionals with two main purposes. Their disaster response work focuses on providing veterinary services to domestic animals following natural disasters, as well as assisting with disaster preparedness planning for animals. Their second mission is to organize animal wellness clinics which focus on providing veterinary services (sterilization, vaccination, deworming, and general health care) in remote communities where these services are not available.

Canadian Ape Alliance (International: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Ape Alliance advances conservation and awareness of all Great Apes and the environments they live in, by respecting human need. All conservation strategies are designed to reflect local cultures, as well as economic and political realities.

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC) (National: Ottawa, ON)

CARC is a citizens’ organization dedicated to the long-term environmental and social well being of northern Canada and its peoples. We believe in sustainable development and the application of the precautionary principle. Our policy and advocacy work is grounded in solid scientific and socio-economic research and experience.

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (CCRT) (National: Toronto, ON)

This group is made up of volunteers who work together to rescue, foster, and provide necessary veterinary care for homeless, abandoned, and neglected Chihuahuas across Canada.

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals is dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals raised for food in Canada through education, legislative change, and consumer choice. Our focus is eliminating sow stalls and battery cages, and improving animal transportation.

Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (National)

The Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) was incorporated in 1982 as a national, nonprofit organization with a mission “to facilitate and assist Canadians with the establishment and management of a comprehensive network of protected areas representative of Canada’s terrestrial and aquatic ecological natural diversity”.

Canadian Dachsund Rescue (National: Guelph, ON)

Our mission is to promote dachshund rescue in Canada. We help Canadians adopt rescued dachshunds, and help dachshunds and dachshund-mixes in need of new homes.

Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (National: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit, member-supported organization charged with promoting energy efficiency in Canada. Our aimÊis to provide users with easy access to information and resources related to energy efficiency.

Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (National: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit, member-supported organization charged with promoting energy efficiency in Canada. Our aimÊis to provide users with easy access to information and resources related to energy efficiency.

Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) (National: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit public interest organization established in 1970 to use existing laws to protect the environment and to advocate environmental law reforms. It is also a free legal advisory clinic for the public, and will act at hearings and in courts on behalf of citizens or citizens’ groups who are otherwise unable to afford legal assistance.

Canadian Environmental Network

Works to support, facilitate and advance the work of its member groups to protect the Earth and promote ecologically sound ways of life.

The Canadian Foundation for Animal Assisted Support Services (National: Winchester, ON)

This organization’s mission is to ensure the sustainability, credibility, and availability of animal assisted support services by supporting related charities and those they serve.

Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society (CHHAPS) (National: National)

This organization works to preserve the traditional type of Canadian Horse and to educate the public about the breed. They also sponsor relaxed, fun events that promote the Canadian Horse.

Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy

We are a research and education organization established in 1970. Our mission is to provide leadership in the research and development of environmental law and policy consistent with the principles of sustainability and in the public interest.

Canadian Kennel Club Foundation (National: Etobicoke, ON)

The Canadian Kennel Club Foundation was established as a charitable corporation dedicated to the enhancement of the health and welfare of dogs to the mutual benefit of both the dogs and the people in Canadian society.

Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

CMEPS is a registered charitable society working to educate Canadians about the need to protect the ocean’s remaining natural ecosystems for their biological and cultural importance, now and for the future.

Canadian Nature Federation


Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC) (International: Pickering, ON)

A registered Canadian charity committed to actively working to protect tropical rainforests. Its mission is to provide leadership in education, research, conservation, and the educated use of natural resources in the tropics.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

Canada’s grassroots voice for wilderness. It works to establish new parks and to make sure nature comes first in their management. Since its founding in 1963, CPAWS has helped protect over 350,000 km of Canada’s magnificent wildlands.

Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Canadian non-profit organization dealing with the environment, education and preservation of endangered species particularly with peregrine falcons and raptor species.

Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national registered charity comprised of members from the public, private and academic sectors who are committed to promoting responsible, innovative and effective water resources management. Formed in 1947 as the Western Canada Reclamation Association, CWRA is the only national organization addressing all water resources issues across all regions of Canada. We offer a range of services and programs focused on professional development, providing expertise and advice, education, and collaboration.

Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club Rescue (National)

This rescue society was formed to help find suitable new homes for displaced West Highland White Terriers. They also educate the public on the consequences of purchasing from backyard breeders and pet stores and encourage purchasing from responsible breeders or adopting from shelters or rescue organizations.

Canadian Wildlife Federation


Canadian Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed Rescue

Our mission is to educate people about responsible pet ownership and spay and neuter. Our goal is to ensure that no Yorkshire Terriers, Silky Terriers, Maltese or like breeds under 15 lbs. are without a home or put to sleep needlessly.

Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (National: Whitehorse, YT)

A coalition of leading youth organizations and individuals across Canada tackling the biggest challenge of a generation: the emerging climate crisis. They work locally, provincially, federally, and internationally to combine efforts to implement concrete solutions to this crisis.

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) (National: Vancouver, BC)

CETFA’s purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals raised for food. They exist to work toward the compassionate treatment of food animals, so that their lives may be free from pain and fear, followed by a humane death.

Cat Busters Animal Rescue (Local: Toronto, ON)

This no-kill organization is a group of volunteers and foster homes dedicated to the rescue of animals. They work with local rescuers and animal control shelters to rescue stray, abandoned, and surrendered pets to find them a loving and safe forever home.

Carolinian Canada

Committed to protecting the biodiversity of southwestern Ontario (Carolininian zone), the northernmost extreme of the great deciduous forest that once covered eastern North America. Carolinian Canada partners include all levels of government, local and national conservation NGOs, first nations, farmers, landowners and academics. The web site also offers a guide to environmental granting programs.

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA)

is one of 38 conservation authorities in Ontario. We are located in the Napanee-Kingston-Brockville area. Our programs include water management, land-use planning, protection of environmentally sensitive areas, provision of recreational areas, and information and education programs.

CatNap Society (Local: Nanaimo, BC)

CatNap’s mandate is to rescue abandoned cats and kittens, provide medical attention where necessary, have them spayed and neutered, and find them homes.

Cats Anonymous Rescue & Adoption (Local: Orton, ON)

Cats Anonymous is a private, no-kill cat adoption facility located in south-central Ontario. Their “Cat House” is home to approximately 60 cats who are permitted to roam free within the shelter, which is entirely run by volunteers.

Cause for Critters (Local: Edmonton, AB)

Cause for Critters provides a safe shelter environment, loving foster homes, and medical care for surrendered and stray animals in Drayton Valley and Brazeau County. They help to reunite lost animals with their families, and encourage population control through spay/neuter and public education programs.

Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada (National: Scarborough, ON)

Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada is a registered charity dedicated to teaching meditation to the public and to making a meaningful contribution to the community. They support Canadian registered charities that seek to relieve poverty and preserve the environment.

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

CIER was created for the express purpose of establishing and implementing environmental capacity-building initiatives for First Nations. It is a national organization pursuing local, regional and international initiatives.

ChariTREE Foundation (The) (National: Bowen Island, BC)

The ChariTREE Foundation’s mission is to help the planet by creating and supporting tree planting projects designed to benefit kids, teach kids about nature, and empower kids to take steps to protect their planet.

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada (International: London, ON)

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada supports partnerships that help achieve the aim of the protection and long-term survival of the wild cheetah and its natural ecosystems, through integrated programs of community engagement, research, education, and reintroduction of cheetah into natural habitat, as well as providing care and shelter for cheetahs which have become orphaned or injured, and unable to survive in the wild.

Children’s Rainforest Canada

Part of a worldwide network whose mission is to work on specific conservation and educational programs in the tropics. The Children’s Rainforest Canada is operated by a small group of volunteers who produce newsletters, videos and offer workshops on activities in the tropics and how people can get involved.

Children’s Water Education Council (Regional: Kitchener, ON)

The Council’s mission is to educate students about the importance of water conservation, protection, technology and ecology. Our goal is to foster decision makers, initiate the process of behavioural change and to empower children to initiate change within their homes, schools and communities.

Circle F Horse Rescue (Local: Matsqui, BC)

This group is a registered nonprofit, charitable organization that cares for and adopts out horses that have been entrusted to the organization when they no longer fit into the plans of their owners. The organization works to prevent horses from being sold for slaughter at auctions.

Citizen Scientists (Local: Toronto, ON)

Established in 2001, Citizen Scientists is a volunteer, not-for-profit group that focuses on ecological monitoring, environmental training, and education of aquatic ecosystems within Toronto and the GTA.

Citizens’ Environment Watch (Regional: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education, monitoring and the identification of environmental quality concerns in communities across Ontario. CEW brings accessible, relevant and exciting hands-on learning experiences to citizens of all ages.

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) (National: Ottawa, ON)

Citizens for Public Justice is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy. Our mission is to promote public justice in Canada by shaping key public policy debates through research and analysis.

City Farmer – Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture

A non-profit society which promotes urban agriculture and environmental conservation in Vancouver, British Columbia. Urban agriculture concerns itself with all manner of subjects from rooftop gardens, to composting toilets, to air pollution and community development.

Clean Calgary Association

A non-profit charitable organization that has conducted environmental education, recognition and action programs in Calgary since 1978.

Clean Nova Scotia Foundation


Climate Action Network – Réseau action climat Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Climate Action Network – Réseau action climat Canada is composed of more than 65 member organizations committed to preventing dangerous levels of human interference with the global climate system and protecting environmental sustainability and public health, while upholding principles of just transition, equity, and social justice.

Coalition for No Whales in Captivity

Believes that whales are best left to live wild and free in their natural habitat and works closely with 400 groups and individuals around the world who want to see the end of the cruel practice of keeping whales in captivity.

Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE) (Regional: Acton, ON)

A coalition of over 20 environmental organizations and hundreds of individual citizens. It was formed in 1978 and has worked consistently for the protection of the escarpment and its many values to Ontario society.

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Local: near Truro, NS)

Founded and operated by a wildlife veterinarian, the CWRC is dedicated to providing veterinary care and rehabilitation to orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife. Our goal is to release rehabilitated wildlife into suitable habitat, and through education, increase public awareness and concern for wildlife, habitat, and the environment.

Cochrane Ecological Institute (Local: Cochrane, AB)

The Cochrane Ecological Institute, registered charity, has a Mandate to undertake ecosystem restoration through the reintroduction of extirpated indigenous species, breed endangered species for reintroduction, wildlife rescue rehabilitation and release, and public education for schools and community groups.

Cochrane Research Institute (Local: Cochrane, AB)

The Cochrane Research Institute, a non-profit corporation, in conjunction with the Cochrane Ecological institute, develops and prove non-intrusive methods of wildlife and habitat monitoring and provides Field Station facilities for under graduate, graduate and post Graduate candidates.

Cold Noses, Warm Beds Dog Rescue (Regional: Langley, BC)

Cold Noses, Warm Beds Dog Rescue is an organization that saves the lives of dogs on death-row no matter their location. They provide air-transport for dogs out of jurisdictions that want to euthanize them, then find wonderful homes and a new chance at life for the dogs.

Comité d’Aide et de Secours aux Chats Abandonnés

CASCA is a non-profit organization rescuing and helping abandoned cats.

Community Association for Riding for the Disabled (Local: Toronto, ON)

CARD provides therapy in the fields of cognitive therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medicine, and adapted sport. CARD’s therapeutic horseback riding program benefits riders who seek physical or cognitive therapies, who have a variety of disabilities.

