International Relief/Development/ Peace

60 million girls (International: Montreal, QC)

60 million girls is a public foundation established to support education for girls in order to create a more just and balanced world. Its objective is to support at least one major education project annually in developing countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrollment.

Amazing Love Development Organization (ALDO) (International)

Amazing Love Development Organization (ALDO) is a Canadian nonprofit organization with the objective of establishing schools, skills and leadership training centres in Uganda. They work with children in impoverished communities by empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. The current project is the Amazing Love School in Nakyere village, Eastern Uganda.

ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams (International: Mount Albert, ON)

This charity raises funds to help children in rural Tanzania complete their education. They pay school fees directly, and also fund breakfast programs, school libraries, teaching resources, computer classrooms, new toilets and kitchens in schools, and other school infrastructure projects.

ABCs and Rice (International)

The mission of ABCs and Rice is to activate global awareness and helpful resources on the plight of those caught in a cycle of poverty; and to initiate, operate effective community projects, based on the concept of educating children in their native culture and English literacy, while concurrently nurturing the physical and psychological well-being of the children and their families.

ACCESO International (International: Ottawa, ON)

A volunteer-operated, non-governmental and nonprofit charitable organization that enables greater access to all levels of education in Latin America and the Caribbean. ACCESO works in solidarity with its student and school recipients, as well as with its supporters to promote educational equality, human rights and social justice. Our projects are located in the Bahamas, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc. (ACCESS Charity) (International)

A youth-run, nonprofit organization that provides educational support to students in developing nations and inspires local students to take action on social justice issues. ACCESS activities include fundraising for school fees, collecting school supplies, and hosting local youth conferences.

Academics for Higher Education and Development (AHED – UPESED) (International: Montreal, QC)

Academics for Higher Education and Development/Universitaires pour l’éducation supérieure et le développement supports developing countries build capacity in higher education by sending working and retired professionals and academics as volunteers on projects to developing world colleges and universities.

Action Against Hunger (International: Montreal, QC)

Action Against Hunger is an international relief and development organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished children and families while seeking long-term, sustainable solutions to hunger.

Action Volunteer Alliance

Our mission is to create connections between people and communities in need to bring about social change and awareness through global volunteer exchanges.

Adopt A Village In Laos (International: Port Hope, ON)

Adopt a Village In Laos is a Port Hope-based humanitarian charity dedicated to helping the hill tribes of rural Laos, situated between Thailand and Vietnam.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA is dedicated to improving the quality of life in communities in Canada and overseas.

Africa’s Children-Africa’s Future (AC-AF) (International: Toronto, ON)

AC-AF works within African communities to help build a better, sustainable future for children affected by and vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. AC-AF also works with Canadian youth to promote understanding and awareness of the AIDS epidemic.

African Actions International Mission (International: Quebec)

African Actions International Mission’s aim is to bring hope to the vulnerable, poor, and disadvantage individuals and families around the world and to build a dependable network in making sure that our commitment of better life for all is achieved.

Africa Community Technical Services (ACTS) (International: Comox, BC)

An interdenominational Christian technical mission that provides assistance to rural Africans. Volunteers assist rural communities in achieving their development goals in partnership with the local church.

African Aid International (AAI) (International: Toronto, ON)

AAI supplies children and schools in Guinea with educational technology as well as free vocational classes, aiming to give them the skills vital to succeeding in today’s global economy. AAI also runs free dental clinics and provides dental hygiene supplies to the people of Guinea.

African Canadian Continuing Education Society (ACCES) (International: Vancouver, BC)

Founded in 1993, ACCES operates multiple programs in Western Province, Kenya. They provide university and secondary scholarships, run nine primary schools, and provide adult education, micro loans and agricultural development programs.

African Community Development Project (International: Toronto, ON)

This organization works to help rid Africa and the Caribbean of the vestiges of poverty and associated injustices. They intend to enable inhabitants in impoverished communities of these developing countries to be economically self reliant, and as such offer free micro finance services to organizations, groups, and communities to fund sustainable agricultural projects.

African Education Resource Centre (AERC) (International: Ontario)

This organization’s mission is to promote girls’ education in Africa, and they envision a world in which every girl has access to quality education. AERC provides talented teenage girls from resource-limited families with scholarships to attend secondary/high school and mentorships to inspire them to succeed. They also raise awareness about educational issues in Africa in various forums.

African Fair Trade Society (International: Vancouver, BC)

A socially conscious organization that imports the highest quality shea butter from West Africa, employing hundreds of women who would not be able to support their families or themselves without West African Fair Trade.

African Medical & Research Foundation (AMREF)

Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

AMREF Canada helps people in Africa improve their health to fight poverty and better their lives. Receiving the 2005 Gates Global Health Award, AMREF is the largest indigenous sub-Saharan African organization with more than 120 projects in HIV/AIDS, malaria, family health, education, water/sanitation, and emergency response.

AFS Interculture Canada

An educational movement that promotes global education and intercultural understanding through quality exchange programs for youth and adults. We offer school base programs for youth and volunteer work/internship opportunities abroad for young adults.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC)

A private, non-denominational development agency that promotes sustainable and equitable social development in Asia and Africa, without regard to race, religion or political persuasion. AKFC also acts as a catalyst for the discussion and understanding of critical global issues in Canada, links Canadian institutions and expertise with counterparts in the developing world, and runs a variety of management training workshops and programs aimed at improving the quality of development assistance.

AIESEC Canada Inc. (International: Toronto, ON)

AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has 50 years of experience in developing high-potential students into globally-minded responsible leaders. AIESEC’s innovative development process consists of unmatched leadership experiences and global internships.

Air Serv International-Canada

Air Serv International is a nonprofit organization providing aviation services to the international humanitarian community and direct aid during the most desperate crisis situations in the world.

Alberta Council for Global Cooperation

A coalition of non-governmental organizations working in Alberta committed to advocating harmonious relations among nations and to promoting equitable community development within nations which is people-centred, democratic, just, and sustainable.

Amberheart Breast Cancer Foundation for Poland

An international, independent, charitable organization acting to eradicate Breast Cancer in Poland.

The Aninga Project (International)

The Aninga Project is a Canadian charity that supports and encourages the education of girls in Africa by paying for school fees and other related expenses.

Arm-In-Arm Volunteers (International: Guelph, ON)

Arm-In-Arm Volunteers is a Canada-based international nonprofit volunteer placement organization. AIAV provides comprehensive, safe, meaningful, and efficient volunteer experiences in developing countries at the most reasonable rates.

The Arms of Jesus Children’s Mission (International: Pickering, ON)

The Arms of Jesus Children’s Mission Inc. is a bible-based, evangelical ministry committed under God to respond to the needs of children, be they physical, emotional, material, and/or spiritual.

ART for AIDS International (International: London, ON)

Art for AIDS International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. By engaging students through art and HIV/AIDS awareness workshops, Art for AIDS International fosters a perspective of hope and passion for tomorrow’s leaders while providing direct support to not-for-profit organizations throughout Africa.

Artbound (International: Toronto, ON)

This organization has a mandate to help create sustainable change in developing countries through the arts. They work to enrich students by teaching them various art forms including arts and crafts, visual arts, pottery, music, dance and drama. They also aim to empower students by providing them with platforms to showcase their talent and generate a sustainable source of funding.

Arusha Centre

A collectively run, member-supported organization that provides resources and programming on local and global social justice issues.

The Ascenta Foundation for Health and Education Outreach (International: British Columbia)

A Canadian nonprofit organization that promotes health and well-being to communities in developing countries that have limited access to healthcare. They provide individuals with urgent medical, dental, optometric, and surgical services through health missions that last three to five days.

Association for Women’s Rights in Development

AWID’s mission is to connect, inform and mobilize people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights.

Athletes for Africa (Toronto, ON)

Athletes for Africa is Canada’s only athlete driven organization dedicated to making a difference in Africa’s most under-developed regions. Our aim is to fundraise for, and support the infrastructure projects and sustainable development solutions Africa needs to break the cycle of poverty, famine, and disease.

Aura Freedom International (International: Vaughan, ON)

Aura Freedom International seeks to empower, support and educate women and girls worldwide and combat gender-based violence Through grassroots, sustainable programming, they seek to advance the human rights of women and girls in both developed and developing countries and promote gender equality.

AVSI Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

AVSI Canada is a registered Canadian nonprofit organization. Its mission is to support the AVSI Foundation by educating Canadian civil society about their work and by leveraging Canadian resources and support in order to enhance the work of member organizations in promoting human dignity in developing countries.

Aya Education Fund (International: London, ON)

Aya Education fund raises funds to sponsor underprivileged children in the small community of Boma Ng’ombe, Tanzania. They provide the government school fees until graduation of high school with hopes that education will break the cycle of poverty.

Bicycles Crossing Borders – Bicicletas Cruzando Fronteras (International: Toronto, ON)

A volunteer-driven organization which operates a sustainable transportation and capacity building project in Cuba.

Bikes Without Borders (International: Toronto, ON)

Bikes Without Borders is a federally registered Canadian nonprofit organization using bikes and bike-related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities.

Bless Canada

The Toronto-based nonprofit charity organization of the Coptic Orthodox Church that assists the needy and the disadvantaged Copts in Egypt.

Blessing the Children Canada (International: Barons, AB)

This organization’s mission is to minister to the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of Ethiopian children. It is their belief that children must have their basic needs met in order to have improved economic opportunities and quality of life and, ultimately, to impact their community.

Bracelet of Hope (International: Guelph, ON)

The Bracelet of Hope Campaign has a goal of seeing a red and white bracelet on the wrist of every Canadian, with funds raised serving the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people of Lesotho, Africa.

Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies Inc. (International: Lethbridge, AB)

Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment amongst the poorest nations of the earth. Their mission is to see indigenous organizations, leadership and people become excellent at reproducing their ability to promote poverty relief and community empowerment into other impoverished contexts.

British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) (International: Vancouver, BC)

BCCIC is a coalition of international development organizations. Through relationship-building with other networks, BCCIC works toward its goal of achieving sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment with social justice, human dignity and participation for all.

