These are scary times. The world is in crisis as we work hard to contain the COVID 19 outbreak and minimize its impact. Our organizations are being challenged in ways we could never imagine. For some of us, our clients are at high risk and we are working around the clock to support them. For others, we have been forced to lay off staff because our programs have been cancelled. The emotional toll on each and every one of us is significant, at a time when we are most isolated. 

We’re also seeing stories of hope, community, and caring. I’ve seen breweries turn the alcohol they have into free hand sanitizer. My neighbours created a mini food drive for a local shelter. Communities coming together in song.

While this podcast episode was recorded a little while ago, the content is perhaps even more relevant now. Our guest is Sam Laprade and we are talking about burnout. Sam has been talking about mental health so that we can better take care of ourselves and our colleagues. Now more than ever. Sam joins me in today’s podcast, talking about burnout, mental health and self-care. So, take a breath and take a listen.

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