Community Forests International (International: Montreal, QC)

Community Forests International works to build sustainable relationships between communities and the forests that sustain them. Each year they help Tanzanian communities grow and plant trees in order to protect the environment and support rural livelihoods.

Composting Council of Canada

A national, nonprofit, member-driven organization with a charter to advocate and advance composting and compost usage. It serves as the central resource and network for the composting industry in Canada and, through its members, contributes to the environmental sustainability of the communities in which they operate.

Connecting Communities Association (Local: Prince George, BC)

The Connecting Communities Association was established to increase awareness about environmental issues and educate youth and the public about the importance of sustainable development. It is our mission to inspire people to appreciate the natural world and encourage them to contribute to improving their communities.

Conservation Council of New Brunswick (Regional: Fredericton, NB)

Dedicated to conserving the rich biodiversity of New Brunswick’s environment. For more than 30 years, CCNB has monitored policy trends, analyzed data, and made informed recommendations to citizens, governments, and educational institutions.

Conservation Council of Ontario

CCO is an association of twenty-five provincial organizations and fifty individual members who work to promote effective action on environmental issues. Our member organizations include environmental, naturalist, and professional associations and our Individual Members reflect a broad range of interests and expertise.

Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge (CCWR) (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge (CCWR) is a registered charity dedicated to maintaining a farm animal sanctuary, offering education on animal welfare issues, advocating on behalf of wildlife and rehabilitating wildlife for release back into the wild.

Cowichan Green Community (Local: Duncan, BC)

Cowichan Green Community (CGC), an environmental nonprofit in the Cowichan, has been promoting food security since 2001. CGC created FruitSave, Grow-a-Row, Cowichan Food Map, and community gardens.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association (CTRA) (Regional: Duncan, BC)

The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association (CTRA) provides therapeutic riding and equine-based therapeutic services for persons living with disabilities. CTRA welcomes participants, volunteers and friends from communities across southern and mid Vancouver Island.

Creature Quest Canada (Regional: Hillsburgh, ON)

Creature Quest Canada is a self-supporting, not-for-profit organization dedication to the conservation of wildlife and wild places through education, public programming, display and interpretation, research, direct action and promotion of sustainable practices.

Credit Valley Conservation Foundation (Regional: Mississauga, ON)

Established in 1964, Credit Valley Conservation Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and awareness in support of the conservation projects carried out by Credit Valley Conservation that protect, connect and sustain the health and well-being of the watershed and its communities.

D’Arcy’s A.R.C. (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

D’Arcy’s A.R.C. is a registered charity providing animal rescue in Manitoba. Their shelter is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from situations of abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse. Once in the organization’s care, animals are given the veterinary care they need and a safe, caring, and comfortable place to live until they are adopted for life.

David Suzuki Foundation


Delkatla Sanctuary Society

A sanctuary in Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands that is working to build a nature interpretive centre on their site.

Delta Waterfowl Foundation

A nonprofit private organization with a mission to train resource managers, conduct ecological and policy research related to waterfowl and wetlands, and ensure that research results are applied.

Desperate House Cat Rescue Society (Local: Mississauga, ON)

Desperate House Cat Rescue Society is a volunteer run, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the principal of finding loving homes for breed cats, feral cats, stray cats, and most of all any domestic cats.

Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia (Regional: Nova Scotia)

A volunteer, not for profit association working under the direction of the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services and Canadian Red Cross to set up and run emergency shelters and reception centres for animals affected by man made and natural disasters.

Doggone Safe! (International: Campbellville, ON)

A nonprofit organization that promotes education initiatives for the purpose of reducing dog bite risk to children.

DogwoodBC (Regional: Victoria, BC)

BC’s largest nonpartisan people-powered network that helps people organize to reclaim power over our environment and democracy.

Dogwood Rescue Society (Local: Vancouver, BC)

This nonprofit, volunteer-based, CRA-registered society strives to rescue and rehome abused and unwanted specific large breed dogs. They ensure that all dogs are neutered/spayed and evaluated to give them and their new families the greatest possibility of success. Their dogs make their way into loving homes through a network of volunteer foster homes (with foster-to-adopt as an option). Through this personalized approach, they have been re-homing animals for over 30 years.

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (Regional: Guelph, ON)

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada provides a lifelong home to abused, neglected, and unwanted donkeys, mules, and hinnies. Visitors are welcome to meet and interact with the donkeys, stroll about the grounds, and enjoy a picnic by the pond.

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited works to preserve wetland habitat for ducks and other waterfowl. Their projects include information and education campaigns and the web site offers ways for you to get involved.

Durham Sustain Ability (DSA) (Regional: Whitby, ON)

Durham Sustain Ability (DSA) is an environmental non-profit that provides training, tools and implementation support services to drive environmental and economic benefits to businesses and communities on the path to a sustainable future.

Earth Challenge Foundation

The essence of the Earth Challenge Project is to empower children to be responsible stewards of the Earth and active, thoughtful participants in society, by uniquely integrating the environment and curriculum.

Earth Day Canada

A national environmental communications organization, Earth Day Canada coordinates Earth Day/Earth Week celebrations nationally, and provides resources, user-friendly programs, and networking assistance to help Canadians help the Earth.

Earthroots (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Earthroots is a strong advocate and agitator for wilderness preservation in Ontario, combining aggressive grassroots campaign strategies with excellent research and educational programs. Earthroots empowers thousands of Canadians each year to advocate for better environmental protection. We achieve wilderness victories!

EarthSave Canada

A nonprofit, educational organization promoting awareness of the health, environmental and ethical consequences of our food choices. We advocate the move to plant-based diet choices for better health, environmental sustainability and compassion toward non-human animals.

Earth Stop One Foundation (ESO) (Regional: Calgary AB)

A registered charity that provides a life-long home for previously owned exotic pet birds. ESO continually works to improve the quality of life and the environments that these birds live in and volunteers are available and accessible to the public for information about the care and needs of exotic birds.

Earthwise Society (Local: Delta, BC)

Formerly the Delta Recycling Society, this organization focuses on educational environmental programs including an Earthwise Garden that promotes chemical-free gardening, composting, and reduce, reuse and recycling activities in the BC lower mainland area.

East Coast Trail Association


Eastern Ontario Model Forest

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest is a nonprofit agency dedicated to furthering and promoting sustainable forest management. We are a membership driven organization that works with numerous partners, agencies and most importantly, private landowners on a variety of different environmental projects.

Ecoforestry Institute

The Ecoforestry Institute promotes ecologically responsible forest use and practices which maintain or restore the complexity and diversity of forests while providing long-term social and economic benefits.


Formerly Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Ecojustice is Canada’s leading nonprofit organization of lawyers and scientists devoted to protecting the environment.

EcoLiving Calgary (Local: Calgary, AB)

EcoLiving is a Calgary-based nonprofit established in 2002 dedicated to supporting sustainable living in Alberta. They provide education, resources, programs and initiatives to individuals, organizations, and schools related to sustainability (green living, recycling, energy efficiency) in the home and community.

Ecology Action Centre (Regional: Halifax, NS)

Nova Scotia’s oldest and most established environmental organization. EAC provides knowledgeable, research-based solutions for an ecologically sustainable society. EAC has a variety of ongoing projects in coastal, marine, wilderness, transportation, and food action issues.

Ecology North (Regional: Yellowknife, NT)

Ecology North is a charitable, nonprofit organization based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Formed in 1971, Ecology North supports sound environmental decision-making on an individual, community, and regional level by focusing on education, water, food security, waste reduction, and climate change.

EcoSource Mississauga (Local: Mississauga, ON)

An innovative environmental education organization serving youth, adults, and families in Mississauga. EcoSource strives to increase environmental sustainability through proactive programs dealing with consumption, waste reduction and other key environmental issues in the community.

EcoWatch Canada (National)

EcoWatch Canada is a nonprofit environmental organization founded in 2008. EcoWatch Canada implements “Going Green” campaigns in their communities and believes these campaigns will inspire individuals to participate in habit-changing activities.

Ecotrust Canada

A private, non-profit charitable organization promoting conservation-based development as a means to a conservation economy in the coastal temperate rain forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to conserving our natural heritage through private stewardship. They protect land permanently by acquiring land and educating the public on the importance of natural areas.

Edmonton Humane Society

The Edmonton Humane Society’s main programs and services include pet adoption programs, lost and found services, animal protection services, walk and groom programs, foster programs and education services. Our main goals are to educate people about the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering and how to help prevent cruelty to animals.

Edson Animal Rescue Society (EARS) (Regional: Edson, AB)

EARS is a no-kill rescue that believes every animal deserves a fighting chance. We are foster home based rather than kennel based. We are run by a group of dedicated volunteers, and all funds raised directly benefit our animals in need.

Electronic Recycling Association (Multiple Locations Across Canada)

The Electronic Recycling Association is a non-profit organization committed to promoting environmental sustainability through effective electronic waste management. As an Not for Profit Organization with deep community roots, it is our “reuse” focus and donation activities which set us apart from others in this sector. Our mission is to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment. To reuse unwanted computers and related electronic equipment through recovery, refurbishment and computer donating services.

ElderDog Canada Inc. (National: Toronto, ON)

ElderDog is a national organization with a mission to provide care and companionship for older dogs whose lives have been disrupted due to illness or death of a human companion; assist and support older adults in the care and well-being of their canine companions; educate health and animal care professionals and the general public about the human-animal bond and the significant role of companion animals in the health and well-being of seniors; and honour life and loss of canine companions through commemoration.

Elephant & Co. (National)

Elephant & Co. is a registered not-for-profit company that raises money for elephant welfare through the sales of elephant-themed apparel. With a team of 5 volunteer journalists, Elephant & Co. also creates educational content with a mission to spread awareness about the harms of elephant tourism, poaching, captivity, and environmental issues affecting elephant habitats.

Emmanuel Foundation (International: Sherwood Park, AB)

Emmanuel Foundation is a charity that exists to serve the poor in tangible ways. We desire to demonstrate God’s love by sharing our resources for individuals, families, and communities of developing countries in the areas of their physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Endangered Species Fund of Canada

The Endangered Species Fund of Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species like the Amur leopard.

Energy for All (International: Alberta)

Energy For All is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to creating awareness and education for youth and collaborating with partners to address renewable energy needs in developing communities. This includes mini grids for solar power development, high efficiency lighting for schools/homes, clean water and sanitation technology.

Environmental Centre for New Canadians (ECENECA)

Environmental Centre for New Canadians (ECENECA), an award-winning charitable organization, was founded on November 6, 1993. It engages immigrants, refugees and ethnic minority communities in environmental activism through workshops, naturalization and removal of solid wastes in parks and ravines.

Environmental Defence (National: Toronto, ON)

Environmental Defence protects the environment and human health. We research. We educate. We go to court when we have to. All in order to ensure clean air, safe food and thriving ecosystems. Nationwide.

Environmental Earth Angels (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Environmental Earth Angels is a nonprofit, environmental charity that provides hands-on environmental education. Programs are offered free to schools and communities and benefit the environment by naturalizing urban spaces, reducing pollution, improving the quality of air and water, as well as protecting ecosystems.

Environmental Law Centre (ELC) (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

The ELC’s vision is a clean, healthy and diverse environment protected through informed citizen participation and sound law and policy, effectively applied. Services include legal research, law reform recommendations, lawyer referrals, an extensive library and public education and information programs.