The British Council (International: Toronto, ON)

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide, calling this cultural relations.

Builders Without Borders

An organization of Canadian building industry volunteers who are experienced in the planning, design, construction, re-construction and maintenance of shelter. The volunteers construct shelter for those most in need, as well as shelter that has been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters or armed conflicts.

C4L Canada (International: North Vancouver, BC)

C4L Canada is focused on the development of resilience building and educational services and facilities in Southern Africa. We provide spiritual, logistical and financial support to AIDS orphans and young adults who want to develop themselves and their communities.

C-Quest (International: Calgary, AB)

C-Quest is a nonprofit Christian organization working in Yucatán , Mexico. Their mission is to build bridges of hope through Christ by supporting and strengthening the indigenous church – bringing healing to those living in spiritual and physical poverty.

Camfed Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

Camfed focuses on the potential that is unlocked through girls’ education for individuals, communities and economies. We catalyze community resources to support vulnerable children, and young educated women become a new constituency of leaders and activists at the forefront of a larger movement.

Canada Africa Partnership on AIDS (CAP/AIDS) (International: Toronto, ON)

CAP/AIDS works in partnership with African community-based organizations (CBOs)

on the front lines to resist, survive, and overcome the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Since 2003, CAP/AIDS has supported more than fifteen grassroots CBOs, in Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Canada World Youth

CWY has been providing young people with exciting international educational and work placement opportunities for nearly 30 years. Programs provide young people with an opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of life, to explore community and international development issues first hand and to acquire practical work experience. More than 1,000 young people from some 20 countries take part in our programs every year.

Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP) (Vancouver, BC)

CADIP runs youth volunteer projects in Canada and overseas focusing on: charity work; environmental protection; restoration and conservation work; archaeological excavations; festivities and any other volunteer work with social impact. The organization promotes peace, cooperation, tolerance and understanding in international, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural surroundings. It also promotes patterns and examples of civil activities focused on serving others, building social ties and strengthening communities, and supporting civil society development.

Canadian Artists for the Poor (International: Calgary, AB)

A registered nonprofit organization that raises money for international relief efforts through public art auctions featuring local Canadian artists.

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace


The Canadian Centre for International Justice (International: Ottawa, ON)


The Canadian Centre for International Justice is a charitable organization that works with survivors of genocide, torture, and other atrocities to seek redress and bring perpetrators to justice.

Le Centre canadien pour la justice internationale est un organisme à but non lucratif qui œuvre avec les survivants de génocide, de torture et d’autres atrocités afin d’obtenir réparation et de traduire leurs auteurs en justice.

Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)

A non-profit corporation whose general mission is to contribute, through human and financial resources, to the advancement of people in the South and to promote sustainable and participatory development through international cooperation.

Canadian Council for International Co-operation


Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC)

The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC)

is a unique coalition of Atlantic Canadian organizations working together to achieve sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity, and participation for all.

British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC)

A coalition of international development organizations: church groups, regional offices of Canadian international development agencies, global education centres, other non-profit BC-based development organizations and concerned individuals. BCCIC promotes the goal of social justice in our own community, as well as in the international community.

Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC)

OCIC members include development NGOs with overseas programming, volunteer-sending organizations, solidarity groups, global education centres, faith organizations as well as networks and individuals working in international cooperation and global education.

Canadian Crossroads International

Canadian Crossroads International brings individuals, organizations and communities in Canada and in developing countries into partnerships to reduce poverty, to fight HIV/AIDS, and to assert human rights globally. CCI builds the capacities of organizations in West Africa, Southern Africa and South America and, in so doing, strengthens whole communities and fosters solidarity internationally. Through international volunteering and partnership, CCI leverages the skills, expertise and resources necessary to address these global challenges.

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

Founded in 1967, our purpose is to transfer Canadian expertise to businesses and organizations in developing nations, in emerging market economies of Europe and the former Soviet Union, and in Canadian Aboriginal communities. The transfer of expertise occurs by way of CESO experts, who are highly experienced in their profession or industry. They serve as advisers and trainers to clients. To date, our experts have completed some 32,000 assignments with clients world-wide. This year alone, they will respond to more than 2,000 requests for assistance in more than 40 countries including Canada.

Canadian Feed The Children

An independent registered charity whose goal is to alleviate the impact of poverty on children. We work with local partners in Canada and around the world in the areas of food security, clean water access, health and hygiene, sustainable agriculture, and education.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church-based agencies working to end global hunger through food assistance, food security, and nutrition programs. Funds donated to the Foodgrains Bank are matched up to 4:1 by the Canadian government.

Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM (CAFA) (International: Toronto, ON)

Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM is a registered charity focusing on rehabilitation of burned children in Peru. They further their mission by working with the ANIQUEM burn clinic in Lima to provide independent programs including transport to the clinic, recreational camps for psychological recovery, and scholarships.

Canadian Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (International: Hamilton, ON)

Our mission is to collaborate with Hôpital Albert Schweitzer – Haiti to improve the health care and quality of life for the people of the Artibonite valley.

Canadian Friends of Pearl Children (International: Ottawa, ON)

Canadian Friends of Pearl Children is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to improving the quality of life of orphans, disadvantaged children, and impoverished families throughout Uganda and recently Western Kenya. Our goals are to provide a safe and healthy living environment, proper nutrition, health care and quality education.

Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief (CHOIR) (International: Medicine Hat, AB)

CHOIR’s mission is to provide the basic necessities of life such as nutrition, shelter, health care, and education to disadvantaged children everywhere.

Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) (Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) is dedicated to the prevention and resolution of destructive conflict at the local, national, and international levels.

Canadian International Learning Foundation (International: Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) is a volunteer-run, registered Canadian charity which provides education through the development of schools to areas of the world affected by poverty, war, and disease epidemics.

Canadian International Peace Project (International: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian International Peace Project is an independent, non-partisan organization made up of organizations and individuals of diverse backgrounds dedicated to promoting peace, development and security locally, nationally and internationally.

Canadian International Relief Foundation Inc. (Sudbury, ON)

Main objectives include helping war-torn areas, rebuilding communities, helping provide basic food, clothing, medical supplies, and farm equipment, and creating jobs in local communities.

Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society

CJMAS is a non-political, multi-racial, nonprofit organization whose goals are: to work with partner groups/organizations on the island of Jamaica; to establish and support basic health care and services there; and to provide educational opportunities for needy communities.

Canadian Landmine Foundation

The Canadian Landmine Foundation is a private sector charitable organization with a mission to fund the eradication of anti-personnel landmines throughout the world and end the human and economic suffering caused by these mines.

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

The service delivery arm for development programming and overseas relief for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and Lutheran Church-Canada. CLWR has responded to human need around the world since 1946.

Canadian Network for International Surgery

CNIS is a non-profit organization that promotes the delivery of essential surgical care to the underprivileged. As an educational and research agency, it conducts workshops in essential surgical skills and programs in injury prevention in African countries.

Canadian Peace Alliance (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) is Canada’s largest umbrella peace organization. Since its foundation in 1985 the organization has helped member groups to act as a broad network, in order to provide a strong, coordinated voice for peace issues at the national level.

CanAssist African Relief Trust (International: Kingston, ON)

CanAssist is a registered Canadian charity that strives to provide infrastructure support to East African communities in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. They fund projects pertaining to education, health care, water, and sanitation.

Careforce International (International: Burlington, ON)

A Christian humanitarian organization that helps needy children around the world through child sponsorship, mission teams, relief efforts, literacy programs, health initiatives, sports activities, computer training, and other ministries.

Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) (International: Toronto, ON)

Canadian Jesuits International (CJI), was founded by the Jesuit Province of Upper Canada to support poor and marginalized peoples struggling for social justice and dignity in developing countries, to carry out educational advocacy in Canada, linked with our overseas work.

Canadian Lawyers Association for International Human Rights (CLAIHR) (International: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit organization established to promote and protect human rights internationally through the use of law and legal institutions. Its membership is comprised of lawyers, law students, judges, and people interested in law and international human rights.

Canadian Network for NGOs in Ethiopia (CANGO) (International)

CANGO is a network of international nonprofit humanitarian and development agencies operating in Ethiopia. Members seek to collectively build an enabling environment at all levels for joint engagement and collaboration in order to serve as an instrument in ensuring that international assistances are effectively used.

CEPAL – Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange (International: Ottawa, ON)

CEPAL works to assist Palestinian refugees in the pursuit of their basic human rights by increasing their access to education and by raising public awareness in Canada about their struggle. Canadian volunteers teach in Lebanon and assist with events in Canada.

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief

CPAR works in partnership with vulnerable communities and diverse organizations to overcome poverty and build healthy communities in Africa. CPAR supports community efforts to ensure access to clean water, adequate food, primary health care, and a safe and healthy environment.

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is the leading humanitarian organization through which people voluntarily demonstrate their caring for others in need. Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

Canadian Society for International Health

CSIH is committed to the promotion of international health and development. Through the mobilization of Canadian resources, CSIH advocates and facilitates research, education and service activities in international health. The Society seeks to further progressive health policy and programming in all fields where global and domestic health concerns meet.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (International: Calgary, AB)

This organization’s goals are to advance education and educational opportunities for Afghan women and their families and to educate and increase the understanding of Canadians about human rights in Afghanistan.

CARE Canada

CARE is Canada’s global force dedicated to defending dignity and fighting poverty by empowering the world’s most vulnerable and greatest resource for change: women and girls.

CAUSE Canada

Makes the poor the focus of our assistance because Christ made them the focus of His concern. CAUSE offers support work in geographical regions where there is an under representation of international aid organizations.

cbm Canada (International: Stouffville, ON)

cbm Canada is a Christian, international development organization focusing on people with disabilities. They serve to join Canadians and people living with or affected by disabilities in the poorest communities, allowing them to work together for the benefit of all humanity.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

A Canadian nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide technical training and support in water and sanitation services for those who serve the poor in developing countries.

Challenged Kids International (CKi) (International: Toronto, ON)

Challenged Kids International (CKi)

is a nonprofit international organization assisting children facing economic, social, health, physical, and mental challenges. They support challenged kids to use their strengths through educational, cultural, and innovative activities to enable them to build and develop their own capabilities.

