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Fundraising Q&A: Reconnecting with lapsed donors

Written By: Cynthia J. Armour
September 26, 2012

Wondering what LYBUNT and SYBUNT have to do with fundraising? Read on!

CharityVillage LIVE: Christmas in July

Written By: CharityVillage
July 13, 2012

The CharityVillage LIVE Conversation features Leah Eustace from Good Works.

Deconstructing Philanthropy: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells … it’s Christmas in July!

Written By: Leah Eustace
July 9, 2012

It's never too early to start thinking about your Christmas fundraising campaigns.

Trend Watch: What’s new in the world of online giving

Written By: Sondi Bruner
June 29, 2012

Find out the latest trends in mobile and online giving.

Paper balloons and McHappy miracles: Does point-of-sale philanthropy actually work?

Written By: Jodie Shupac
June 26, 2012

Is point-of-sale philanthropy a successful way of engaging new donors?

Deconstructing Philanthropy: The fossilized newsletter?

Written By: Fraser Green
June 10, 2012

Is there still a place for print in 2012? Does your full-colour glossy mailer get read from cover to cover or tossed in the blue bin with barely a glance?

F2F? D2D? OMG! Is face-to-face fundraising right for you?

Written By: Benita Aalto
May 28, 2012

Are face-to-face fundraisers going too far?

More than child's play: Engaging youth in philanthropy

Written By: Benita Aalto
March 19, 2012

While the energy, connectivity (and media attention) a young activist can generate could be a boon to a nonprofit, the flip side is that many youth are equally content to be clicktivists, limiting their involvement to texting donations or "liking" a cause on Facebook. So how can your nonprofit work effectively with kids and youth? And should you even try?

Fundraising Q&A: The benefits of monthly giving

Written By: Cynthia J. Armour
February 27, 2012

Why organizations should consider setting up a monthly giving program.

Microgiving: Small acts lead to big successes

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
October 31, 2011

Can a few dollars produce significant impact? And by a few we mean very little. Because that's the idea behind microgiving, a relatively new approach to fundraising that asks multiple donors to cough up small amounts of cash to support a cause.

You can't mine what you don't have! Collecting and storing your donor data

Written By: Sharron Batsch
October 17, 2011

Many organizations, and many more than we would like to think, have not managed their donor information well or with an eye to the future. In fact, they have placed their organization at risk due to the loss of valuable data.

Driven to give: Reducing the barriers to online giving

Written By: Jeff Golby
August 29, 2011

This article walks through various considerations when choosing an online platform for accepting donations.

Crowds: What are they good for?

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
July 25, 2011

Crowdsourcing, a term coined by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine in 2006, is defined as the outsourcing of tasks by way of a general call-out to a large, undefined group of people. There's also crowdfunding, which relies on the power of crowds to fund projects. No matter its iteration, the idea of crowds and the power they potentially hold for nonprofits is gaining much attention these days.

Print still dominates the multichannel universe

Written By: John Suart
June 28, 2011

This article argues that despite the growth of online use, print remains the most effective fundraising medium.

Seven ideas to engage prospects

Written By: Ketchum Canada Inc. (KCI)
May 10, 2011

Providing prospects with a wide variety of engagement opportunities is critical to stemming leaks once they reach the cultivation stage of the development cycle.

Five characteristics of a healthy prospect pipeline

Written By: Ketchum Canada Inc. (KCI)
May 3, 2011

How do you know if your pipeline is healthy? We’ve identified certain core characteristics of a healthy prospect pipeline.

Downgrading: When asking for less gets you more

Written By: Jonathon Grapsas
April 5, 2011

Why it might be a good idea to proactively "downgrade" monthly donors.

Demystifying mobile giving: How it works and can work for your nonprofit

Written By: Sumac Research
February 8, 2011

Is there some use for mobile giving for smaller organizations? This article cuts through the hype to see mobile giving for what it is: a unique tool with a great deal of potential.

Keep your donors and stakeholders close to you

Written By: John Suart
January 18, 2011

In nonprofit marketing, a great deal of the time and effort goes into finding new donors, volunteers and supporters, causing many nonprofits to ignore their existing stakeholders.

Mobile will change everything

Written By: John Suart
December 20, 2010

Mobile is the future of nonprofit marketing.

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