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Technology and the evolution of grantmaking

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
August 22, 2005

No matter how we feel about it, using technology effectively is a must - especially if you are a grantmaker that receives more than three thousand grant applications per year and at any one time has 3,500 grants under management and 27,000 individual contact names to keep organized.

The SVP model: Investing in Canada's social economy

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
August 15, 2005

Social venture partner groups, or SVPs, are a fresh face on the Canadian philanthropy landscape. Often unnoticed by the public, social venture partners are trying to reshape the way Canadians address social needs.

Funder Focus: Joy Spencer-Barry and the Queen Alexandra Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
August 2, 2005

An interview with Joy Spencer-Barry from the Queen Alexandra Foundation.

Funder Focus: Nada Ristich and the BMO Corporate Donations Program

Written By: Nicole Zummach
July 4, 2005

An interview with Nada Ristich from the BMO Corporate Donations Program.

Funder Focus: Angie Killoran and the Lawson Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
June 6, 2005

An interview with Angie Killoran from the Lawson Foundation.

Ten myths of global civil society

Written By: Melanie Lovering
May 24, 2005

Dr. Lester Salamon, author, professor at Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies was the keynote speaker at Imagine Canada's Symposium "Learning from the World: Canada's Charitable & Nonprofit Sector through a Global Lens."

Funder Focus: Mark Petersen and the Bridgeway Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
May 2, 2005

An interview with Mark Petersen from the Bridgeway Foundation.

Funding Still Matters: The issue that can't be ignored

Written By: Nicole Zummach
April 18, 2005

Even though it's been almost two years since it was released, Katherine Scott's research on Canada's new funding regime and its impact on nonprofit and voluntary organizations continues to strike a chord with people.

Funder Focus: Anne Swarbrick and the Toronto Community Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
April 4, 2005

An interview with Anne Swarbrick from the Toronto Community Foundation.

Governance Q&A: Is it ethical to pay grant writers a percentage of grants received?

Written By: Jane Garthson
March 28, 2005

The unethical nature of percentage or commission-based fundraising.

Funder Focus: Dr. Roch Bernier and the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon

Written By: Nicole Zummach
March 7, 2005

An interview with Dr. Roch Bernier from the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon.

E-mail campaigns and fundraising

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
February 28, 2005

The components of a successful email fundraising campaign.

Tsunami relief effort a watershed moment in online giving?

Written By: Maggie Leithead
February 21, 2005

Canadians donated record amounts to aid and development agencies in the wake of December's earthquake and tsunami. Tens of thousands of people also turned to the internet to make their donations for the first time.

Funder Focus: Special Edition: Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz and Imagine Canada

Written By: Melanie Lovering
February 7, 2005

An interview with Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz from Imagine Canada.

Philanthropy in the era of globalization

Written By: Tim Brodhead
January 17, 2005

The keynote address given at “Community foundations: Symposium on a global movement” by Tim Brodhead, president and CEO of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Funder Focus: Nathan Gilbert and the Laidlaw Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
January 4, 2005

An interview with Nathan Gilbert from the Laidlaw Foundation.

Funder Focus: Ken Friesen and the C. P. Loewen Family Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
December 6, 2004

An interview with Ken Friesen from the C. P. Loewen Family Foundation.

Rural roots: Making the case for small-town philanthropy

Written By: Nicole Zummach
November 29, 2004

The Rural Charitable Sector Research Initiative (RCSRI), launched in 2003, is working to better understand the issues and trends affecting the rural voluntary sector in Ontario and beyond.

Funder Focus: Tim Draimin and the Tides Canada Foundation

Written By: Nicole Zummach
November 1, 2004

An interview with Tim Draimin from the Tides Canada Foundation.

Putting community investment criteria into action

Written By: Pat Kahnert
October 25, 2004

Clearly, a community partnership is a two-way street, and it is often a multi-lane one at that. The checklist is also a great start for corporate people to use in shaping their own firm's community investment model.

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