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Contacts Schmontacts!

Written By: Al Rothstein
July 29, 2002

Why having media contacts isn't enough: you need to sell your story.

E-newsletters: The Perfect Nonprofit Communication Tool?

Written By: Donna Barker
July 22, 2002

10 tips to consider when developing a successful e-newsletter for your organization.

Selecting your spokesperson

Written By: Al Rothstein
May 13, 2002

How to choose a spokesperson for your organization.

What? We have to market our web site?

Written By: Donna Barker
April 22, 2002

The old adage, "if you build it, they will come," could not be further from the truth in the world of the Internet. People simply won't visit it. They won't even look for it because they won't know it's there.

Breathing Life Into a New Organization: Girl Guides of Canada

Written By: Nicole Zummach
April 15, 2002

Article looks at the Girl Guides' approach to updating its image and messaging.

How to stand out in a crowd: Notes from a former fashion reporter on what big ticket charity events get coverage

Written By: Stephanie Black
March 28, 2001

Tips to get a charity event news coverage

Properly crafted Videos with Heart can move donors to new giving levels

Written By: Pat Kahnert
March 28, 2001

How to create a video with heart to appeal to donors, sponsors and volunteers

Making Headlines

Written By: Donna Barker
January 1, 2000

How to write a successful press release that generates buzz.

Now, about that press release

Written By: Al Rothstein
January 1, 2000

A breakdown of a successful press release.

Public Relations 101

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
January 1, 2000

This article answers the question, "What is PR?" and looks at the types of PR that charitable and nonprofit organizations should consider in their PR planning.

Affinity Cards: If you weren't among the first into the field, you'll need a special hook

Written By: Pat Porth
September 24, 1999

Analysis of efficacy of affinity cards for charities

Special Events: Why go to all the trouble?

Written By: Carolyn Rickey
March 31, 1999

Questions to ask when hosting a special event

Modems, Mail and Messages: Communicating effectively into the millennium Part 1: The Joys of Voicemail

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
November 30, 1998

The late 1990s have brought to us more ways than ever to communicate with one another. With the opportunities of technology and communication, come new realities in our relationships with consumers, clients, volunteers, donors and the communities we serve.

Getting the media to attend - again and again and again

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
July 29, 1998

If you want to make sure that the media attend your next media conference, make sure that you follow these simple but effective tips.

Public relations and development - integrating the two solitudes

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
June 18, 1997

Why fundraising and public relations must be integrated.

Long format infomercials work well for CCF Canada

Written By: Mary Lynne Stewart
December 23, 1996

Christian Children's Fund of Canada has been involved in both long and short direct response television formats for many years. Our print, TV, and radio marketing budget is about $800,000 to realize $14 million.

900-numbers: no longer just for heavy breathers

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
December 11, 1996

How using 900-numbers can increase revenue, reduce costs and increase service

Tailor the event to the market and make it a real fundraising tool

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 16, 1996

How to evaluate an events budget based on fundraising goals

Are social marketing partnerships a new imperative?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 2, 1996

Tips for getting involved with a corporation for a social or cause-related marketing campaign.

How to get noticed

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
June 19, 1996

Position your cause by demonstrating worthiness, relevance, and impact. Acknowledge the act of philanthropy, but above all else, emphasize its consequences.

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