Environmental Studies Association of Canada


Environmental Youth Alliance

EYA’s work consists of building rooftop gardens, developing urban agriculture options, environmental building projects and creating education strategies. We believe that youth are a cornerstone of our community, and we promote this through programs focused on youth community involvement.

Environnement Jeunesse


Equine Canada (National)

Equine Canada’s mission is to represent, promote, and develop a unified Canadian equine community where all Canadians, including children, have an opportunity to be involved in equestrian sport, and where Canadians can compete with international success.

Errington Therapeutic Riding Association (ETRA) (Local: Parksville, BC)

This organization initially began as a backyard pleasure riding session for three challenged high school students. In the years to follow, a group of volunteers committed themselves to structure a program in therapeutic riding following the guidelines of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. ETRA became a registered society in 1989.

Etobicoke Humane Society (Local: Etobicoke, ON)

A nonprofit, all-volunteer organization serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1987, EHS rescues injured, abused and abandoned animals. This organization is based solely on donations with no paid positions, ensuring all funds go directly into operations and animal care. EHS is an independent animal shelter.

Everdale Environmental Learning Centre

The centre teaches sustainable living by offering hands-on learning opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds on a fifty acre property which encompasses a working organic farm, forests, meadows, and demonstration models of sustainable technologies such as solar and wind energy.


Our mission is to bring communities and nature together for the benefit of both. We engage people in creating and sustaining healthy, dynamic outdoor spaces – in our schools, our communities and our homes. We believe that local stewardship creates vibrant neighbourhood, a healthy natural environment and a sustainable society for all.

Evergreen Theatre

An award-winning team of actors, scientists and educators who explore Alberta science curriculum with high energy, interactive musical theatre programs. They bring theatrical life to such science concepts as water, waste & our world, endangered species & spaces, electricity, forest & trees.

Farley Foundation (The) (Ontario)

Assists low-income elderly or disabled pet owners by subsidizing the cost of necessary veterinary medical care. Pet owners must receive the Ontario Disability Support Payment or the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement. Subsidy is provided through veterinary clinics.


Strives to connect people and organizations through one of our most basic needs: food. We endeavor to reduce the distance between field and table; reintegrate urban and rural concerns and utilize a holistic approach to the regeneration of community.

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)

was established in 1993 to safeguard migratory birds in the urban environment through education, research, rescue, and rehabilitation.

Ferret Aid Society (National: Mississauga, ON)

The Ferret Aid Society is a no-kill, nonprofit shelter specifically for ferrets. The shelter is run on a volunteer basis, relying on the donations of animal lovers to keep us running. We take in sick and unwanted ferrets fostering and adopting them into loving homes.

Ferret Rescue & Education Society (Regional: Calgary, AB)

FRES is committed to the health and well being of Southern Alberta’s ferrets. Through education, collaboration, communication, rehabilitation, and rescue, FRES is working diligently to do its part to make the community a better place for people and their pets.

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area (Local: Ottawa, ON)

A no-kill shelter that cares for unwanted, abandoned and abused ferrets, rehabilitates them, and finds suitable homes for those that are healthy enough to be adopted into new families.

Field and Stream Rescue Team (Regional: Burlington, ON)

Field and Stream Rescue Team cleans, rehabilitates, and maintains stream corridors that flow into the Great Lakes. We remove debris to improve stream flow and plant native tree species to aid in erosion control and enhance wildlife habitat.

FinFree (International: Toronto, ON)

FinFree is the open source collaborative platform helping government, NGOs and individuals ban shark fins worldwide. Every year, 70 million sharks are killed. Together we can end the trade of shark fins and shark products.

Fixed Fur Life (Regional: Belleville, ON)

This organization’s main goal is to help to control the pet population by providing funding to those who need help to have their pets fixed; as well as to provide shelter to abandoned or stray animals. They ensure all foster animals are given the medical attention they require as well as have them fixed before adopting them out to their “forever home”.

Fondation biotechnologie pour le développement durable en Afrique (BDA) (International: Montréal, QC)

This organization trains and mentors eco-entrepreneurs in Africa and Carribean to produce and export botanicals (value-added plants), promoting preservation and sustainable use of the African biodiversity of plants.

Foothills Humane Society (Local: Okotoks, AB)

The mission of the Foothills Humane Society is to promote the well-being of animals through community leadership, advocacy and education. They provide care for animals in their facility that are neglected, abused, exploited, stray or homeless. They work towards saving the lives of healthy and treatable companion animals through programs such as fostering and adoption.

Force of Nature (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Force of Nature is a Lower-Mainland based environmental nonprofit that focuses on empowering ordinary citizens to fight climate change and implement positive climate solutions at the local level.

Fored BC

A 75-year-old nonprofit environmental education association that helps teachers and students understand the cultural and economic values of our environment. Our national award-winning magazine, Landscapes, is one of our most popular learning resources for teachers and students.

ForestEthics (International: Vancouver, BC)

ForestEthics exists to protect endangered forests, wild places, wildlife, and human wellbeing. Their campaigns challenge corporations and catalyze environmental leadership in industry, governments, and communities.

Forests Ontario

As announced at the 65th Annual Ontario Forestry Association (OFA) Conference on Feb. 21, 2014, the OFA and Trees Ontario, two not-for-profits, have officially merged and are now operating under the newly created Forests Ontario, an organization dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of Ontario’s forests.

Foundation for Rural Living

A registered charitable organization dedicated to building healthy, sustainable rural communities and enhancing the agricultural industry in Ontario.

Fredericton SPCA (Local: Fredericton, NB)

The Fredericton SPCA (FSPCA) provides proactive education and community-outreach services dedicated to animal welfare. The FSPCA positively impacts animal welfare by advocating and promoting humane, responsible, animal guardianship; and providing temporary shelter, care and adoption opportunities for animals in need.

Free Geek Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

Free Geek Toronto works to promote social and economic justice by increasing access to computing and communications technologies; providing education, training, and job skills; promoting the use of free and open source software; and reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

Free Geek Vancouver (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Free Geek is a nonprofit organization that reduces the environmental impact of waste electronics by reusing and recycling donated technology. Through community engagement we provide education, job skills training, Internet access and free or low cost computers to the public.

Freedom Dog Rescue (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Freedom Dog Rescue is a nonprofit registered charity which was founded in Ottawa in February 2015. They are an all-breed, all-size foster based rescue which operates in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Friends of Algonquin Park (Local: Whitney, ON)

Operates as a cooperating association under an agreement with the Ontario Parks to enhance the educational and interpretive programs in Algonquin Park. This is accomplished by developing and reprinting park-related publications and funding park projects.

Friends of Gatineau Park/Amis du Parc de la Gatineau (Local: Chelsea, QC)

Works co-operatively with park management to foster understanding, appreciation and stewardship of the park’s heritage. It does so by providing support for the park’s interpretation and research programs, by publishing educational material, and by fundraising.

Une organisme de bienfaisance qui coopère avec la direction du parc, a été mise sur pieds dans le but de bonifier les programmes d’éducation dans parc. Grâce à leur action bénévoles, les Amis offrent leur appui aux activités d’interprétation, à la production de publications éducatives et à des levées de fonds pour l’avancement de l’interprétation du patrimoine du parc

Friends of Second Marsh (Local: Oshawa, ON)

Dedicated to wetlands education and the stewardship of Second Marsh and its watershed. Friends has provided leadership in the community-based movement to secure a future for this unique wetland in Oshawa, Ontario.

Friends of Springwater Provincial Park (Local: Springwater, ON)

Friends of Springwater Provicial Park is a dedicated and passionate group of individuals who fight to keep parks and green spaces open to ALL the public to enjoy. They provide funds, manpower, marketing, education and hold free events at parks for families to enjoy and encourage partnerships with all and any groups that want to help.

Friends of the Earth Canada

A charitable, nonprofit environmental organization with a mission to serve as a national voice for the environment and work with others to inspire the renewal of our communities and the earth through research, education and advocacy.

Friends of the Environment Foundation


Friends of Killarney Park (Local: Killarney, ON)

This organization works to preserve, protect and promote the educational, environmental and recreational goals of Killarney Provincial Park.

Friends of Killbear (Local: Nobel, ON)

The Friends of Killbear is a charitable organization that works with Killbear Provincial Park to achieve the park goals of protection, education, science and recreation.

Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society (Regional: Victoria, BC)

Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society is a BC-based, nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to create and deliver fun programs that inspire and empower young Canadians to preserve and protect the environment through education, leadership and teamwork.

Fur-Bearer Defenders (National: Vancouver, BC)

A nonprofit wildlife society, established in 1944. We work passionately to stop trapping cruelty, and more recently have become a strong voice in a growing movement to ban dog and cat fur in Canada.

Furry Friends Animal Shelter (Local: Barrie, ON)

A nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to providing shelter to abandoned, lost or rescued animals.

Gamiing Nature Centre (Local: Lindsay, ON)

Gamiingis an environmental educational centre that actively promotes habitat improvement in the Kawartha Lakes region. Located in the heart of the Kawartha’s on 100 acres of lakefront property on Pigeon Lake, Gamiing provides many opportunities for a variety of demonstration projects, hands-on learning and attractions for visitors.

Gencon Foundation (National)

The Gencon Foundation funds innovative educational and experiential projects that build environmental awareness and leadership, especially among youth, as well as urban greening initiatives, such as community gardens, and community-based ecological restoration projects.

Georgia Strait Alliance (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Georgia Strait Alliance works to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters and communities.

Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) (Regional: Whistler, BC)

Champions progressive management policies that reduce the number of human-bear conflicts and number of bears destroyed. Our mission is to provide a safe environment in which people and bears can coexist.

Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Local: Gibsons, BC)

A volunteer-driven organization that takes in injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife for rehabilitation and release.

Global Action Network

A nonprofit multi-issue animal and environment protection organization based in Montreal.

Go and Play Stable (Regional: Lakefield, ON)

Go and Play Stables is is dedicated to taking in unwanted and slaughter-bound Standardbred race horses and rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming them. They have rehomed 30+ horses in less than three years.

Grand Valley Trails Association (Regional: Waterloo, ON)

The Grand Valley Trails Association is a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to build and maintain hiking trails in the Grand River Valley. As well, the association promotes outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and canoeing.

Grasslands Conservation Council of BC (GCC) (Regional: Kamloops, BC)

The mission of the GCC is to foster a greater awareness for, and understanding about, BC’s grasslands; to promote stewardship and management practices that ensure the sustainability of BC’s grasslands; to support the conservation of representative grassland ecosystems, species at risk and their habitats.

Greater Vancouver Street Cat Society (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Greater Vancouver Street Cat Society’s aim is to reduce the number of street cats by following the proven protocol TNVR – Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return.

Greater Victoria Animals Crusaders (GVAC) (Local: Victoria, BC)

GVAC Rescue helps over 1,500 companion animals each year with the following programs: Paying for spay/neuter and vet costs for abandoned and unwanted animals; assisting the CRD Pound, Victoria Animal Control & other rescues with vet costs for stray and abandoned animals; foster and adoption program to help find loving homes for stray and abandoned animals when foster homes are available; feeding, trapping, spaying/neutering feral cat colonies throughout Victoria; re-homing and taming the feral kittens when possible; funding and rehabilitating injured and rescued animals when resources permit; promoting animal welfare by assisting with spay/neuter costs and educating the public on the importance on spaying and neutering; and, working with the homeless in regard to helping their companion animals with vet fees & passing along donated food & supplies when available.