Chance to Play (International)

Chance to Play is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities to children and youth across Canada and communities in developing countries to engage in soccer. Impacting national and international communities through the soccer recycling program that offers environmental sustainability by collecting and redistributing gently used soccer uniforms and equipment by collaborating with soccer clubs.

Change for Children (International: Edmonton, AB)

Change for Children works in partnership with international communities struggling against poverty and injustice to find sustainable solutions that ensure access to basic needs, healthcare, and education. In Canada, CFCA operates a global education program.

Change Her World (International: Stratford, ON)

This organization’s primary mandate is the education of girls and women in Africa, primarily in Northern Malawi. They address a host of poverty related issues related to school success and support girls from Nursery school through to Post Secondary. If you want to change the world…start with her.

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL (International: South Surrey, BC)

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is a nonprofit organization committed to helping the poorest children of the world “survive and succeed”. Through child sponsorship, Childcare INTERNATIONAL educates, feeds, and provides shelter for children in 7 different countries.

Child of the Earth – Watoto Wa Ardhi (International: Calgary, AB)

Child of the Earth is a nonprofit organization that was established as a response to the overwhelming number of children and young women who where affected by the conflicts in the DRC. They work to provide hope for a better future through primary, secondary and technical educational support to children, youth and women.

Children’s Care International – Aide internationale pour l’enfance (AIPE-CCI) (International: Longueuil, QC)

Children’s Care International mission is to assist child victims of exploitation through education, physical and psychological health care and vocational discrimination of race, sex or religion.

Chiropractic for the World Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

Chiropractic for the World Foundation works to provide health care and education to third world countries, we have built schools and health care sites in Africa, and we are currently trying to provide medical assistance to India. Did you know 78% of India doesn’t get quality healthcare? Our main goal at the moment is to create a mobile health unit which would be able to reach these rural areas and support them in their own homes.

Christian Child Care International (International: Springhill, NS)

A Canadian, Catholic charity that supports community initiatives in developing countries through our sponsorship, venture, and planned giving programs.

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (International: Markham, ON)

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada is a Canadian-based, registered charity and child-centred international development organization that supports children, families, and communities of all faiths in developing countries.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)

CRWRC is a relief, development, and educational ministry. It supports 100 staff and many programs in North America and over 30 countries around the world, working with people and their communities to create permanent, positive change in Christ’s name.

The Citizens’ Foundation, Canada (TCF Canada) (International: Mississauga, ON)

TCF Canada is incorporated with the objective of providing funds to charitable organizations and/or activities directed at educational opportunities for children in Pakistan. It aims to work towards building a network of supporters and volunteers for TCF all over Canada.

Coady International Institute

Works to aid development agencies both in Canada and overseas by providing education opportunities for their staff in the Third World.

CODE (International: Ottawa, ON)

CODE is Canada’s leading international development agency uniquely focused on advancing literacy and education in some of the world’s regions in greatest need. By acting to establish and ignite engaging learning environments through the development and publishing of locally-authored and designed children books, training teachers and teacher-librarians, resourcing libraries as well as distributing significant numbers of high quality reading materials, CODE focuses on inspiring young minds to improve their literacy and comprehension with the hope that they become critical thinkers and life-long learners.

CoDevelopment Canada (International: Vancouver, BC)

CoDev is a BC-based non-profit agency that works for social change and global education in the Americas. CoDev was founded in 1985 by a group of activists who wanted to go beyond simply sending financial aid to Latin American countries. They believe that partnerships between like-minded organizations, in Canada and Latin America can be vehicles for learning, social change, and personal empowerment. (International) is a Canadian network of diaspora changemakers interested in sustainable development of vulnerable communities in war-affected, under-developed, rural, and remote regions of Sri Lanka. Its mission is to help shift diaspora engagement from charity to sustainability, from aid to economic development, and from remittance to knowledge-based economy.

Communication Initiative, The

A news and information gathering portal enhancing communication initiatives about global development.

Compassion Canada (International: London, ON)

Compassion Canada is committed to eliminating the root causes of poverty for children around the globe. A Christian organization, their development approach is holistic, serving the spiritual, economic, social, and physical needs of a child.

Congo Solidario (International: Toronto, ON)

The Congo Solidario is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating children’s poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They help raise awareness and educate communities through ongoing program support, training, resources and research.

Congo Yetu Initiative (CYI) (International: Ottawa, ON)

The Congo Yetu Initiative (CYI) is an intellectually conscious and an independent organization working to promote peace, democracy, human rights, gender equity, women and children rights, and sustainable development in Congo, Africa.

CDF Canada (International: Ottawa, ON)

CDF Canada builds prosperity around the world. Working with local partners in Africa, Asia & Latin America, we establish and grow community-owned co-operatives to help people achieve self-reliance through food security, financial literacy, leadership, climate change adaptation and gender equality.

Coptic Orphans Canada (International: Laval, QC)

Coptic Orphans improves the lives of vulnerable children in Egypt by providing basic necessities, education, and mentoring; raising awareness about poverty; and promoting cultural understanding. We envision every child confidently facing the future with renewed hope and an enriched life.

Create Change Foundation (International: Robert’s Creek, BC)

Create Change Foundation is dedicated to grassroots initiatives that provide access to water and education for those living in poverty in the developing world. The organization documents all its work on film so supporters can witness the change created.

Creating Opportunities and Resources for the Excluded (CORE) (International: Canmore, AB)

CORE works in Nepal to help disadvantaged people by promoting Opportunities (skills and education) and Resources (micro-credit) to start small enterprises from which people can improve their livelihoods.

Cross-Cultural Solutions (International: Toronto, ON)

This organization operates volunteer programs around the world in partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.

Crossroads International (International: Toronto, ON)

Crossroads International is a leading Canadian volunteer cooperation agency advancing equality for women and girls and eradicating poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries in Africa and South America.

CUSO International

Cuso International is a non-profit development organization that works through volunteers. Each year, they send hundreds of global citizens to work on collaborative development projects in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Cyclo Nord-Sud (International: Montreal, QC)

A nonprofit organization that collects unused bicycles, parts, tools, and accessories, and distributes them to people living in South America, where the bikes are used as a key means of transportation and as a means to fight poverty. Organisme sans but lucratif qui recueille des vélos (pièces, outils et accessoires) inutilisés au Québec, pour les expédier aux communautés démunies des pays du Sud, où ils servent de moyen de transport et de gagne-pain pour lutter contre la pauvreté.

Developing World Connections (International: Kamloops, BC)

Not a typical “aid” organization, this group sends volunteers to various countries throughout the world to work on local projects in the host community. Developing World Connections is nonsectarian and has no political or religious affiliations.

Development of Tomorrow’s Leaders Foundation (DOTL) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The DOTL Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide funding for students throughout the Lower Mainland (BC) who aspire to pursue a post-secondary education. Their demographic includes students who aspire to create positive change within schools and their local communities who may not have the available resources to attend post-secondary without aid.

Devxchange (International: Barrie, ON)

Devxchange is a registered Canadian charity, an association of volunteers that pursue a new approach to international development. They believe that development is a two-way exchange that should advance social innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit. Devxchange is member driven. This means that all projects are proposed and managed by members themselves so that our overhead is kept to a minimum. We facilitate the linking of Canadian volunteers (including those from ethnic communities, recent university graduates and retirees) with indigenous organizations and their humanitarian initiatives in more than 16 developing countries.

Diamond Development Initiative (International: Ottawa, ON)

The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) works to transform artisanal and small-scale diamond mining into an economically viable, socially and environmentally responsible activity. It provides miners with access to the opportunities, information and tools they need to work with dignity as valued actors in the responsible supply chain and as contributors to their community’s development.

Direct Abundance (International: Toronto, ON)

Directabundance Education and Community Development Organization is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in developing, global communities through education, capacity building and reduction of poverty. Their current focus is organizing Volunteer Travel Groups to assist in the healthy and progressive development of communities om Belize, Central America and Jamaica, West Indies.

Doda International Canada (International)

Doda’s Mission is to alleviate poverty among vulnerable people in Rwanda by providing a positive work environment, training, equipment and employment in the sewing production industry. Fair labor is our mission in improving the lives of our trainees and employees.

Dove of Hope Ministries (International: Oakville, ON)

Dove Of Hope Ministries (DOHM)

is a charity that is focused on providing humanitarian aid in developing countries, starting with Ghana. The organization works on such issues as health care, clean water, and sustainability.

EMAS Canada (Education, Medical Aid and Service) (International: Burlington, ON)

Since 1948, hundreds of Canadian healthcare professionals have banded together every year on behalf of those in need. EMAS’ mandate has grown from equipment distribution to short-term medical mission trips and healthcare training. In 2016, EMAS Canada sent 339 participants on 14 short-term medical mission trips.

Emmanuel Foundation (International: Sherwood Park, AB)

Emmanuel Foundation is a charity that exists to serve the poor in tangible ways. We desire to demonstrate God’s love by sharing our resources for individuals, families, and communities of developing countries in the areas of their physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Emmanuel International

An international, interdenominational, evangelical Christian mission organization assisting churches worldwide to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the poor. There are five National Affiliates with the International Office located in Stouffville, Ontario.

Engineers Without Borders – Ingénieurs Sans Frontières

The mission of EWB-ISF is to increase the contribution of engineers and engineering students toward using technology to address problems in the developing world. We offer four services – awareness and education; research; international projects; and youth internships.

Enspire Foundation (International: Vancouver, BC)

In line with its mission to empower, educate, and encourage individuals to help themselves and others, Enspire Foundation provides the opportunity for young adults to travel to less developed countries to aid in the building of educational and housing facilities.

Equip K.I.D.S International (International: Toronto, ON)

A grassroots, charitable organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities in developing nations. Through the local production and distribution of assistive technology, rehabilitative services, and education, we seek to provide these children with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education (National: Montreal, QC)

Formerly the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, Equitas works for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world through transformative human rights education programs.

