As challenges continue from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) wants nonprofits to know we’ve got your back. We are continually updating our COVID-19 Resources with reliable and relevant information so that nonprofits across Ontario can continue to support each other and their communities. ONN is advocating to the Ontario and the federal government to ensure that Ontario’s nonprofits are included as decisions are made about COVID-19 containment and response, and to ensure that nonprofits have access to the many types of support that are needed for their organizations and for those they serve.

Please take the ONN Flash Survey for Ontario nonprofits today. This survey is open to Ontario nonprofits, charities and nonprofit co-operatives with a mission to serve a public benefit, including grassroots groups. The survey should be completed by a representative who can speak to your organization’s overall finances and programming. Only one person from your organization should fill out the survey. A representative could be an executive director, management staff, board member, or other staff in a leadership role in your organization.

The survey should take approximately 5- 8 minutes. The survey deadline is April 2, 2020, but your response would be appreciated as soon as possible.