Greater Victoria Dog Training Obedience Club (Local: Victoria, BC)

The Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club (GVDOTC) is an all breed and mixed breed dog training club licensed by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and a member of the Association of Island Obedience Clubs (AIOC) to hold obedience trials and matches.

Green Buildings Foundation (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Green Buildings Foundation’s goal is to help transform commercial buildings toward greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The foundation promotes and funds research, training and information exchange for the benefit of building owners, managers, tenants, government and the public.

Greener Pastures (Regional: British Columbia)

Greener Pastures is a registered nonprofit charitable organization that rehomes Standardbred horses. The horses are donated by the racing owners who wish to have them placed in caring recreational homes.

GreenHere (Local: Toronto, ON)

GreenHere works with community stake holders to promote tree care to ensure urban trees survive and provide long-term health benefits to all residents. Through community-based initiatives, they are working to establish a citizen arborist movement that promotes and cares for the urban forest in downtown Toronto neighbourhoods.

Greening Nipissing (Local: North Bay, ON)

Greening Nipissing is a nonprofit environmental organization that seeks to facilitate and foster environmental education and awareness in the Nipissing community.

Greenpeace Canada

Born in 1971 when members of the Don’t Make A Wave Committee in Vancouver BC renamed their organization to better proclaim their purpose: to create a GREEN and PEACEful world, Greenpeace has evolved into a global organization, with offices in over 30 countries, campaigning throughout the world on today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Green$aver (Local: Toronto, ON)

Green$aver is Toronto’s only independent nonprofit corporation dedicated to environmental home energy efficiency. We assess and implement environmentally friendly measures that are economically viable and accessible to homeowners. We’ve helped over 25,000 GTA households save money and the environment.

GreenScore (National: Yahk, BC)

GreenScore is a Canadian nonprofit foundation working towards economic and environmental harmony. Their role is to develop technologies that give people the knowledge and power to transform their local, regional and global economies.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary (Regional: Surrey, BC)

A registered nonprofit society that specialize in parrot rescue, refuge, and adoptions. The purpose of Greyhaven is to: rescue, rehabilitate and care for injured, orphaned, abandoned, unwanted and abused or neglected exotic birds; run a successful adoption program; and educate the general public in the care and keeping of exotic birds.

Grizzly Bear Foundation (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Grizzly Bear Foundation works to conserve the grizzly bear – a vulnerable apex species with a keystone role in enriching resilient biodiverse ecosystems.

Habitat Acquisition Trust

HAT is a non-profit regional land trust established by the Victoria Natural History Society to foster the protection and stewardship of ecologically significant lands on southern Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands, in the southwest corner of British Columbia.

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (Regional: Haliburton, ON)

The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is a charitable organization whose mission is to protect our county’s greatest assets – lakes, rivers, streams, forests, fields and all the amazing creatures that live there. They aim to ensure that the land we love is protected forever for future generations.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation (International: Surrey, BC)

This organization’s mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. They began their foray into web broadcasting with a live feed of a bald eagle nest, and have expanded the number of sites and feeds to include other animals as well.

Hearts on Noses Sanctuary (Regional: Mission, BC)

Established in 1999, Hearts on Noses Sanctuary provides refuge to abandoned and surrendered pigs who have nowhere else to go. The residents include potbellied pigs bred to be pets and pigs who were destined to become food. The sanctuary educates on pig care and promotes compassion, love and respect for animals.

Heavenly Creatures (Local: St. John’s, NL)

Heavenly Creatures is a registered charity dedicated to the care and protection of Newfoundland and Labrador’s animals. Its mission is to construct a shelter where animals who have strayed from home, been abused or are about to be unnecessarily euthanized can stay until they are reunited with their owners or a new home is found.

Helping Homeless Pets (National: Markham, ON)

Helping Homeless Pets is dedicated to assisting legitimate pet rescue groups to raise funds and find homes for the pets that have become homeless and need their help. The site has a current list of pets that are available for adoption.

Hervey Foundation for Cats (Local: Stony Plain, AB)

A nonprofit, charitable foundation that operates a private humane society for unwanted, stray, and abandoned cats.

High Park Initiatives (Local: Toronto, ON)

Dedicated to preserving High Park by providing environmental education to children. Our programs use the park as our classroom and our goal is that our programs will be part of the curriculum for every school across the GTA within 5 years.

Hollyhock Leadership Institute (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Hollyhock Leadership Institute empowers current and emerging environmental and social change leaders through leadership and skills training that nurture creativity and spirit. We also offer convening and facilitating support to causes and organizations to help them increase their impact in the world.

Homeless and Injured Animal Rescue of Canada Inc. (HIAC) (Regional: Manitoba)

Homeless and Injured Animal Rescue of Canada Inc. (HIARC) is a nonprofit and charitable organization for animal rescue and we are dedicated to rescuing animals who have been injured, abused, homeless, senior, surrendered and or forgotten and giving them a better life. We are a no-kill animal rescue.

The Horse Connection Inc. (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

This organization’s mission is to provide an educational horseback riding program together with public schools, that empowers students that are considered to be “at risk” of disconnecting with their education.

Humane Society of Canada

Strives to create and sustain a truly humane society through advocacy.

Humane Society Yukon — Mae Bachur Animal Shelter

A 100% community-supported (non-government) charity, the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter in Whitehorse, Yukon strives to foster a caring, compassionate environment for stray animals, to promote humane ethics and responsible pet ownership, and to prevent and suppress cruelty to animals.

HugABull (Local: Vancouver, BC)

A registered nonprofit breed rescue group specializing in placing American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers in appropriate and loving homes. They work with dogs already in shelters, provide public education, and assist new owners in understanding the breed.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in crisis and distress.

International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Canada (International: Kitchener, ON)

IMBA Canada is a national nonprofit organization that advocates for access to great trails and mountain bike opportunities. Founded internationally in 1988, and nationally in 2004, IMBA supports and represents over 35,000 cyclists globally. Their mission is to create, enhance, and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers across Canada.

Island Nature Trust

Dedicated to land conservation and endangered species protection on Prince Edward Island. This includes acquiring and holding lands and waters in order to ensure proper use; supporting traditional farming, fishing, hunting, trapping, and recreational uses; and resisting the over exploitation of any species or development which may cause damage to species’ habitats.

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Supports wildlife research, education and conservation. We promote informed and compassionate action to improve the environment shared by all Earth’s living creatures.

Julien Project (Local: Guelph, ON)

This organization offers structured horticultural workshops, open seasonal garden activities, and special events developed and delivered by a horticultural therapist to groups of people with special needs. The activities take place in the barrier-free, fully accessible, outdoor courtyard garden of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Katie’s Place (Local: Maple Ridge, BC)

A volunteer-run animal shelter that shelters mostly cats. It has adoptable animals as well as animals that need sanctuary for life. Part of the West Coast Spay and Neuter Society.

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (Regional: Peterborough, ON)

Since June of 2002 the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre has been saving injured native turtles and releasing them back into their natural habitat. The centre is located in Peterborough, Ontario and is a registered Canadian charity.

Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society (KWHS) (Regional: Kitchener, ON)

The KWHS provides humane education, law enforcement, and sheltering of animals in the community. A registered charity, they do not receive any government funding.

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary (Local: Hamilton, ON)

The goal of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is to create a safe haven for homeless domesticated animals. We offer them love, shelter, food and any medical attention they require until a loving, forever home can be found for them.

Ladies of the Lake (Local: Lake Simcoe, ON)

The Ladies of the Lake is a not-for-profit group of over 100 women championing a healthy Lake Simcoe and watershed. Our mandate: to give a voice to all people who love Lake Simcoe and bridge the gap between what governments can do and what everyone can do to help the Lake. The story of Lake Simcoe must be one of action and hope.

Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue Society (Local: Lake Cowichan, BC)

A nonprofit volunteer society that believes all homeless animals deserve a home. In five years of operation, they have intervened on behalf of 872 companion animals; spayed and neutered, provided foster care, veterinary visits and found them new homes.

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (Regional: Lake Huron, ON)

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation and wise stewardship of Lake Huron’s coastal ecosystems. The centre’s four main priorities include water quality, biodiversity, coastal processes, and climate change. Program delivery is through research, education, and community outreach.

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a Canadian charity working for a day when every person in our watershed can safely touch the water, when the water is pure enough to drink, and when the lake is clean and wild enough that you could toss in a line anywhere and pull out a fish.

Lakefield Animal Welfare Society (Local: Lakefield, ON)

A nonprofit organization, this group rescues stray, injured, and abused animals. They operate a no-kill shelter and promote spaying and neutering as the only way to control pet overpopulation.

Lakeland Humane Society (Local: Cold Lake, AB)

Works to promote responsible pet ownership, a concern for animal welfare and their environment, a compassion for all living things.

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Foundation (Regional: Newmarket, ON)

A registered charitable organization dedicated to raising funds that go towards restoring and protecting Lake Simcoe and its entire watershed.

Land Conservancy of British Columbia (Regional: Victoria, BC)

The Land Conservancy of BC is a nonprofit, membership-based land trust that protects areas of natural, cultural, agricultural, and community significance throughout the province.

Land Owner Resource Centre

Based in Manotick, Ontario, this organization offers information and a wide range of resources about the environment for area residents.

Lead Environmental Awareness and Detection (LEAD) (National: Pembroke, ON)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and preventing pediatric neurotoxicity in Canada. We promote the development of optimal social and physical environmental conditions for healthy productive children by recognizing the need for targeted early childhood blood lead screening of at-risk populations, and the need for raising public and professional awareness of this issue.

Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) (Local: Langley, BC)

The Langley Animal Protection Society is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs in the Langley community. Their mandate is to promote the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of comapnion animals in Langley.

Lawyers for Animal Welfare (National)

This registered charity is dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws.

Le Nichoir (Regional: Hudson, QC)

Le Nichoir provides care and treatment to sick, injured and orphaned wild birds, and releases them back into their natural habitat.

Learning for a Sustainable Future (National: North York, ON)

A Canadian nonprofit organization whose mandate is to work with educators from across Canada to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development into the curricula at all grade levels.

Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory

The Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory’s mission is to monitor migratory landbirds and contribute to bird conservation in the Americas. Our research site is located in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park.

Liberation BC (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Liberation BC is an animal rights organization dedicated to liberating animals through education, outreach and advocacy. We stand by our actions and engage in our activism in our own names and with our faces showing. We promote a vegan lifestyle and an end to all exploitation of animals.


A nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating awareness and initiating action around food, health, and urban sustainability in the Greater Victoria community. We work proactively to promote and create personal, shared and community gardens, research, and educational activities and youth skills development programs.

Lifeforce Foundation

A Vancouver-based ecology organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental problems. Lifeforce urges society to address and solve problems by taking into consideration the long term effects on all parts of the ecosystem.

Light Up The World Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

Light Up The World Foundation is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to provide funding and facilitation for the development of renewable energy based solid state lighting for the world’s poor and underserved. The foundation’s vision is to work to provide affordable, safe, healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible renewable energy based solid state lighting solutions to the two billion people worldwide currently without access to proper lighting.