Eurovangelism Canada

Eurovangelism has operated for over 30 years as a missionary service agency. It serves the church across Europe by envisioning, encouraging and equipping national Christian workers. As the humanitarian arm of Eurovangelism, Euroaid promotes dignity through relief and development programs in eastern Europe.

Fair Aid Society (International: Whitehorse, YK)

Fair Aid Society provides support to vulnerable and marginalized sick people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by funding projects that allow AMAVM health care professionals to provide medical, emotional and social care to these patients so that they are able to contribute to AMAVM-run community development projects.

Fair Trade Canada (International: Ottawa, ON)

This organization is the national certifier of fair trade products, and the Canadian member of the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) International. In addition to product certification, they build understanding of fair trade so more producers can sell more of their products on fair terms.

Fair Trade Ottawa (International: Ottawa, ON)

Fair trade Ottawa is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization that seeks to promote the concept of fair trade through community outreach, and educational events in Ottawa. Their campaigns and events strive to move beyond the choices of the individual to affect the choices of a whole city.

Families of Today for Tomorrow (International: Toronto, ON)

Families of Today For Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building healthy families, strengthening and empowering at risk youth through weekly sports activities and seminars. They also provide school supplies, computers, clothing, and shoes for needy schools and underprivileged children and their families through their mission project in Africa called A Child’s Smile.

Farm Radio International (International: Ottawa, ON)

Farm Radio International is a Canadian charity that harnesses the power of radio to meet the needs of small-scale farmers. They work with more than 460 radio partners in 38 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity. FRI resources and training help African broadcasters produce and deliver practical, relevant, and timely information to tens of millions of farmers. They also work with a range of partners to implement radio projects that respond to community needs. In 2012, FRI received the Innovation Challenge Award from the Rockefeller Foundation in recognition of their innovative use of radio to change lives.

Farmers Helping Farmers

An organization of community-minded people with an agricultural background from Prince Edward Island. Our goal is to assist East African farmers in becoming more self-reliant. We aim to help people help themselves, through small, practical agricultural projects.

FEM International (International: Montreal, QC)

This nonprofit’s mission is to empower young girls and women around the globe to discover their potential as individuals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders through the dynamics of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Fig Tree Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

A Calgary-based group dedicated to helping disadvantaged populations around the world by raising funds for international organizations delivering aid and development programs in the field. The FTF is committed to supporting projects that demonstrate the best potential return of every dollar raised, as measured by the net positive impact on the lives of our end users.

Firefighters Without Borders Canada (FWB Canada) (International: North Vancouver, BC)

Firefighters Without Borders Canada (FWB Canada) is a registered charity operating from within British Columbia to provide support to emergency service organizations in countries with a demonstrated need. Their goal is to provide a “helping hand up” to these organizations so that they can provide a higher level of emergency services to their communities.

Food for the Hungry Canada (International: Abbotsford, BC)

This organization works with Food for the Hungry International to help communities meet their integrated needs (physical, social, spiritual, and educational) through community development programs. They also donate used medical equipment to hospitals in the developing world.

Foundation for International Development Assistance (FIDA) (International: Waterloo, ON)

Established in 1984, the Foundation for International Development Assistance (FIDA) actively promotes the productive agricultural cooperative model in Haiti. Through Productive Cooperatives Haiti (pcH), its working arm in Haiti, FIDA uses a participatory approach to work at the grassroots level to improve the livelihoods of rural Haitians.

Free the Children

An international network of children helping children through representation, leadership and action. Free the Children has two main purposes: to free children from poverty, exploitation and abuse; and to give children a voice, leadership training, and opportunities to take action on issues which affect them from a local to an international level.

FreeSchools World Literacy (International: Toronto, ON)

FreeSchools works to break the cycle of ignorance and poverty through free education. They teach essential skills to children in developing countries. Priority is given to female students.

Friends of Ilé A Vaché Haiti (International: Combermere, ON)

Friends of Ilé A Vaché Haiti works to make a long-term difference in Haiti. Volunteers work with all nationalities to raise funds for sustainable projects while building friendships and fostering hope for the future.

Friends of the Orphans (International: Guelph, ON)

We are a nonprofit charity, specializing in short (two weeks) and long (one year) terms projects in one of the nine homes for children of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. Teams are made up of all ages or can be specialized.

Fullstop (International: British Columbia)

The vision of Fullstop is a world without injustice against women and girls, a world where they are free to thrive. Their mission is to raise awareness of injustice against women and girls in the world’s poorest countries, and to raise funds to support organizations engaged in relieving or eradicating this injustice.

Glassco Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

The Glassco Foundation’s mandate is to seek out children’s issues in Canada and overseas and provide financial and organizational assistance as well as on site support.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) Canada (International: Langley, BC)

GAiN is a worldwide humanitarian relief and development organization dedicated to bringing hope and tangible help to the poor and the suffering. Their mission is to demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects. Since beginning in 1998, we have mobilized resources to help people in over 35 countries around the world. They have five key initiatives: Water for Life Initiative, Humanitarian Aid, Women and Children, Disaster Response and Development.

Global Friends (International: Oakville, ON)

The Global Friends Foundation supports orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. They believe that we share one world and have the power – and responsibility – to remove academic, social and professional barriers imposed by poverty so individuals and communities can thrive.

Global Handprints (International: Toronto, ON)

Through volunteers, child sponsorship opportunities and donations, Global Handprints enables projects and communities around the world to evolve and develop. Global Handprints provides an affordable, life-changing experience that not only enriches a volunteer’s life, but also the lives of others.

Global Poverty Relief Foundation (Canada)

A registered charity whose mission is to alleviate poverty in less developed communities outside Canada through fundraising for relief programs managed by international agencies such as UNICEF, World Vision, CARE, and the Red Cross.

Gospel for Asia

Gospel for Asia trains and sends indigenous workers to the most unreached areas in the 10/40 window. Working in the Indian sub-continent are some 11,000 evangelists and church-planters in 8 Asian nations planting almost 6 churches a day.

Grassroots Initiatives for Sustainable Development (International: Scarborough, ON)

Created by young travelers, this organization’s mandate is to provide financial and logistical assistance to self-sustainable poverty alleviation projects in developing countries.

Guatemala Stove Project (International: Perth, ON)

Founded in 1999, the Guatemala Stove Project builds masonry cookstoves for impoverished households in rural Mayan villages in the mountains of Guatemala. These stoves dramatically improve the health, life expectancy and overall well being of indigenous families, particularly that of the women and children.

H2O4All (International: Oakville, ON)

Founded in 2008, H2O4ALL is a group of passionate people committed to developing and implementing sustainable water solutions for those in need around the world. Through partnerships, they engage and empower local community leaders to take ownership in finding solutions.

Haller Foundation (International)

This organization’s unique approach to development is premised on the belief that economy and ecology have to be in balance. They work in collaboration with communities to improve their self sufficiency through initiatives addressing sustainable food production, safe water, healthcare and education in practical and replicable ways.

Handicap International Canada (International: Montreal, QC)

The vision of Handicap International is to promote sustainable change to ensure that people with disabilities, victims of war or natural disasters, and people affected by disease or poverty are treated as full citizens with equal opportunities for community participation.

Handi-Care International (International: Scarborough, ON)

Our mission is to reach out to the poor, disadvantaged rural children, women and all individuals with physical and mental disabilities, regardless of race, religion and any other discriminating factors and to help them lead a better life through education, rehabilitation and vocational training.

Harambee 4 Humanity (International: Orillia, ON)

Harambee 4 Humanity seeks to create opportunities and reduce suffering by collaborating with individuals and communities on sustainable initiatives that maximize the area’s human and natural resources. One of their projects involved building a uniquely designed primary school that harvests rainwater.


A non-profit, non-governmental organization whose goal is to improve health, especially the health of women and children, in developing regions of the world by increasing the effectiveness, availability and appropriateness of practices and technologies used in primary health care.

Health Outreach (International: Mississauga, ON)

Health Outreach is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to providing health services, including public health, to impoverished people in remote areas of developing countries.

Health Partners International of Canada (International: Pointe-Claire, QC)

A Canadian medical aid agency that provides donated medicines, vaccines, medical supplies and devices to Canadian doctors and NGOs working in the developing world, and to countries that are in need of medical aid.

HelpAge Canada (International: Ottawa, ON)

A non-denominational, nonprofit international development organization dedicated exclusively to assisting elderly people living in poverty in Canada and the developing world since 1975.

Help Lesotho (International: Ottawa, ON)

Help Lesotho empowers vulnerable children, youth and grandmothers through its education, leadership development and psychosocial support programs and partnerships. Help Lesotho is committed to gender equity, social justice and the alleviation of HIV/AIDS and poverty in Lesotho, southern Africa

Hemoglobal (International: Toronto, ON)

Hemoglobal is a fully registered charitable organization working to provide medical equipment and treatment to Sri Lankan children with thalassemia, an inherited life-threatening blood disorder. Established in Toronto, Canada in 2004, Hemoglobal is made up of a team of concerned international thalassemia health professionals.

HOPE International Development Agency (International: New Westminster, BC

Works with the poorest, hardest to reach people and communities in developing countries pursue self-reliance and self-determination through sustained access to clean water, food security, economic development, education and health care.

Horizons of Friendship

Based in Cobourg, Ontario, the organization works on international development projects in Mexico and Central America. Self-help community development projects include safe water, health, housing and skills training.

Hope for Rural Children and Orphans (HORCO) (International; London, ON)

HORCO is a volunteer-based charity working with local NGOs in Ethiopia to empower rural communities to develop their own sustainable clean water sources and sanitation facilities, as well as effective practices for personal hygiene. They are Canadians helping Ethiopians to improve their quality of life – one community at a time.

Human Concern International

A Canadian charitable organization existing “to help alleviate human suffering”. Since 1980 HCI has contributed over 20 million dollars towards facilitating long term development projects, and providing immediate relief assistance to many poor and strife torn countries. HCI’s development projects have helped communities become more self-sufficient and the emergency assistance provided has helped communities in times of dire need.

Humanity First Canada (International: Concord, ON)

This organization serves disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities of the world.

Imagine1Day (International: Vancouver, BC)

Imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa.

