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Featuring the latest in nonprofit news, information and updates from CharityVillage® and beyond. Includes our popular NewsBytes, links to our eNewsletters and information on how to get in touch with our Editorial Team.

Human Resources

Here you'll find resources for career-seekers, nonprofit professionals, boards and managers relating to working in the nonprofit sector. Everything from guidance on creating job descriptions, planning your nonprofit career, recruiting staff and managing performance.


The nuts and bolts of any nonprofit - everything from financial management, technology, governance and operations. Also includes resources and information on leadership and strategic planning.


Includes information and ideas relating to a wide-range of communications activities including public relations, crisis communications, internal communications, social media and more.


An ever-growing collection of articles and resources to help you in your fundraising and financing efforts. Topics include corporate philanthropy, social finance, grant-writing, donor relations to name a few.


If you're a donor, this is your place to learn how to make the most of your donations and charitable investments.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers play an important role in many charities and nonprofits. Here you'll find articles on volunteer recruitment, engagement and retention including practical tips and advice to help you and your organization thrive along with your volunteers.

Special Reports

Our annual salary and benefits report, as well as other special reports on the latest sector trends and issues