Links for Greener Learning (LGL) (Local: St. Catharines, ON)

Links for Greener Learning (LGL) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the integration of educational institutions and newcomers through hands-on experience in the Niagara Region. LGL achieves this through raising awareness and interest in identifying environmental issues and promoting possible solutions, as well as supporting educational opportunities for those involved or interested in the field.

Living Oceans Society (National: Sointula, BC)

This organization works to attain a plan for the future of the ocean that reflects the people who work and live on the coast; abundant sea life through networks of marine protected areas; sustainable seafood through the development of ecosystem based fisheries; and healthy oceans by eliminating the risk from oil spills, salmon aquaculture, and other industrial activity.

Lost and Found Pet Network (Local: Laval, QC)

 Along with education, sterilization, and proper identification, the network provides an effective tool to locate lost pets and find owners before an animal is taken to the pound, thereby limiting unnecessary euthanasia.

Loyalist Humane Society (Local: Picton, ON)

A registered charity that rescues cats and dogs and offers adoption services in the Picton, Ontario area.

Marathon Humane Society (Local:Marathon, ON)

The Marathon Humane Society is a 100% volunteer, NO KILL shelter providing care for neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs and cats in Marathon, Ontario and surrounding areas. They are CRA Registered Charity and can issue tax receipts.

Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program (Regional: Moncton, NB)

Strives to find suitable permanent homes for retired racing greyhounds and to raise awareness about the breed.

Mary Ellen Humane Education Society (Local: Kelowna, BC)

This organization is a registered nonprofit that offers programs to help traumatized young people build life-skills and occupational skills by working with homeless dogs. The Shake-a-Paw program coaches youth to train homeless dogs to be more adoptable and to empower youth with empathy, social conscience, and hope.

Mature Dog Adoptions (Regional: Ontario)

A unique senior-to-senior Ontario-wide program that matches seniors (and mature adopters)

with senior dogs rescued from shelters (to be destroyed due to age, many from elderly owners). We recognize the mental/physical health benefits of pet ownership for seniors.

MEOW Foundation (Local: Calgary, AB)

A no-kill society that rescues stray and abandoned cats in the Calgary area. All our cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and then adopted into new permanent loving homes. MEOW is volunteer powered.

Mountain View Conservation Centre (Local: Langley, BC)

Founded in 1986, Mountain View Conservation Centre is a nonprofit wildlife conservation facility dedicated to saving Canada’s rarest and most endangered Canadian wildlife species from extinction. They operate SARA Red-listed species “breeding and return” recovery programs at their facility, which covers more than 300 acres of Fraser Valley rainforest.

Nanaimo Recycling Exchange Society

The NRE is a nonprofit society and charity in Nanaimo, British Columbia operating a multi-materials recycling depot (including household hazardous wastes); a thrift store; educational programs in area schools; and community outreach services.

National Wildlife Centre (Nnational: Caledon East, ON)

Working at the intersection of humans, native wildlife, and the environment, the “One Health” initiative is a leading principal in our practice. We assist native wildlife through various programs focused on conservation efforts and on their individual health and well-being.

Native Orchid Conservation Inc. (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

Our mission is to protect rare native plants and their habitat, and to foster an appreciation of unique mini-ecosystems. We are an environmental conservation organization, and we also do research, education, and fieldtrips, involving orchids and other rare plants in the wild.

Nature Alberta (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

This organization works to be a strong voice for the greater appreciation and conservation of Alberta’s natural environment. They do so by encouraging Albertans to increase their knowledge and understanding of natural history and ecological processes; encouraging Albertans to be active outdoors in nature; promoting the exchange of data and information among Alberta natural history clubs and other conservation organizations; promoting the formation of new natural history clubs throughout the province; and providing a unified voice for nature enthusiasts on conservation issues.

Nature Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Nature Canada is a national charity that works for a vision of Canada as a place where threatened species are protected, wildlife habitat is preserved, and people embrace a culture of conservation in their everyday lives.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The only national charity dedicated to preserving ecologically significant natural areas, places of special beauty and educational interest through outright purchase, donations and conservation agreements.

Nature Saskatchewan (Regional: Regina, SK)

Our mission is to promote appreciation and understanding of our natural environment through education, and through conservation and research, to protect and preserve natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Nature Trust of British Columbia (Regional: North Vancouver, BC)

For over 30 years, The Nature Trust of British Columbia has been involved in habitat procurement and land management programs through the purchase of land, receiving donations, or holding long-term leases and conservation covenants in BC.

New Brunswick Environmental Network

The New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN), established in 1991, is a communication network that links together over 90 non-profit environmental organizations. The role of the NBEN is to improve communication and co-operation among environmental groups and between these groups, government and other sectors.

New Hope Dog Rescue (Local: Saskatoon, SK)

A registered nonprofit group dedicated to rescuing unwanted, stray, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs. The volunteer-run organization places dogs into foster homes until they can be adopted, and ensures that all dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to adoption.

New Leaf Society for Sustainable Communities (Regional: British Columbia))

This group is combating and surviving climate change by building an eco-village where anyone can live a low impact lifestyle.

New Moon Rabbit Rescue (Regional: North Gower, ON)

New Moon Rabbit Rescue is a no-kill rescue dedicated to caring for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused domestic rabbits and to give them a second chance at finding a loving home.

Niagara Wildlife Haven (Regional: Welland, ON)

Niagara Wildlife Haven provides licensed, skilled care and medical treatment for orphaned, injured, sick or displaced native wildlife. Their ultimate goal is returning animals to their native habitat, and their wildlife hotline can help you with your concerns year-round.

Noah’s Wish (International: West Vancouver, BC)

Noah’s Wish is an animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters, throughout the United States and Canada. Their mission is to save animals during disasters with their rescue and recovery services and to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals through their educational outreach programs.

Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP) (Local: Edmonton, AB)

A nonprofit organization that is dedicated to rescuing homeless animals while promoting responsible pet ownership in Northern Alberta. We are dedicated to reducing the use of euthanasia as a means to control the over population of adoptable pets.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society (Regional: Smithers, BC)

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society is dedicated to give injured and/or orphaned wildlife a second chance at survival. Although all mammals and birds are accepted, the shelter in Smithers has become a haven for bears, moose, and deer. The shelter has become an expert in bear rehabilitation.

North Toronto Cat Rescue (Local: Toronto, ON)

North Toronto Cat Rescue (NTCR) is a registered, nonprofit, 100% volunteer-run organization in its 30th year of continuous community service. It was established by Donna Cox, whose goal was to take vulnerable cats off the street and bring them into a secure environment, where they could live in complete safety until they found their permanent home.

Northwatch (Regional: North Bay, ON)

A coalition of environmental and citizen organizations and individual members in northeastern Ontario. It focuses on issues that are of a regional nature, including: energy use, generation and conservation; forest conservation and wild areas protection; waste management and water quality issues; mining; and militarization.

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Provides interactive wildlife presentations, educational walks, and stewardship programs that advance people’s knowledge about wildlife in British Columbia and excite their curiosity to learn more about the natural environment. Our mandate is ‘Preservation through Education’.

Nova Scotia Environment and Development Coalition


Nova Scotia Nature Trust

A non-government charitable, conservation organization whose mission is to protect significant natural areas on private land. Formed in 1994, it works at the community level to preserve lands of local, regional, or provincial significance.

Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Its objectives and purposes are the prevention of any form of animal cruelty and the promotion of humane education, especially among young people. We are an investigative body that is responsible for the enforcement of the “Animal Cruelty Prevention Act” for the province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Trails Federation (Regional: Halifax, NS)

Our primary purpose is to promote the development and wise use of trails for the benefit of Nova Scotians and visitors.

Oakville and Milton Humane Society

The Oakville Humane Society provides a variety of services including shelter for lost, injured or abandoned animals, adoption of unclaimed animals, investigation of cruelty complaints, animal control, wildlife rehabilitation, and education.

Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG) (National: Vancouver, BC)

The Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG) aligns industry, academia and government to ensure that Canada is a leader in providing ocean energy solutions to a world market. OREG is a national organization, with over 100 Canadian and international members.

Opening Gaits (Local: Calgary, AB)

This organization’s mission is to provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience all the physical, social, and emotional benefits of riding on and spending time with a horse.

One Sky – The Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living (International: Smithers, BC)

An environmental NGO that works on human security and environment issues nationally and in partnership with organizations in Sierra Leone, El Salvador, and Nigeria.

One Step Shoe Recycling (Regional: Newfoundland)

One Step Shoe Recycling is a registered nonprofit organization in Newfoundland and Labrador. Their mission is to encourage the benefits of sustainable consumerism and to aid those in need across the province.

Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) (Regional: Toronto, ON)

OCAA is a nonprofit environmental organization devoted to reducing air pollution from the electricity sector. Its short-term goal is to achieve the complete phase-out of Ontario’s four coal-fired power plants. In the long-term, it aims to ensure that all electricity needs are met by ecologically sustainable renewable sources.

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

The OFAH is a grassroots, nonprofit, nongovernment, membership based organization – the largest of its kind in Canada – with a mandate to support fish and wildlife conservation and time honored traditions of fishing and hunting.

Ontario Nature (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Ontario Nature protects and restores natural habitats through research, education and conservation, connecting thousands of individuals and communities with nature.

Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

The umbrella organization for more than 50 branches and affiliated societies across the province. Since 1873 the Ontario SPCA has provided for animal care and sheltering, cruelty investigation services and humane education.

Ontario SPCA Central Region

The Central Region of the Ontario SPCA is comprised of Animal Care Centres in Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Muskoka and Parry Sound, Ontario. Pictures and biographies of dozens of beautiful animals awaiting adoption are online.

Ontario SPCA Huronia Branch (Regional: Goderich, ON)

The Huronia (Huron County) Branch of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a registered non-profit society that helps care for and find homes for homeless pets, and investigates complaints of cruelty and abuse to animals.

Ontario SPCA Kent Branch (Regional: Chatham, ON)

The Kent Branch (Chatham-Kent) of the Ontario SPCA is a registered charity society that cares for and adopts homeless and surrendered animals, offers humane education and investigates complaints of neglect, cruelty and abuse to animals.

Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society (OSAS) (Regional: Campbellville, ON)

The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society (OSAS) is an approved charitable organization, founded in 1996 to assist in the adoption and relocation of retired and non-racing Standardbred horses within Ontario.

Ontario Trails (Regional: Ontario)

The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) – Conseil des Sentiers de l’Ontario – is a charity that promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario.

Operation Migration

This nonprofit organization is using ultralight led migration techniques, as depicted in Columbia Pictures “Fly Away Home”, to establish a second flock of migratory Whooping cranes. Currently, there remains only one flock consisting of a mere 180 birds. OM hopes to safeguard the species from extinction.

Oops-a-dazy Rescue and Sanctuary Society (Local: Calgary, AB)

Oops-a-dazy rescue and sanctuary society is a nonprofit, no kill animal rescue that rescues all animals from pot-bellied pigs all the way to dogs and cats.

ORA – Organization for the Rescue of Animals (Local: Toronto, ON)

Dedicated to the protection of all animals species. Activities are directed toward rescue of stray and abandoned cats as well protection of wildlife through the creation of wildlife sanctuaries.

Oromocto SPCA (Local: Oromocto, NB)

The SPCA has been active in Oromocto since the early 1970s, providing a temporary home for homeless and abandoned animals in the community.