ICNA Relief Canada (International: Oakville, ON)

ICNA Relief Canada is a registered Canadian charity that serves the less fortunate both in Canada and internationally via various community-focused projects. They operate 8 food banks across Canada and have ongoing relief projects in over 12 countries.

iDE Canada (International: Winnipeg, MB)

This organizaiton works with farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs living in poor rural areas throughout the world. They use a market based approach, as opposed to a social welfare or charity orientation, allowing people to discover, develop and use new technologies to increase their incomes.

IMPACT (International: Ottawa, ON)

We transform how natural resources are managed in areas where security and human rights are at risk. We investigate and develop approaches for natural resources to improve security, development, and equality. We are an independent nonprofit, collaborating with local partners for lasting change.

Initiatives of Change (Canada) (International: Ottawa, ON)

Initiatives of Change Canada is the Canadian associate of a global network open to people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and beliefs who work toward change locally and globally, starting with change in their own lives.

Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) (International: Montreal, QC)

ICAI advocates for and actualizes the fundamental right of all peoples to define and shape their own futures, toward the goal of realizing sustainable, just solutions to human challenges through field programs, research, and policy advocacy.

Instruments For Africa (International: Ottawa, ON)

Instruments For Africa is a Canadian Not-For-Profit organisation based in Ottawa that collects and services musical instruments and accessories in Canada and donates them to schools and community centres in Africa.

International Agriculture and Rural Development Association (IARDA) (International: Ottawa, ON)

IARDA and partners are working to enable thousands of rural communities and organizations in Asia to sustainably improve their lives through sustainable agriculture . IARDA was legally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in Ottawa, Ontario in 2005.

International Child Care (Mississauga, ON)

Working in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, this organization believes that health is an integral component of social, economic and ecological development; that societal inequities must be addressed; and that working toward the achievement of sustainable systems through participation and empowerment is the essential core strategy.

International Children’s Awareness (ICA) Canada (North Bay, ON)

ICA Canada is committed to working in partnership with individuals, groups, and communities in order to assist people in developing nations to become self-sufficient and achieve their fundamental rights to health and education.

International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF) (Toronto, ON)

IDRF is a registered Canadian nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged people through humanitarian programs based on the Islamic principles of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice. Since its inception in 1985, it has been providing emergency relief and development assistance to people affected by natural disasters, war, and poverty.

International Institute for Sustainable Development


International Justice Mission Canada (International: London, ON)

A human rights organization that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression. A multinational team of law enforcement professionals and a highly qualified legal staff conduct criminal investigations and collect evidence to rescue victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

IN Network (International: Aldergrove, BC)

A registered Christian charity working in more than 33 countries around the world with a focus on evangelism, leadership, and community development, via “indigenous” ministry. Helping people to serve God in their own country.

International Programs of the YM-YWCA of Fredericton


Inter Pares (International: Ottawa, ON)

Since 1975, Inter Pares has built relationships of common cause with activist groups around the world who share our analysis that poverty and under-development are caused by structural inequalities among and within nations, and who are working to promote social and economic justice in their communities and societies.

Ireland Fund of Canada

A non-political, non-sectarian Canadian charity that funds community-level projects in North and South Ireland, and Irish projects here in Canada. The mission of the Ireland Fund is to be the largest worldwide network of people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland dedicated to raising funds to support programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development.

Isa Mundo Foundation (International: Ottawa, ON)

Isa Mundo provides assistance and care to communities around the world in the areas of education, health, children and youth, and environmental needs. Isa Mundo is committed to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Islamic Relief Canada (International: Hamilton, ON)

IR Canada strives to alleviate the suffering, hunger, illiteracy and diseases worldwide without regard to faith, colour, race, gender or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. It aims to provide rapid relief in the event of man-made or natural disasters. In addition, IR establishes development projects in needy areas to help tackle poverty, illiteracy and disease at a local level.

JHA Fund (International: Montreal, QC)

This organization works to address the lack of medical support and poverty in Antalaha and help to support local leprosy communities.

Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) (National: Toronto, ON)

A Canadian non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to raising general awareness of human rights issues in Africa by providing African journalists with the tools to report accurately and concretely about human rights issues. JHR’s aim is to establish a number of programs, training seminars and newspaper supplements, increasing both the quality and quantity of human rights reporting. By empowering journalists to report on human rights issues, JHR hopes to increase the public’s awareness and ability to protect their own, and others, rights.

KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives (International: Toronto, ON)

A partnership of 11 Canadian churches and church organizations dedicated to social justice in Canada and worldwide. With southern partners and 100 local groups, KAIROS advocates for economic and ecological justice, human rights, Aboriginal rights, and the rights of refugees.

Kenya Initiative for Development & Sustainability Inc. (KIDS) (International: Winnipeg, MB)

Kenya Initiative for Development & Sustainability Inc. promotes development, enrichment and sustainable solutions to our partners in Kenya through educational programs and local fundraising in Canada. Our vision is for our partners to have access to the necessities of life.

Kinsa Foundation (International: Toronto, ON)

Kinsa works with Canadian law enforcement and other partners to deliver training and build capacity among police in developing nations to help find, rescue and heal child victims of abuse whose images are shared on the Internet.

Lattitude Global Volunteering (International: Vancouver, BC)

Lattitude Global Volunteering is an international youth development charity. Their mission is to educate and develop young people by providing opportunities to make a difference through distinctive, challenging, structured and supported volunteering experiences in a culture different from their own.

Leprosy Mission Canada (The) (International: Markham, ON)

Part of an international partnership of 25 independent councils raising funds that are used to bring the cure, Multi-Drug Therapy, to people affected by leprosy. We provide this care in approximately 30 countries, primarily within Asia and Africa. The money raised is used to provide diagnosis, treatment, follow-up care, as well as long-term training and assistance to those affected by leprosy, through our staff working on the front lines of care.

Leprosy Relief Canada – Secours aux Lépreux Canada

The organization was founded in 1961 with the mission of helping the victims of leprosy through medical and social actions. In the last 10 years, our mission has expanded to also promote and support the fight against tuberculosis through leprosy-tuberculosis combined projects.

LetsStopAIDS (International: Toronto, ON)

LetsStopAIDS is a registered Canadian charitable organization that shares and inspires youth to take action within their local communities, relating to HIV and AIDS. They focus on empowering youth by encouraging local youth to be involved with this global epidemic and learn more about HIV prevention.

Librarians Without Borders (International: London, ON)

Librarians Without Borders (LWB)

is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve access to information resources regardless of language, geography, or religion, by forming partnerships with community organizations in developing regions.

LifeCorps International (International: Richmond Hill, ON)

A Canadian charity providing relief from poverty, supporting sustainable development, and elevating the standard of living for those in need, regardless of race, gender, or religious background within Canada and the world at large.

LifePaths Global Alliance (International: London, ON)

LifePaths Global Alliance is committed to serving socially disadvantaged communities in the Caribbean, Central America, and within Ontario. Their mission is to educate, empower, and eradicate poverty through local initiatives. LifePaths Global Alliance is a charitable nonprofit organization.

Lifewater Canada

Lifewater Canada is a non-profit organization of people from across Canada who are bound together by a common desire to ensure that people everywhere have access to adequate supplies of safe water.

Light for Orphans (International: Pierrefonds, QC)

L4O’s mission is to alleviate the sufferings of Egyptian orphans by providing for their best welfare with psycho-social and academic support and other tools for building a better life for a happier future.

Light Up The World Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

Light Up The World Foundation is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to provide funding and facilitation for the development of renewable energy based solid state lighting for the world’s poor and underserved. The foundation’s vision is to work to provide affordable, safe, healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible renewable energy based solid state lighting solutions to the two billion people worldwide currently without access to proper lighting.

Little Footprints, Big Steps (International)

Little Footprints, Big Steps was founded to aid in rescuing children from situations of abuse, slavery, homelessness or severe neglect in Haiti. We do this by reuniting families, supporting education and opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity through our programs and services and collaborations.

Little Voice Foundation (International: Ottawa, ON)

The Little Voice Foundation is dedicated to joining forces with local communities in developing countries in order to create sustainable projects that are run by the people for the people. It focuses on four broad areas: education, health care, housing and hospice facilities.

Live Different (International: Hamilton, ON)

Live Different was established as a Canadian charity in 2000, and began to operate internationally in 2005. From the very beginning we have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we encounter through our youth empowerment presentations, our humanitarian build programs, and our leadership development opportunities.

Love is the Answer (LITA) (International: Vancouver, BC)

LITA is a Canadian registered charity working in Uganda, Africa, that assists orphaned and vulnerable children in areas of poverty relief, advancement of education, and the development of local community initiatives that benefit orphaned children.

Maasai Medical Society (International)

Maasai Medical Society is a medical nonprofit and charitable organization that aims to improve healthcare accessibility and resources to the rural Maasai Community in Kenya. The organization runs sustainable, scheduled mobile clinics implemented by Kenyan healthcare professionals and medical volunteers.

Making Africa Work (International: Surrey, BC)

Making Africa Work (MAW) is registered in Canada as a federal nonprofit corporation. They are propelled by the belief that the transformation of Africa from donor dependency to economic independence will be led by African entrepreneurs producing quality goods and services for the globalized marketplace.

Marquis Project

A charitable not-for-profit organization based in Brandon in southwestern Manitoba. We have three main activities: we work with community development organizations in Central America and East Africa on small-scale projects that are mainly youth oriented, agricultural and environmental; we run many educational programs in Brandon and rural Manitoba on global issues; and we operate a fair trade craft shop in downtown Brandon that sells crafts from around the world, some food products, books and magazines and many unique gift items.

Mary’s Meals (International: Calgary, AB)

We are a no-frills charity with a simple idea that works: by providing one good meal in a place of learning, children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty.

MATCH International Centre

Established in 1976, MATCH is the only international development agency in Canada devoted exclusively to promoting women’s equal participation in development. It supports innovative projects developed by women from countries of the South in response to what they perceive to be their own priorities.

