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Funder Focus: Kathy Powelson and the McCreary Youth Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
February 5, 2007

An interview with Kathy Powelson from the McCreary Youth Foundation.

Major gifts campaign checklist

Written By: Tony Poderis
December 18, 2006

A successful major gifts fundraising campaign is not magic. It is a straightforward, concise process of executing well-defined components arranged in a step-by-step progression.

Why do we give?

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
December 11, 2006

According to recent Ipsos Reid statistics, around 80% of Canadians give to charity every year. That means close to 25 million of us make some sort of philanthropic gesture per annum. It’s an incredible stat.

Funder Focus: Jesse Rasch and the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
December 4, 2006

An interview with Jesse Rasch from the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation.

Governance Q&A: Balancing a community's needs with your organization's ability to deliver

Written By: Jane Garthson
November 27, 2006

A look at the values-based decision-making options available to organizations when facing new opportunities.

The little loan that could: Microcredit yields macro effect

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
November 13, 2006

The Global Microcredit Summit is being billed as a watershed event for the microcredit community and will have ramifications for hundreds of millions of people over the next decade. So why might this summit be one of the seminal moments in world history?

Funder Focus: Jeffrey Anderson and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
November 6, 2006

An interview with Jeffrey Anderson from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Boost direct mail donations without asking for them

Written By: Alan Sharpe
November 6, 2006

How well you steward your direct mail donors is key to whether they will keep giving.

Key ingredients to a successful government grant application

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 23, 2006

Three key ingredients to add to charities' formulas for successful business grantwriting

Funder Focus: John Robinson and the Community Foundation of PEI

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
October 10, 2006

An interview with John Robinson from the Community Foundation of PEI.

State of the Arts Nation: Philanthropy in Canada's cultural community

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
September 11, 2006

How often does the average Canadian reach into her pocket and make a donation to a favourite arts organization? How are arts organizations expected to thrive when faced with a highly competitive and saturated funding pool and ever-diminishing public funds?

Funder Focus: Joan Steckhan and the Kinsmen Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
September 5, 2006

An interview with Joan Steckhan from the Kinsmen Foundation.

Funder Focus: Pat Letizia and the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
August 8, 2006

An interview with Pat Letizia from the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

Through donors' eyes: What donors would like nonprofit organizations to know

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
July 31, 2006

We check in with four donors from different parts of the country to find out what motivates them to give and what advice they can offer to help nonprofits be strategic in their ask.

Funder Focus: Joanne Lewis and the Brantford Community Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
July 4, 2006

An interview with Joanne Lewis from the Brantford Community Foundation.

The donor life cycle: Life stages and resulting opportunities

Written By: Sherry Clodman
June 12, 2006

How to work with the donor life cycle to market different gift options to your donors at different times in their lives.

Funder Focus: Karen Chow and the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
June 5, 2006

An interview with Karen Chow from the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation.

Thanking donors right: Sample thank-you letter for gift or contribution

Written By: Alan Sharpe
June 5, 2006

The most important letter in direct mail fundraising never asks for a donation. Thank-you letters increase donor loyalty, strengthen relationships and increase your chances of receiving more gifts in the future, including major gifts and legacy gifts.

Gifts of life insurance

Written By: Sherry Clodman
May 8, 2006

How to market a donation of life insurance to your constituents.

Funder Focus: Martha O'Connor and Breakfast for Learning

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
May 1, 2006

An interview with Martha O'Connor from Breakfast for Learning.

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