Orangutan Foundation Canada (International: Burnaby, BC)

Orangutan Foundation Canada was established to support the efforts of Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas in the conservation, protection, and understanding of orangutans and their rain forest habitat while caring for ex-captive orangutan orphans as they make their way back to the forest

Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.) (Local: Delta, BC)

The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is a nonprofit organization whose volunteers are dedicated to public education and the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned birds.

Ottawa Humane Society (Local: Ottawa, ON)

The Ottawa Humane Society has been the leading organization providing a safe haven for sick and homeless animals in Ottawa for over 112 years. Each day we strive to fulfil our mission: to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their animal companions, to provide leadership in the humane treatment of all animals, and to provide care for neglected, abused or exploited animals.

Ottawa Stewardship Council (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Our mission is to be a leading partner with individuals, organizations and communities throughout the Ottawa area to promote and maintain a healthy environment.

Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Centre (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Our mission is to assess, treat, and rehabilitate injured, ill, or orphaned wild birds for the purpose of releasing them back into their natural habitat. We also provide the public with information on bird intervention, safe handling techniques, and avian injury prevention. Our education programs are directed to people of all ages regarding the natural history, conservation, and rehabilitation of wild birds, through off-site presentations.

OVC Pet Trust (National: Guelph, ON)

Formed in 1986, OVC Pet Trust is the first charitable organization in Canada entirely dedicated to the health and well being of companion animals. They work to help the pets we love live longer, healthier lives.

Owen Sound Animal Shelter (Local: Owen Sound, ON)

A nonprofit, no-kill, humane animal shelter dedicated to the rescue of homeless or abandoned animals. We help foster adoptions for these animals and provide new homes when the previous owners can no longer care for them.


Panda-Sports is dedicated to help save the endangered giant pandas by raising awareness and funds through organized community sports activities. We are targeting everyone who is passionate about sports to have the same passion towards the conservation of giant pandas.

Parrot Resource Centre (PRC) (National: Calgary, AB)

PRC is a nonprofit, all-volunteer, registered society operating across Canada providing educational bird/parrot resources for individuals experiencing challenges with their birds, information for those considering adding a bird to their life and/or information and fellowship in general.

P.A.W.S of Georgina (Regional: Keswick, ON)

This organization’s mission is to advocate, educate and network for the adoption of homeless and sheltered animals, and promote responsible pet ownership throughout Georgina, Ontario (Sutton, Keswick & Pefferlaw areas). They also operate a school program promoting animal safety, administer a community spay/neuter rebate program for Georgina residents, and provide assistance for sick or injured local wildlife.

P.E.I. Humane Society

The mission of the P.E.I. Humane Society is to promote and provide humane treatment for animals, recognizing that each has intrinsic value and is deserving of moral concern.

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS) (Regional: Grande Prairie, AB)

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS)

is a nonprofit therapeutic riding centre offering equine assisted therapy to children and adults living with disabilities.

Peoples Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) (Local: Toronto, ON)

PAWS was established in 1972 by a group of animal lovers who wanted to assist animals in need. They have a strict no-kill policy, while providing a free-roam shelter where homeless, abandoned, and abused animals are given safe haven indefinitely.

Peterborough Green-Up (PGU) (Local: Peterborough, ON)

Peterborough Green-Up (PGU)

is a not-for-profit, community-based, environmental organization. Through education and action-oriented initiatives, Peterborough Green-Up’s aim is to provide the tools with which local citizens can engage in, and maintain, sustainable lifestyle activities.

Petland Pets for Life Foundation (Local: Calgary, AB)

A no-kill organization that rescues neglected and abandoned animals. We provide all necessary veterinary care to ensure the animals are rehabilitated both psychologically and physically before being adopted out to loving homes.

PetsInDanger Charitable Foundation (International: Toronto, ON)

At PetsInDanger Charitable Foundation, our goal is to help prevent the euthanization of 4.5 million dogs and cats each year; the direct result of pet overpopulation. We educate, equip and empower youth and their families to become responsible pet owners and lifelong animal welfare advocates through our ADOPT, DON’T SHOP EduACTION program.

Pilots N Paws Canada (National: Gabriola, BC)

Pilots N Paws Canada brings together the skills of a community of volunteers that can provide free air transportation to Canadian rescues and shelters that need help getting their abused, abandoned and injured animals to new beginnings within Canada. Spreading from coast to coast, the network of volunteers, Transport Coordinators and pilots make moving animals to areas of greater opportunity for adoption a priority and provide ongoing support to the hundreds of Canadian animal rescues that need that help.

Pitch-In Canada

Involves millions of volunteers in various action programs, from initiating recycling and composting programs to cleaning up and beautifying streams, wilderness and urban areas. It carries out promotional, educational and action programs, initiates clean-up and beautification programs, and encourages Canadians to take pride in their communities.

Planet In Focus (International: Toronto, ON)

Works to promote the use of film and video as a catalysts for public awareness, discussion, and appropriate action on the ecological and social health of the planet.

The PlasticShore Project (International)

The PlasticShore Project is a nonprofit organization that recycles plastic debris into reusable products. Their vision is to create a continual system for the elimination of plastic pollution in our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Plenty Canada (International: Lanark, ON)

Established in 1976, Plenty Canada facilitates access to and shares resources with Indigenous peoples and other community groups, both nationally and internationally, in support of their environmental protection and sustainable development goals.

pointA (Local: Toronto, ON)

pointA is an award-winning nonprofit committed to reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and advocating for sustainable transportation. With its partners, the organization raises awareness of commuting options and encourages actions that foster healthier communities.

Polar Bears International (International: Winnipeg, MB)

Polar Bears International is the world’s leading polar bear conservation group—dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their sea ice habitat. Our focus is on research, education, and action against climate change.

Pollution Probe (National: Toronto, ON)

Pollution Probe is a Canadian charitable environmental organization that defines environmental problems through research, promotes understanding through education, and presses for practical solutions through advocacy. Pollution Probe is dedicated to achieving positive and tangible environmental change.

Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue (Regional: Ontario)

Based in Ontario, we are devoted to saving small dogs, both mixed and single breeds, from shelters, pounds and puppy mills. We strive to assist people in choosing the best suited dog to become a new member of their family.

Port Colborne Feline Initiative (Local: Port Colborne, ON)

This organization seeks to address the issue of Port Colborne’s cat population through innovative community solutions including trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) and subsidized sneuter for cats whose guardians qualify as low income and feral kitten socialization/adoption. They envision a day when no cat in the community is killed due to the lack of a good home, traditional or otherwise.

Port Moody Ecological Society

PMES volunteers operate a salmon and trout hatchery, a water quality lab and public awareness/community outreach programs, using salmon and trout life-cycle ecology as an instructional vehicle.

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Regional: Lakewood Winnipeg, MB)

The Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc. (PWRC) is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to treat injured and orphaned wildlife and to successfully release them back to their natural habitat.

Precious Paws Pet Rescue Inc. (Local: Regina, SK)

Incorporated in 1998, and with CCRA charitable status in 1999, this organization consists of a handful of volunteers dedicated to reducing the amount of companion animals being killed through euthanasia, as a means to control pet overpopulation. Services include a spay/neuter subsidy program, animal rescue and feral cat rescue and relocation.

Probe International

An independent, nonprofit, environmental advocacy organization that monitors and exposes the devastating effects of international projects financed by Canadian tax dollars.

Project Echo-Feral Cat Consulting (Regional: Oakville, MB)

Project Echo-Feral Cat Consulting is a registered charity whose mission is To Humanely Assist in Decreasing the Overpopulation of Feral Cats. We promote Trap-Neuter-Return projects thru-out Manitoba.

Project Watershed (Local: Courtenay, BC)

Project Watershed is a Comox Valley environmental nonprofit. In 1993, declining fish stocks, poor water quality, and development spurred citizens to create an organization to promote community stewardship of Comox Valley sensitive habitat through education, information and action.

Quinte Humane Society (Local: Belleville, ON)

A nonprofit organization promoting the humane care and protection of all animals, and preventing cruelty and suffering. It operates the animal shelter for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in Ontario, where animals are available for adoption.

Rabbit Rescue Incorporated (Regional: Georgetown, ON)

A registered charity that finds homes for abused, abandoned, or neglected domestic rabbits. Working with shelters across Ontario, we are able to rescue animals whose time is up at the shelters. All rabbits come spayed / neutered and health checked. Rabbit Rescue provides programs and services that educate the public regarding animal welfare, and provides protection and adoption services to domestic animals under risk of cruelty.

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Founded in 1980, the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is an independent, national organization dedicated to promoting and advancing radiation safety in the workplace, in the environment, and in the community.

Rare Breeds Canada (National: Castleton, ON)

A federally registered charitable organization formed in 1987 dedicated to conserving, evaluating and studying heritage, rare, and minor breeds of Canadian farm animals.

Rat Terrier Rescue Canada Inc. (National)

Rat Terrier Rescue Canada Inc. is a charitable organization that rescues and fosters Rat Terriers in private homes. It is their purpose to find new, permanent and loving homes for Rat Terriers that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.

Recycling Council of Alberta

RCA is a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987, and approved as an official charity in 1995. The RCA’s mission is to promote and facilitate waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation in the Province of Alberta.

Recycling Council of British Columbia (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Recycling Council of British Columbia is a multi-sectoral nonprofit organization promoting the principles of zero waste through information services, the exchange of ideas, and research.

Recycling Council of Ontario

We are a not-for-profit membership-based organization involved in policy, education, and project work around the issues of consumption, waste generation, reduction and diversion, and recycling.

Refuge RR for Horses (Regional: Alexandria, ON)

Refuge RR for Horses saves horses and other farm animals from slaughter, abuse, violence, and neglect. The refuge houses them at their farm and has a widespread foster home program to place horses, and also educates people on animal welfare. They operate in both Ontario and Quebec.

Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society (Local: Richmond, BC)

Our mission is to provide care and comfortable housing for unwanted reptiles, improve the life of unwanted reptiles through education and adoption, and educate the public on care, housing, life expectancy, nutrition and growth.

Rescue 100 Horses Foundation (Regional: Sherwood Park, AB)

The Rescue 100 Horses Foundation is dedicated to the assessment, rehabilitation and placement of abused, neglected, and mistreated horses seized in Alberta by local animal law enforcement.

Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary (Regional: Mayne Island, BC)

Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity that provides permanent housing to abused, abandoned, and neglected animals. A volunteer-run organization, Rest.Q strives to provide exemplary care and a stable home to formerly unwanted pets and livestock.

Richmond Animal Protection Society (Regional: Richmond, BC)

The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) operates the City of Richmond Animal Shelter and, independently, one of North America’s largest cat sanctuaries. RAPS is a proud no-kill organization, which has helped us build a devoted community of animal-loving allies.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (Regional: North Gower, ON)

We care for injured and orphaned wildlife (small mammals)

and, once they are rehabilitated, return them to the wild.

Rosie Animal Adoption (Local: Kirkland QC)

A nonprofit, registered charitable organization dedicated to the coordination of orphaned animals and adoptive homes into a support network to ensure the survival of unwanted pets.

Rouge Valley Conservation Centre (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Rouge Valley Conservation Centre focuses on environmental restoration, monitoring, and research and offers interpretive walks and educational programs for the general public as well as school and community groups.