MaterCare International (MCI) (International: St. John’s, NL)

MaterCare International’s mission is to improve the lives and health of mothers and babies both born and unborn, to reduce the levels of maternal mortality. They build hospitals, provide emergency care, transportation, and training in countries around the world.

Mayan Families Canada (International: Nanoose Bay, BC)

Mayan Families Canada is an organization dedicated to helping Mayan Families in rural Guatemala. This includes purchasing food for needy families, installing safe and fuel-efficient stoves in homes, undertaking home repairs and rebuilds, and sponsoring children to go to school.

MBAs Without Borders (International: Toronto, ON)

MBAs Without Borders (MWB)

was founded in Canada in 2004. Our mission is to contribute to the business and social development of upcoming nations through work rotations of MBA professionals. We develop projects within three industries: Healthcare, Agriculture and Financial. Within these industries, we partner MBAs with local businesses, international businesses and NGOs working to not only develop businesses, but also…people and nations!

McGill Middle East Program in Civil Society and Peace Building

The program’s goal is to improve the living conditions of the poor and disadvantaged in the region. It works through its Institutional Partners, which operate community-based Centres, in low-income neighbourhoods. McGill provides post-graduate social work training to its Partner-sponsored candidates. Relationships are built and nurtured through the program’s International Executive Committee, as well as through regional meetings and professional development activities for staff at each of the Centres.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders

MSF is the world’s largest independent emergency medical relief organization consisting of 19 sections around the world. Since its establishment in 1991, MSF-Canada has sent more than 500 Canadian volunteers to work in emergency medical aid projects amidst conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters in over 80 countries. MSF has no political or religious affiliations.

Medical Mercy Canada Society (International: Calgary, AB)

Medical Mercy Canada Society is a non-religious, non-partisan registered Canadian volunteer organization which provides support to impoverished persons and refugees along the Burmese borders, Nepal and Ukraine. Since 1991, MMC volunteers have been providing medical assistance, education, supplies, as well as funds for local initiatives to facilitate self-sufficiency.

Mennonite Central Committee


Mennonite Economic Development Associates

MEDA works to forge a connection between the Christian faith and daily work in the business world.

Mercy Ships Canada (Victoria, BC)

A global charity that has operated a growing fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.  Following the example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilizing people and resources worldwide.

Micro-Recyc-Cooperation (International: Montreal, QC)

A social economy organization that collects used computers and accessories from communities in Canada, in order to give them a second life in developing countries, while also providing training to young Montrealers. 

Organisme d’économie sociale solidaire qui recueille du matériel informatique (ordinateurs et pièces) au Canada pour leur donner une seconde vie dans les pays pauvres tout en offrant aux jeunes adultes Montréalais un milieu de stage en emploi.

Missionary Ventures Canada (International: Guelph, ON)

Missionary Ventures Canada provides opportunities for people to become actively involved in serving in projects overseas and also implements and directs international projects through churches involving education, feeding programs, agricultural initiatives, water filtration projects, skills development and medical clinics, which address many social justice concerns in various countries.

Mosqoy: Sacred Valley Youth Fund (International: Victoria, BC)

Mosqoy aims to break the cycle of poverty in the Sacred Valley, Peru, by providing its promising youth with post-secondary educational opportunities. Mosqoy also works to strengthen Canada’s cultural mosaic by educating the public about global responsibility and cultural diversity.

Moving Forward for Children Development (International)

This Canadian organization reinforces social development by educating children in need in Colombia. Their workshops are designed to present the children with ways of developing leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Na’amat Canada (International: Montreal, QC)

Na’amat Canada is part of a worldwide progressive women’s organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women, children and families in Israel. Our members across Canada are instrumental in planning community programs and fundraising events, supporting daycares and other facilities.

Nations Cry (International: Surrey, BC)

The mission of Nations Cry is to change the world through practical acts of kindness, meeting any need in any place with life-transforming solutions. They partner with humanitarian organizations around the world and focus on addressing humanitarian needs with long-term sustainable solutions.

New Hope Schools Society (Victoria, BC)

A registered Canadian charity formed for the purpose of raising funds to build schools in rural areas of developing nations. Our pilot projet is a school in progress in a village in rural Uganda.

New Israel Fund Canada (International: Toronto, ON)


The New Israel Fund is a worldwide partnership dedicated to safeguarding human rights, bridging social and economic gaps, fostering tolerance for all Israel’s citizens and residents, and creating an environment for Judaism’s many forms of practice to thrive.

Nicaragua Children’s Foundation (International: West Vancouver, BC)

The purpose of the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation is to advance education in Nicaragua by establishing and operating schools and by providing materials, books, equipment, educational aids, resources and physical improvements to existing schools. The foundation also supports a school for disabled children, as well as other elementary schools.

Nile Basin Society

The NBS aims to foster just development in Nile Basin countries through aid and donations, relations with Canadian business, media and NGOs, improving communication capabilities and access to information and by linking Canadian residents of Nile Basin origin.

Nishkam Sikh Welfare Organization, Canada (Mississauga, ON)

Our mission is to work towards the provision of basic requirements, such as proper housing, education, and support for impoverished communities and families in India so that they might live a life of dignity.

Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada (International: Ottawa, ON)

Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada is a member organization of an international initiative to establish a standing “peace army”, ready to respond to requests to provide a nonviolent international presence where it will help reduce violence and allow local people striving to achieve peace and justice to continue their important work.

Nuer International Relief Agency/Assistance Program (NIRA/AP) (International)

Nuer International Relief Agency/Assistance Program (NIRA/AP) is a nonprofit and non-political entity that was established as a response to support the war affected and displaced Nuer community and other communities in South Sudan by conflict that erupted on 15th December, 2013.

Nukoko (International: Mississauga, ON)

Nukoko Education is a global group of volunteers working together to produce opportunities for girls to access school in Togo. We use digital technology to collaborate, and believe in spreading awareness through online tools and social media.

Okala Foundation (International: Brossard, Quebec)

Okala’s mission statement is to advance education by building schools in Cameroon. They work to relieve poverty in Cameroon by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need, promote public health by educating and instructing the public on prevention of, and curative measures for health problems and providing emergency medical and dental supplies and treatment, and improve the quality of drinking water by constructing wells and water treatment, irrigation and sewage treatment systems

One Sky – The Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living (International)

An environmental NGO that works on human security and environment issues nationally and in partnership with organizations in Sierra Leone, El Salvador, and Nigeria.

OneProsper International (International: Ottawa, ON)

This organization’s mission is to reduce world hunger and improve nutrition by providing small farmers with innovative drip irrigation kits. They are focused on India where 42% of children, below age five, are malnourished.

Operation Eyesight Universal

A Canadian charity which treats and prevents blindness through international development partners in Asia, Africa and South America.

Operation Rainbow Canada

Operation Rainbow Canada is a private, all volunteer, nonprofit medical services organization that functions without paid staff and provides free reconstructive surgery and related health care for cleft lip and cleft palate deformities to needy children and young adults in developing countries.

Opportunity International Canada (Toronto, ON)

A non-profit Christian organization that specializes in microenterprise development (MED). Each year, it gives out 125,000 loans to the poorest of the poor around the world for them to start small businesses and improve their lives and communities.

Org4Peace International Helpers (International: Toronto, ON)

Org4Peace International Helpers arranges child sponsorship and volunteers in southeast Asia. Through education and community development, the organization works to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and child trafficking.

Ottawa Friends of Tibet (Ottawa, ON)

OFT is a non-political group with a mission to build partnerships with other charities, so that we might together serve disadvantaged Tibetan people in India, Nepal and Tibet, as well as increasing public recognition and appreciation of Tibet’s unique culture.

Our Little Charity Canada (International: Langley, BC)

Our Little Charity Canada (OLCC) is a group of volunteers driven by a passion to value the most vulnerable children in Kenya by restoring physical health and hope. Our mission: provide life-changing surgeries & medical interventions for those who could never afford it.

OXFAM Canada

Works with over 125 African, Latin American and Caribbean partner organizations to develop self-reliant and sustainable communities that will improve people’s basic living conditions as they work to overcome poverty and powerlessness.

OXFAM – Québec


Palyul Namdroling Foundation Canada

Established in 1996, the Palyul Namdroling Foundation is primarily dedicated to the support, care, and education of some 650 Tibetan, Nepali and Bhutanese primary school age children residing at Namdroling Monastery in Byla Kuppe, South India. The Foundation supplies funds towards clothing, food, medicine, upkeep of facilities, and educational needs of the children.

Partenariat pour le Développement des Communautés (PARDEC) (International: Montreal, QC)

Soulager la pauvreté dans les communautés du Sud par le biais des activités à impact durable dans les domaines de : (1) santé, (2) éducation, (3) agriculture et sécurité alimentaire et (4) insertion professionnelle des jeunes en situation de vulnérabilité.

Partners in Health Canada (International:Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit organization relentlessly committed to global health equity. They do whatever it takes to bring lifesaving care to the marginalized poor in Haiti or Rwanda or anywhere they work – because they take the right to universal health care seriously, and because the status quo is unsustainable for those they serve.

Peace and Love International (International: Coquitlam, BC)

Peace and Love International is committed to empowering the most marginalized and vulnerable citizens of the global community, regardless of religion, sex, personal convictions, or geographical location. The organization strives to plant the seeds of understanding, compassion, and unity by example and through education.

Peace Brigades International

On invitation, PBI sends teams of volunteers into areas of political repression and conflict. In these areas, PBI provides international, non-partisan observers in situations of conflict and crisis, fosters reconciliation and dialog among conflicting parties, and offers education and training in non-violence. Organizers are currently working in Columbia, Haiti, The Balkans, North America, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Peace of Mind (POM) Canada

This organization brings former elite IDF combat units who have undergone difficult combat situations to a city in Canada for a week of intensive therapy and bonding with the Jewish community. It is a 9 month long program that includes a two day orientation session, two day concluding session, 3 month followups and offers individualized therapy up to a year for those that require further intervention.

Pencils for Kids (International: Markham, ON)

Pencils for Kids strives to give every child the opportunity to dream. As a not for profit grass roots organization, they believe in the power of creating connections through small scale projects. Pencils for Kids focuses on one community at a time lifting children from poverty through education.