Rrruff Start (Local: Belleville, ON)

Rrruff Start is an incentive program to encourage people to rescue dogs or puppies versus buying puppies from unlicensed breeders.

Ruby Lake Lagoon Society (Local: Madeira Park, BC)

This organization’s mission is to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon, to facilitate local environmental education, promote the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast and assist in monitoring its ecological health.

Running Rabbit Farm

Running Rabbit Farm is a nonprofit no-kill organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehousing of abused, abandoned and neglected house rabbits. We also help educate potential rabbit owners and current owners.

Ryan’s Rescue Society (Regional: St. Bride’s, AB)

We are a privately run society that takes in horses that are either going to auction or at the auction and find them forever homes. We also take in cats, and dogs if needed.

Safe Drinking Water Foundation (National: Saskatoon, SK)

The foundation’s mission is to promote safe drinking water, increase awareness of health concerns, and act as a catalyst to ensure that appropriate action is taken. It has four environmental education programs: Operation Water Drop, Operation Water Flow, Operation Water Spirit and Template for Change.

SaplingLife (Local: Toronto, ON)

This organization’s mission is to educate in, and introduce environmental sustainability in everyday life.

Saskatchewan Eco-Network (Regional: Saskatoon, SK)

The Saskatchewan Eco-Network (SEN) is the province’s network of environmental NGOs. SEN serves its membership through communication, networking and capacity building opportunities and has a focus of environmental education through its website and projects.

Saskatchewan Environmental Society

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is a non-profit, registered charity whose mandate is to work towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways. Sustainability requires healthy ecosystems, livelihoods, and communities.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization dedicated to helping the people of Saskatchewan reduce waste.

Saskatoon Nature Society

The Saskatoon Nature Society brings together those interested in the natural world. Our objective is to promote the appreciation of nature and encourage a deeper knowledge of it through observation and sharing of experience. Our society supports nature conservation projects and is an active advocate for the preservation of plant and animal habitats.

Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation (Regional: Formosa, ON)

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1973. It’s purpose is to raise funds for conservation projects as designated by Saugeen Conservation. The foundation has established a number of different funds to which individuals can contribute, according to their area of interest. In addition, they host a number of special events and tours as well as fundraising projects and programs.

SCAT Street Cat Rescue Program (Local: Saskatoon, SK)

Promotes the implementation of feral cat population control through the internationally approved trap/neuter/release (TNR) program. Street kittens are brought into foster homes for socialization and adoption whenever possible.

SeaChange Marine Conservation Society (Regional: Brentwood Bay, BC)

Seachange is a community-based charitable society dedicated to the conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems in British Columbia. Seachange focuses on conserving and protecting eelgrass, which is among the richest, most productive of all marine communities.

Second Hope Circle (Regional: Ontario)

This organization’s mission is to help special needs pets find homes and provide humane education programs. They support adoption organizations by promoting their special needs pets and assisting the public find pet related resources. Their Travelling Library brings free and accessible humane education to the public and to organizations.

Seeds of Diversity Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation, documentation and use of public-domain non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance.

Segunda Vida Equine Rescue Foundation (Regional: Stouffville, ON)

This organization is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, neglected and slaughter bound horses across Ontario as well as providing learning and co-op opportunities for students and at risk youth

S.H.A.I.D. Tree Animal Shelter (Local: Bridgewater, NS)

Provides temporary care and shelter to helpless animals in distress – whether abandoned, homeless, or relinquished – and attempts to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes. Animals have no time limit on their stay with us.

Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation

This organization’s mission is to protect, conserve, and educate the public about BC’s wilderness, species and ecosystems, within the urgent context of climate change impacts.

Sierra Club of Canada Foundation

Founded in 1892, The Sierra Club is a membership based, non-profit, grassroots, charitable organization dedicated to environmental protection and improved stewardship of Canada’s magnificent natural heritage.

Sierra Youth Coalition

Sitka Society for Conservation (Regional: British Columbia)

Started in 2014, we are a nonprofit working to protect the Canadian wilderness through activism, community building, and education initiatives. We are based in British Columbia, and are working first and foremost on protecting our coast from fossil fuel expansion.

Small Animal Rescue Society of BC (SARS BC) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

SARS BC is an entirely volunteer-driven organization. Its primary focus is to rescue and rehome any small animal in need, particularly those that are neglected, injured and abandoned.

SPCA Burlington/Hamilton

Founded in 1887 by Adam Brown, First Postmaster General of Canada, the Hamilton SPCA works to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals by promoting responsible pet ownership and respect for all living creatures on earth. In addition to cruelty investigations, the Hamilton SPCA provides pet lost and found, pet adoption, humane education, pet therapy, pet bereavement, and dog obedience services for the City of Hamilton, Town of Dundas and Ancaster.

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Founded in 1969, SPEC is a nonprofit charitable organization that addresses environmental issues in British Columbia, with a particular focus on urban communities in Lower Mainland and the Georgia Basin.

Soil Conservation Council of Canada

The council’s mission is to promote the conservation and enrichment of Canada’s soils and related resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Sol Present (International)

Sol Present is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the environment for the benefit of the public by reducing the carbon footprint of society by providing public organizations with a solar system.

Southeast Environmental Association (SEA) (Regional: Montague, PE)

The Southeast Environmental Association (SEA) is a nonprofit community stakeholder group working to improve the quality of life for those people living & working on PEI. Their main goal is to protect, maintain, and enhance the ecology of southeastern Prince Edward Island for the environmental, social, and economic wellbeing of area residents.

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) (Regional: ON)

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR)© is committed to rescuing all breeds of dogs in need, including dogs that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age; something most rescue groups are unable or unwilling to do.

Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. (Regional: Oakville, MB)

The mission at Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. is to rescue and care for abused, neglected and abandoned equines by providing them with proper nourishment, veterinary care, retraining, love and other healing as required. When horses are ready for adoption, they will only be placed in a carefully screened, loving forever home. When adoption is not an option Southwinds will provide long-term home for the horses at their family farm.

Speaking of Dogs (Local: Toronto, ON)

Speaking of Dogs is a Toronto-based organization that launched in 2001 and is dedicated to educating and enlightening people about dogs through seminars, workshop forums, outreach, and rescue.

Sprouting Chefs (Local: Burnaby, BC)

Sprouting Chefs is a BC registered nonprofit organization based in the Lower Mainland who strives to support the development and cultivation of school garden programs. Their school garden programs include: Edible Garden Projects, Outdoor Labyrinth for Schools, Cooking Classes, Organic Garden Classes, After School Garden Clubs and Summer Cooking Camps.

St. Catharines and Area Aquarium Society

A non-profit, educational organization, dedicated to the task of promoting interest in the breeding, raising, maintenance and study of tropical fish, both at the beginner and advanced levels.

St. John’s Clean and Beautiful (Local: St. John’s, NF)

A nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to reducing litter by increasing environmental awareness and encouraging beautification projects through community involvement. Lots of programs and projects that encourage environmental stewardship and action.

St. John’s SPCA (Local: St. John’s, NF)

We operate the only nonprofit animal shelter on the Avalon peninsula. We provide a temporary home for stray, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals. The St. John’s SPCA aims to find loving homes for cats and dogs left without shelter, to educate the community about responsible pet ownership, and alleviate the pain and suffering of neglected and abused animals.

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

A charitable organization based in Cornwall, Ontario, dedicated to the enhancement, restoration and protection of river ecosystems through research and education.

Stanley Park Ecology Society (Local: Vancouver, BC)

The Stanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world by providing a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research, and conservation.

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary (Regional: Sunderland, ON)

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary provides a permanent home for primates retiring from biomedical research, entertainment, and private owners. It is a place of safety (with freedom from fear), healing, recovery from trauma, friendship, exploration, and freedom of choice.

Stream of Dreams Murals Society (Local: Burnaby, BC)

Have you seen fish on elementary school chain link fences and did you know that all drains lead to fish habitat? The Stream of Dreams Murals Society is nonprofit registered Canadian charity founded in 2003 to support the delivery of the Stream of Dreams ecolitercy/community art education programs. Their mission is to educate communities about the life and function of their watersheds, rivers and streams, while dazzling them with the charm of community art.

Sundance Canine Rescue Society (Regional: Alberta)

This organization’s vision is to provide a safe haven for all of Alberta’s abused,neglected, and unwanted canines. They work with members of Alberta’s communities and reserves to educate on responsible pet ownership, helping them by removing the unwanted and neglected dogs and hosting adoption events to re-home the rehabilitated canines.

Sunshine Coastal Environmental Sustainability Society (SuCESS) (Local: Gibsons, BC)

SuCESSis a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization. One of their main projects is the creation of an online, interactive, news magazine focused on giving a collective voice to the Sunshine Coast taxpayer and voter from Port Mellon to Egmont.

Sustainable Eastern Ontario (Regional: Perth, ON)

2. Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario. We connect sustainability groups together, develop strategic collaborations across the sector, build capacity of administration and operations, and celebrate successes across the region.

Sustainable Laos (International)

This organization is a Canadian registered nonprofit that runs an eco-school in remote, rural Laos. Their aim is to run the school as a community with the students, who grow their own food, make their own soap, paper, ink, clothes, fundraise for the school and co-govern the school as an integrated and holistic foundation for a curriculum-in-practice.

Sustainability Network (National: Toronto, ON)

The Sustainability Network is a management support centre for environmental leaders and nonprofit organizations in Ontario, the Prairies and Atlantic Canada. We provide programs, services and support to help environmental leaders increase their capacity to lead, manage and strategize.

Sustainable Youth Canada (National)

Sustainable Youth Canada aims to both spread awareness about environmental and energy sustainability, and give youth the opportunity to both lead and engage in activities related to sustainability. Through SYC, youth have access to the Canadian Sustainable Youth Registry, connecting them to local sustainability opportunities.

Sustainable Urban Development Association (SUDA) (National: Mississauga, ON)

SUDA’s mission is to foster a healthy natural environment by providing information about sustainable city-building (environmental, social, and economic) to communities, builders, and public officials. They do this through outreach, research, special projects, and mass communications.

Swift Care Ontario (Regional: Komoka, ON)

This organization is a unique wildlife rehabilitation centre located that focuses primarily on species at risk. Most of their admissions are aerial insectivores.

Taking Root (International: Montreal, QC)

An environmental organization with operations and partnerships with rural cooperatives in Nicaragua, Taking Root uses reforestation as a tool for community economic development. They are motivated by the belief that sustainable reforestation is more than simply planting trees.

Tapa Cat Rescue (Local: Halifax, NS)

Tapa advocates for the humane treatment of feral and stray cats, and promotes Trap Neuter Return (TNR), a humane solution to the overpopulation of cats. Their goal is to rescue colony kittens and provide them with medical care, and then place them for adoption. Adult cats that are not suitable for adoption are humanely live trapped, spayed, neutered, leukemia tested, vaccinated, ear notched for identification and then returned to their colony.

Temagami Stewardship Council (Local: Lake Temagami, ON)

The Temagami Stewardship Council is an organization that works with all the users of the resource to preserve, protect, restore and improve the natural resources and the environment of Temagami. We strongly believe that stewardship can provide the opportunity for the local community to be involved in the management of the local natural resource and the environment.

Thames Region Ecological Association

TREA is a local, non profit registered charity, established in November 1986. The purpose of TREA is to promote environmental awareness and support events that benefit our Members and the Community of London. 

Thames Talbot Land Trust (Regional: London, ON)

The Trust protects lands and waters of ecological, agricultural, and cultural value through land acquisition, conservation easements, landscape restoration and education. The Thames Talbot region centres on the city of London and includes portions of Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford and Perth.

The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) (Local: Durham, ON)

Our program rescues animals from shelters that would otherwise be put down. We also work within our community aiding those individuals who for whatever reason can no longer keep their pets. We also offer educational programs, on responsible pet ownership, and how to manage and work with a shelter animal.

Thickson’s Woods Heritage Foundation (Local: Whitby ON)

Founded as a charitable organization in 1984, the Thickson’s Woods Heritage Foundation was formed to purchase and preserve Thickson’s Woods Nature Reserve. In doing so it is preserving and protecting natural habitats.

Tiger Foundation (The)


Toronto Cat Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue is a registered, no-kill charity. Our mission is to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect or imminent euthanasia. Our vision is for Toronto to be a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and rescue organizations such as Toronto Cat Rescue are no longer needed.

Toronto Humane Society

The society works to promote the humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering.

Toronto Vegetarian Association (Local: Toronto, ON)

Founded in 1945, the Toronto Vegetarian Association aims to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more peaceful lifestyle. It promotes the benefits of vegetarian diets and support those who choose to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products by providing resources and friendly community.

Toronto Wildlife Centre

Rescues wildlife and provides care and medical treatment to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing recovered patients back into the wild. The Wildlife Hotline helps people with wildlife issues 365 days a year.

Toronto Zoo Foundation

Dedicated to the financial support of the Toronto Zoo in its efforts to conserve species diversity through conservation, education, and research.

Trans Canada Trail (National: Montreal, QC)

The Trans Canada Trail is one of the world’s longest networks of trails, developed and promoted by a non-profit registered charity. When completed, the Trail will stretch nearly 24,000 kilometers from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, linking 1,000 communities and all Canadians.

Transboundary Watershed Alliance (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Transboundary Watershed Alliance (TWA) was formed to assist its 22 member organizations to maintain and replenish the diversity and abundance of fish and wildlife species and their habitat in the transboundary watersheds of Canada and Southeast Alaska.

Tree Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

We’re a registered charity dedicated to planting and nurturing trees. For 25 years, we’ve engaged communities, governments, corporations and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians. Since 1992, we’ve planted more than 80 million trees, greened more than 600 schoolyards, helped restore places hit by natural disasters and brought together urban forestry experts greening cities all across Canada.

Trusted Clothes (International: Kitchener, ON)

Trusted Clothes is an organization linking people, organizations and brands that are ethical, environmentally friendly and health conscious. They are a group of volunteers with a diverse background in manufacturing, marketing and global issues dedicated to promoting Ethical, Sustainable and Healthy fashion.

Tucker House Renewal Centre (Local: Clarence-Rockland, ON)

The centre’s mission is to: educate people about the wonders of creation, the interdependence of all things, and the human-caused degradation of the web of life; to activate personal stewardship and social strategies for the protection and active care of the earth and all beings; and to accommodate people of good will from all walks of life, in a natural, healthy and historical setting where they can reconnect with spirit, nature, self, and others.

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society (Regional: Chase, BC)

This organization works to provide a safe, secure, and permanent home to abused, neglected, and unwanted donkeys in Western Canada. They also provide animal welfare education to youth and adults as well as therapeutic animal contact for disabled youth, adults and seniors.

United Conservationists (International: Toronto, ON)

United Conservationists’ mandate is to make conservation and activism a part of every day life. We are building awareness and creating a community of advocacy, inspiring hard-hitting, unified environmental activism all over the world to create real, lasting, scalable change.

Urban Safari Rescue Society (Local: Surrey, BC)

This registered nonprofit society has a mission to rescue and care for unwanted exotic animals and to educate the public about animals in general and the natural world.

Upper Credit Humane Society (Local: Erin, ON)

This organization works to facilitate and provide leadership on matters related to the prevention of cruelty to animals and the promotion of animal welfare in the communities they serve.

Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association (VTEA) (Local: Langley, BC)

VTEA is a nonprofit, volunteer based, charity that provides therapeutic horseback riding for 75 riders per week year-round. They improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs with the help of 12 wonderful horses.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Avian Research Centre (VARC) (Local: Vancouver, BC)

VARC is dedicated to bird monitoring and banding, conducting research, hosting demonstrations, educational programs and providing unique volunteer opportunities. Our primary objectives are to provide data and research support that allows for the safeguarding of bird habitats and ensures their long-term survival. It is also to provide public outreach and education to raise awareness of environmental issues as they relate to birds.

Vancouver Humane Society

The Vancouver Humane Society is a registered charity dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals. We encourage individuals, businesses and government to take responsibility for the welfare and rights of animals affected by human activities.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA) (Local: Vancouver, BC)

VOKRA is a no kill, nonprofit, registered charity that rescues, fosters, and adopts out cats and kittens. The organization uses a network of foster homes rather than having a central shelter, and is able to offer specialized care for abandoned kittens who need around the clock nursing and feeding.

Veterinarians Abroad Supporting and Teaching (V.A.S.T.) (International)

V.A.S.T. runs educational clinics in rural areas of disaster-struck developing countries that rarely see veterinary or animal husbandry services. These clinics teach local animal husbandry workers how to recognise key diseases early, implement prevention strategies, and treat ongoing cases.

VETS Animal Charity (National)

This organization works to promote the moral and ethical development of Canadian communities by helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs to pet owners who cannot absorb such costs due to economic hardship.

Victoria Humane Society (Local: Victoria, BC)

Victoria Humane Society is a registered charity created in 2013 to fill a gap in animal welfare services on Vancouver Island. Its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, neglected and surrendered animals. In their first year of operation, they successfully helped over 450 animals find their forever homes.

Voyages Inter-Cultures (International: Chambly, QC)

An international cooperation agency working towards reducing disparities and poverty in Honduras and Costa Rica, promoting sustainability of health, education and the environment. Volunteers are sent to work on the projects.

Waterloo Region Green Solutions (Local: Kitchener, ON)

A nonprofit environmental organization that grew out of a partnership between the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence. Its flagship program is the Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP). The overall vision is to encourage citizen action to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable community, while simultaneously furthering Canada’s international commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.

Watershed Keepers (Regional: Burnaby, BC)

Watershed Keepers is an ongoing stewardship program from March – October, providing daily users, visitors, and the public with the opportunity to make a difference in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve’s uniquely managed wilderness environment.

West Coast Environmental Law

Provide legal services to protect the environment and to foster public participation in environmental decision-making. The organization operates provincially, nationally, and internationally, with a principal focus on British Columbia.

West Coast Spay and Neuter Society (Regional: Mission, BC)

The West Coast Spay and Neuter Society (SANS) is a registered charity established in 1990 to help prevent the suffering and destruction of companion animals due to abandonment, neglect, abuse and overpopulation. SANS rescues, shelters and nurtures animals and is a non-kill shelter.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee

The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership- based wilderness preservation organization. We are a non-profit environmental organization working toward the preservation of all wilderness through research, education and promotion of ecologically sustainable communities.

Victoria Chapter

Has over 4,000 members in Victoria and the surrounding area, making this chapter one of the most powerful environmental groups in Victoria.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue (Regional: Hagersville, ON)

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is a nonprofit organization that provides care and rehabilitation to abused and neglected horses. They also assist members of the community that can no longer care for their horses in an attempt to prevent innocent animals being subjected to auctions and slaughter.

Whistler Animals Galore (WAG) (Local: Whistler, BC)

Whistler Animals Galore (WAG) is an organization that is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the lives of lost, unwanted and homeless animals in the Whistler area. WAG emphasize quality care, socialization, behavioural training, medical treatment, and exercise for all of the animals in care. WAG strives to relocate abandoned and homeless animals into permanent loving homes.

Wild at Heart Refuge Centre (Regional: Lively, ON)

Wild at Heart Refuge Centre is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization and a registered charity that provides veterinary treatment and rehabilitation to wild animals that are orphaned, sick or injured, so that they may return to the wild. It is the only facility of its kind in Northern Ontario.  Up to 500 animals are treated annually. These include songbirds, raptors, small and large mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Wild at Heart also works to create a more harmonious relationship between humans and wildlife by educating the public about wildlife.

Wildlife Habitat Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Wildlife Habitat Canada is a national, nonprofit, conservation organization established to conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat. WHC works through partnerships with communities, landowners, governments, NGOs, and industry to find effective solutions to complex environmental problems facing wildlife habitat.

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of injured and orphaned wildlife. Inherent in their mission is the promotion of public awareness through education to ensure a peaceful coexistence with, and appreciation for, the community’s wildlife neighbours.

Wildlife Preservation Trust Canada

Founded in 1985 by the late naturalist Gerald Durrell, Wildlife Preservation Trust Canada’s mission is to save highly endangered animal species facing imminent extinction through focused species conservation and professional training programs, complemented by education and outreach programs.

Wildlands League

An Ontario chapter of the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society , it has been working since 1968 to protect Ontario’s wild places, seeing the protection of wild lands as the key to ensuring an ecologically healthy future.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) (Local: Edmonton, AB)

WRSE provides compassionate care for injured, contaminated and orphaned wildlife and educates the public on the importance of wildlife in our community. WRSE has been serving Northern Alberta since 1989 and is considered an essential service.

Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC was established in 1979 to rehabilitate wildlife affected by human activity and provide education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife.

Winnipeg Humane Society

A registered charity dedicated to protecting all animals from suffering and to promoting their welfare and dignity.

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter

A ‘No-Kill’ animal shelter that is committed to providing a euthanasia-free environment for unwanted animals through the provision of interim care and arrangement of adoptions to suitable owners.

Wishing Well Sanctuary (Regional: Bradford, ON)

An oasis of discovery and development, repose, and renewal, our Wishing Well Sanctuary is a centre for personal growth, inner peace, healing and joy. We are also a farmed animal sanctuary and therefore we can say that we truly are a sanctuary of all! This delightful retreat is just north of “Ontario’s food basket” (the Holland Marsh) near Bradford, Ontario. Just a mere 45 minutes from central Toronto.

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary (Local: Minden, ON)

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a charitable organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of all orphaned and injured wildlife.

World Parrot Refuge (International: Coombs, BC)

We are the largest free flight parrot refuge in the world. We do not breed, sell, or adopt out parrots, but rather provide them with a home for life. We currently house 470 previously owned parrots.

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) (International: Toronto, ON)

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has championed the protection of wildlife, pets, farm animals and marine life for more than two decades. WSPA works internationally to stop the cruel treatment of all species of animals. We carry out and fund field work that directly alleviates animal suffering; we promote the passing of legislation that protects animals; and we provide education and training to improve animal welfare.

World Wildlife Fund Canada

Over time, our work has evolved from protecting particular wildlife species and habitats to protecting life on Earth – including our own. Today, our work is about life, because everything we do is about securing the future of healthy, thriving ecosystems. And living, because the choices we make will decide that future—for us and for all species.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre (Regional: Midland, ON)

Our mission is to spark a commitment to conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife by creating exciting learning opportunities in a natural setting.

Zoocheck Canada