Penyem Jamorai Relief Organization (PJRO) (International: Toronto, ON)

PJRO is a Canadian charitable organization. It aims to help the rural farmers of Africa by providing food, medicine, and clothing to individuals, children, and families who lack these essentials due to famine and poverty. A key goal is to help needy families move past needing help and into becoming self-sufficient members of their community through long-term, self-help development programs.

Plan Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

Plan is an international, humanitarian, child-centred development organization without religious, political or governmental affiliations.

Planeterra Foundation (International: Toronto, ON)

The Planeterra Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people and communities around the world through support of community projects, local organizations, and international charities. The foundation was developed by G.A.P Adventures, a Canadian adventure travel company that offers environmentally, culturally and socially responsible tours worldwide.

Potters Without Borders (International: Enderby, BC)

Potters Without Borders (PWB) is a registered Canadian charitable organization that provides socially responsible assistance to pottery groups and individuals. Founded in 2006, they work to promote the utilization of Ceramic Pot Water Filters (CWFs). They provide technical training and support services for the development of Ceramic Pot Water Filter technology as part of a solution to waterborne disease.

Pragmora (International)

This organization is equally a policy think tank and a grassroots advocacy group. Pragmora collaborates with experts in Canada and around the world to develop realistic plans for avoiding conflict in troubled regions, for resolving ongoing conflicts, and for building a stable peace in post-conflict zones.

Presbyterian World Service & Development

The mandate of PWS&D is to act as the agency within The Presbyterian Church in Canada for undertaking development activities, disaster relief and education of congregations to these world-wide needs.

Project Brotherhood Society

A charitable organization that enables teens to travel to Mexico to do works of charity. Other projects include international disaster relief and helping the needy in Canada.

Project H.A.N.D.S. (International: Lions Bay, BC)

We are a Canadian-based, nonprofit organization currently working in the rural regions of Guatemala, with plans to spread worldwide. We create sustainable change through projects that provide healthcare, education and development.

Project Somos (International)

Project Somos is building an eco-sustainable village for abandoned and orphaned children in Guatemala. The village will have seven homes where the children will live and be raised by Guatemalan foster moms with a six other children.

Pueblito Canada

Pueblito Canada is a non-governmental organization that promotes the well-being of children in Latin America. Pueblito supports community groups in Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua that actively organize around children’s issues, including child care, education and health. In Canada, Pueblito works to make Canadians more aware of the causes of poverty and child abandonment and encourages people to exercise global responsibility.

Pura Vida Foundation (International: Nelson, BC)

The foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of children and youth in Latin America through fostering healthy and supportable living. Specifically, the goal is to provide marginalized and exploited young girls with basic necessities such as a dependable supply of food, safe housing and necessary resources to enhance quality of living.

Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society (International: Victoria, BC)

The Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society strives to preserve the Quechua weaving tradition in the Peruvian Andes. This ancient tradition is integral to their history, culture, and economy, but is at great risk of disappearing in the face of globalization.

RACE for Humanity (International: Toronto, ON)

RACE for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that focuses on raising awareness on humanitarian causes around the world in a creative and simple way. RACE is an acronym for “Raise Awareness … Create Equity”. RACE focuses yearly on a number of countries which have severe humanitarian situation and are overlooked in our mainstream media.

Raising the Village (International: Toronto, ON)

Raising The Village is a not-for-profit organization that partners with remote villages in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate extreme poverty through recovery projects. These projects empower communities to determine their own futures and foster self-sufficiency, removing the need for future aid.

Rally4Life (International: Kelowna, BC)

Rally4Life is a public foundation created to relieve poverty through the provision of safe water, sanitation, education, shelter, and sustenance to impoverished communities around the world, and to bring attention to these issues through partnerships with their Adventure Advocates.

Ratanak International (International: Burnaby, BC)

Ratanak International is committed to addressing the needs of the poor, abused, and exploited in Cambodia. They seek to empower Cambodians by providing access to various social services alongside ongoing community initiatives, anti-sexual exploitation programs and disaster relief for those in need.

Right to Play (International: Toronto, ON)

Right To Play is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children and their communities through Sport for Development. Right To Play runs sport and play programs in 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Room to Grow Foundation (International: Golden, BC)

This organization’s mission is to alleviate poverty among unparented children from Burma who have sought refuge in Thailand. They provide food, ensure access to shelter, provide blankets and school materials, and work to ensure the emotional well-being of children in their care.

ROOTA (Rising Out Of The Ashes) (International)

ROOTA is a Canadian Charitable organization that works towards raising the educational, economic, and health standards of the poor namely the Zabaleen in Egypt. The Zabaleen are Cairo’s informal garbage collectors who make their livelihoods collecting, transporting, and selling trash. We have successfully been able to donate MediaPads to the school in this area, train Zabaleen on safe and sanitary means of sorting through raw material, and provide workshops on health awareness.

Rose Charities

A registered nonprofit charitable organization specializing in teaching and implementing low cost, sustainable rehabilitation surgery for disabled people. Our main project is in Cambodia. Typical focus areas are land-mine injuries, cleft lip and palate repair, sight restoration, birth deformities, old traumatic injury and polio victims, club feet and acid attack victims.

Ryan’s Well Foundation (International: Kemptville, ON)

Our mission is to provide clean water, proper sanitation facilities and related hygiene education to water-poor people in developing countries through engagement with local partners. We strive to educate individuals, schools and community groups on the importance of clean water for all.


SalvAide has more than 15 years of experience working in solidarity with the people of rural El Salvador. Our mission is to promote economic and social justice. Through local partners, we support human rights, capacity building, education, health and small business initiatives. Canadians can be involved fostering people-to-people links and raising awareness and funds for the organization’s programs.

Samaritan’s Purse Canada (International: Calgary, AB)

An international Christian relief and development organization providing aid to victims of war, disease, disaster, poverty, famine and persecution. The charity also operates the well-known ‘Operation Christmas Child’ shoe box gift and ‘Turn on the Tap’ biosand water filter programs.

SAM Project (International: Garibaldi Highlands, BC)

The SAM Project facilitates local enterprise in communities in Southern Africa. They work with local cooperatives to provide loans and training to establish vegetable gardens and other agricultural businesses in order to enhance food security, nutritional choices, and economic opportunities.

Save A Family Plan (International: London, ON)

SAFP is a Canadian-based international non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1965 by Monsignor Augustine Kandathil. SAFP is committed to seeking justice and working with the marginalized and poor of India regardless of caste, creed, gender or political affiliation.

Save the Children Canada

Save the Children Canada fights for children’s rights. Save the Children Canada (SCC)

works both in Canada and around the world bringing immediate and lasting improvements to children’s lives through the realization of their rights. SCC is a non-political, non-religious organization committed to promoting long-term development at the grassroots level through partnership with local communities, government bodies and international organizations.

Save the Mothers (International: Ancaster, ON)

Save the Mothers is an international organization that trains professionals from developing countries to improve mothers’ health through their specific vocation and sphere of influence.

Save the Orphans Whilem Marie Foundation (International: Surrey, BC)

Save the Orphans Whilem Marie Foundation is as a nonprofit organization advocating for educating, sponsoring, feeding, giving access to health care and providing shelters to orphans of warzones from the Democratic Republic of Congo and sub-Saharan Africa.

Sawa World (International: Vancouver, BC)

Sawa Global is a nonprofit organization committed to finding and supporting leaders in impoverished countries around the world who have found their own unique solution to fighting poverty in their community.

School for Kids in Laos Inc. (SKL) (International: Winnipeg, MB)

SKL Inc. is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to building schools in the rural regions of Laos. The objective is to replace dilapidated schools with more adequate, permanent structures and to provide poor rural children of Laos hope for the future and an opportunity to make a difference in the world

Schools for Asia Educational Foundation (Abbotsford, BC)

A small, grassroots organization aimed at helping third world students make a positive difference in their communities by equipping them with interpersonal and technical skills, critical thinking, and a desire to serve others.

Schools for Children of the World (SCW Canada) (International, Richmond Hill, ON)

SCW empowers children in developing countries by providing new school facilities, educational opportunities, and a safe, healthy, and secure learning environment. SCW Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of poor communities, one school at a time.


SeedChange is a non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Canada that supports small-scale farmers around the world in their fight for justice, health and sustainability. We partner with like-minded local nonprofits to help keep seeds in farmers’ hands, protect farmers’ rights, and change the way we grow our food. We believe in the power of people and seeds. Whether you are a farmer, funder, or eater, we can help you make a difference.

The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention (International: Toronto, ON)

The Sentinel Project is dedicated to predicting and preventing genocide by creating an early warning system and cooperating with victimized groups to implement preventive measures before the killing begins. Innovative technology use plays a strong part in their work.

Seva Service Society

Seva has played a key role in the development of innovative blindness prevention and sight restoration programs in Asia. The overall goal of Seva’s work in blindness prevention is to save and restore sight through sustainable, locally run programs in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Shanti Uganda Society (International: Vancouver, BC)

The Shanti Uganda Society is a nonprofit working in Uganda. Shanti Uganda is supported by a group of passionate and dedicated individuals around the world who are committed to women’s rights, peace, healing, and sustainable development for the communities they support in Uganda.

Short Term International Medical Missions Abroad (STIMMA) (International: Waterloo, ON)

STIMMA is a registered Canadian charity with no political or religious affiliations that connects medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and support personnel with communities in need all over the world.

Sleeping Children Around the World (International)

One hundred percent of donations provide bedkits to needy children of any race and/or religion in underdeveloped and developing countries. Bedkits typically include a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net, clothes outfit, and school supplies.

Society for International Development – Ottawa-Gatineau Chapter

Created in 1957, the Society for International Development (SID)

is a unique global network of individuals and institutions concerned with development that is participatory, pluralistic, and sustainable. The mission of SID Ottawa-Gatineau is to provide a forum for knowledge sharing on issues of development, globalization and human security.

Someday Is Now International (International: Vancouver, BC)

Someday Is Now International is a registered Canadian and South Sudanese non-profit organization focused on helping women and children in South Sudan through several methods including the distribution of birth kits, orphan support, and training of traditional birth attendants.

SOPAR (International: Gatineau, QC)

SOPAR (Society for Partnership) is a nonprofit organization devoted to international development in India. Since 1977, their approach has been to help people to help themselves by providing the tools and resources necessary for communities to achieve sustainable development. They also encourage Canadians to open themselves up to the world and get involved with international issues as global citizens.

SOPAR (Société de partage) est un organisme sans but lucratif voué au développement international en Inde. Depuis 1977, notre approche est d’aider les gens à s’aider eux-mêmes en misant sur les atouts et les ressources des communautés afin d’engendrer un changement durable. Au Canada, nous encourageons les citoyens à s’ouvrir sur le monde et s’impliquer en coopération internationale.

Some Day is Now International (International: Vancouver, BC)

Some Day Is Now International is changing the lives of women and girls in South Sudan by partnering with them to provide opportunities to improve their lives. The organization’s projects focus on maternal health, vulnerable children and girls’ education.

SOS Children’s Villages of Canada

Provides children in need with a caring, loving and lifetime secure family environment where basic needs for food, health, shelter and education are met.

South Asia Partnership (SAP)

Canada An association of Canadian organizations working together with South Asian partners to support sustainable human development in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Canada.

Southern Africa Embrace Foundation (International: Brampton, ON)

Southern Africa Embrace Foundation is an international development organization committed to advocating, supporting and promoting the well-being of marginalized women, children and orphans (0-16yrs)

in the Southern African countries of Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Republic of South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Spirale Group (International: Quebec City, QC)

The Spirale Group’s mission is to develop socio-economic projects in Nicaragua by providing financial support and by sending Canadians interns. It is a collaboration with CCOAR – Community Center Oscar Arnulfo Romero – in Nicaragua.

STAND Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND) Canada is a national student organization dedicated to inspiring student activism and advocacy addressing the crisis in Darfur. Its goal is to strengthen and focus the voice of Canadians – beginning with students – demanding leadership from the Canadian government to end the atrocities in Darfur.

Stand Tall Training Center (International: Vancouver, BC)

Stand Tall Training Center is a unique and innovative primary school in Kampala, Uganda that provides its students with an outstanding educational opportunity. It charges no fees and delivers a progressive academic education combined with vocational and computer training.

Succeed Africa Relief Organization (International: Toronto, ON)

This organization’s mission is to spread the gospel of Christ by making the reign of God known in word and deed – empowering people living below the poverty line through self-sustaining support and practical life changing actions

Surviving Minds (International: Waterloo, ON)

With a main office in Ontario, Canada, Surviving Minds provides services to trauma survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo-Africa. Surviving Minds Provides treatment for the whole person in body, mind, and spirit.

Taking Root (International: Montreal, QC)

An environmental organization with operations and partnerships with rural cooperatives in Nicaragua, Taking Root uses reforestation as a tool for community economic development. They are motivated by the belief that sustainable reforestation is more than simply planting trees.

Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity (TEMBO) (International: Ottawa, ON)

Project TEMBO works in partnership with Tanzanian NGOs to provide education opportunities primarily, but not exclusively, for girls, and adult literacy and small business opportunities for women in rural northern Tanzania.

Team Broken Earth (International)

A volunteer task force of Canadian medical professionals committed to sustained medical relief in Haiti to help rebuild the country’s healthcare system, Team Broken Earth works with Haitian medical professionals on skill development, and educate the Haitian people on public health.

Terre Sans Frontieres

A non-profit organisation working since 1981 in the sphere of international cooperation. It is concerned mainly with assisting local partners on the African continent with their development projects. Since 1993, it has extended its activities to emergency humanitarian aid.

Third World Awareness (TWA) (International: Toronto, ON)

Third World Awareness brings post secondary students and newly employed young adults to developing nations for direct contact and learning with and from the poor. The purpose is to expose them to the realities of life for those living in third world poverty. The group adheres to a non-denominational/non-discriminatory philosophy. No young person with a true desire is refused.

Tools For Humanity (International: Edmonton, AB)

Tools for Humanity is a grassroots humanitarian organization dedicated to casting light on the causes of poverty, famine, and war around the world. Its goal is to increase the participation of marginalized individuals in the economic and social development of their communities.

Tractors For Our Daily Bread Canada (International: Toronto, ON)

A registered charitable not-for-profit organization that accepts donated farm equipment, medical devices, computers and other technological tools that are refurbished here in Canada and donated overseas to African farmers, medical clinics, schools and grassroots NGOs to combat poverty, AIDS, and illiteracy and promote sustainable community development.

Unicef Canada

Our organization works for the survival, protection and development of all children worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising.

United Nations Association in Canada

Vancouver-Armenia Friendship Society (VAFS) (International: Vancouver, BC

This organization works to foster friendly relations between Vancouver Armenians (Diaspora) and Armenians living in Armenia (Homeland). They accomplish this by providing Humanitarian Aid , Direct Financial Assistance, as well as addressing immediate Social needs of the people. Their goal is to promote a greater understanding between the two communities.


Ve’ahavta is a non-profit organization established in 1996 and registered in Canada and the United States. Its goal is to play a role in Tikun Olam, repairing the world, through the Canadian Jewish community and partnerships with other NGOs and worldwide organizations. Ve’ahavta hopes to accomplish this through our Jewish Peace Corps and International and local humanitarian and relief programs, response to global crisis and an educational arm.

Veterinarians Abroad Supporting and Teaching (V.A.S.T.) (International)

V.A.S.T. runs educational clinics in rural areas of disaster-struck developing countries that rarely see veterinary or animal husbandry services. These clinics teach local animal husbandry workers how to recognise key diseases early, implement prevention strategies, and treat ongoing cases.

Vietnam Friendship Village Project Canada (International: Vancouver, BC)

The Vietnam Friendship Village is a reconciliation project in Vietnam for children and veterans suffering from Agent Orange-related illnesses. They are committed to building friendships with the people of Vietnam, and to help mitigate the ongoing effects of the toxic herbicides sprayed during the war.

Village Education and Development Society (VEDS) (International: London, ON)

A nonprofit development organization that facilitates the implementation of village-based sustainable development projects in the villages of Vellore, India.

Voyages Inter-Cultures (International: Chambly, QC)

An international cooperation agency working towards reducing disparities and poverty in Honduras and Costa Rica, promoting sustainability of health, education and the environment. Volunteers are sent to work on the projects.

WAAMU – African Organisation for HIV/AIDS (International: Brampton, ON)

Created in 2008 to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, WAAMU focuses their efforts on education, treatment, counselling, and creating self-sustaining projects to increase employment.


WaterCan helps citizens of developing countries build sustainable water supply and sanitation services, and encourages Canadians to lend support.

Watoto Wa Ardhi – Child of the Earth (International: Calgary, AB)

Watoto Wa Ardhi – Child of the Earth is a nonprofit organization that was established as a response to the overwhelming number of children and young women who where affected by the conflicts in the DRC. They work to provide hope for a better future through primary, secondary and technical educational support to children, youths and women.

Water Well-ness Project (International)

Water Well-ness Project helps international communities gain access to clean water and sanitation infrastructures–life’s most basic necessities – using their innovative, sustainable, and socially-conscious program, H2O Investments.

Wings of Hope for Africa (International: Calgary, AB)

This organization strives to make a difference in lives of people in Africa. They are dedicated to building a society where basic needs are met for life and they work with orphans, families in need and communities to help them overcome poverty.

Won by One World Outreach (International: Windsor, ON)

This organization is dedicated to the social, educational, and spiritual relief and aide of children and their families in Guyana, by providing resources and support for their future success.

Work of Your Hand International Development (International)

Work of Your Hand is a nonprofit organization working to raise dignity and self-worth in impoverished artisans overseas and provide them work that pays fair wages.

World Accord

Established in 1980, World Accord is a nonprofit international development organization. We work with partners in Canada and overseas to provide educational and self-help programs for the poor in the developing world. World Accord works at the grassroots to help provide services that will allow our program participants to raise their standard of living in a sustainable manner.

World Fit for Children (International: Toronto, ON)

An international children’s charity dedicated to helping kids in the developing world. We build schools, medical facilities, and shelters for children, and provide relief measures and aid such as food, medication, water, and clothing. We also initiate campaigns and advocate on children’s rights.

World Literacy of Canada

Promotes international development and social justice in South Asia and Canada through the funding of community based programs that emphasize literacy and nonformal education. Particular attention is given to the needs of disadvantaged women.

World Relief Canada (International: Markham, ON)

World Relief Canada works with local networks of Christians around the world to meet the needs of people caught in the cycle of physical and spiritual poverty regardless of their race or religious beliefs.

World Vision Canada

Providing relief and development activities around the world. In addition to providing the critical element of ongoing financial support through child sponsorship, many individuals also become personally involved as volunteers and employees, working both in Canada and overseas.

Worldwide Orphans Foundation Canada (International: Montréal, QC)

Worldwide Orphans Foundation provides direct services in many areas to care for the health of children living in orphanages around the world.

World University Service of Canada

A non-profit, non-governmental organization which involves Canadians in international development. WUSC is a network of individuals and postsecondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. WUSC’s mission is to foster sustainable human development and global understanding through education and training.

You Have It In You Foundation (International)

A Christian-based, nonprofit organization that provides children with an opportunity to attain an education and provides for their well being in Zimbabwe’s marginalized communities.

Youth Challenge International

Youth Challenge International is a global youth development organization that promotes youth innovation to drive positive change. YCI’s programs are designed to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through five integrated sectors: economic development, education, leadership development, environment and health. YCI engages youth in creating solutions to the challenges they face.

Youth Life International Relief (International: Toronto, ON)

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of children and youth in the rural areas of developing countries, both in their homes and in the communities they live in, through community development.

Yubu Development Agency (International: Saskatoon, SK)

Capacity building and awareness raising in Southern Sudan with attention to gender issues and sustainability, providing healthcare, economic and social development, clean water through training in well drilling, education and technical training, and self-sufficiency through income generating projects.