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Perennial technique, calendar fundraising continues to renew itself

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 18, 1998

Case study of calendar fundraising

You can stand out from the crowd by doing simple things exceptionally well

Written By: Murray Landa
November 4, 1998

Why creating standards of excellence is so important to gift planning, and three suggestions on where to start.

Here's a solicitor's check-list for success

Written By: Sherry Kushner & Dr. Ed Pearce
November 4, 1998

A Solicitor's Check-list for Success, a few of the most crucial dos and don'ts to bear in mind as you knock on that next door, behind which your next new major donor may be waiting.

Treat your raffle-ticket buyers like donors

Written By: Rick Vandenberg
July 29, 1998

Creating and maintaining a buying history with raffle-ticket purchasers

Making fundraising a ministry not a mystery with a 14-month stewardship planner

Written By: Wayne E. Groner and Dorsey E. Levell
July 14, 1998

A 14-month plan to integrate stewardship education and fund-raising activities in a congregation all year long.

Time-consuming, but powerful when done well, seminars can make the difference

Written By: Frank Dunn
June 30, 1998

How to conduct a successful seminar to advertise your planned giving program.

Ten myths of telemarketing

Written By: Bob Penner
June 23, 1998

Most Canadian charities are still reluctant to use telefundraising, or to even test it. Here are a few points that will help dispel some of the myths around telephone fundraising.

Rules of etiquette for fundraising volunteers

Written By: Bruce Raymond
September 17, 1997

Here are a few rules you would be wise to follow if you want your organization, through you, to leave a lasting favourable impression with your donors.

Good advice for fundraisers in 1890 memo

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
August 27, 1997

Tips for fundraisers from the founders of University of Chicago.

Pledging by phone rings up dollars!

Written By: Patrick Perdue
July 16, 1997

What to watch for when outsourcing telemarketing campaigns.

Model fundraising code helps organizations stay legal and accountable

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
July 16, 1997

Draft model code for fundraising accountability.

What makes a fundraising manager successful?

Written By: David Macdonald
December 11, 1996

Criteria for a successful fundraising manager.

A methodology for conflict resolution

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 1, 1996

Successful fundraising is always a team effort, and according to Del Staecker, who presented a session at the recent NSFRE International Conference, there are a number of common team characteristics, including the ability to manage conflict.

Hunches are not enough --- why it pays to poll

Written By: Bob Penner
March 13, 1996

Importance of polling and research

Be very careful when selecting a consultant

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
February 12, 1996

How to select a consultant for your nonprofit organization.

Ten points to remember when writing

Written By: George Smith
January 15, 1996

Ten tips to help improve your writing.

What has creativity got to do with it?

Written By: George Smith
January 15, 1996

Some tools and tips to help improve your writing and communication skills.

The seven deadly sins of direct marketing writing

Written By: George Smith
January 15, 1996

Clean up your marketing writing with these easy-to-remember tips.

Proven secrets of success for producing conferences

Written By: Pat Kahnert
July 11, 1995

Point-form to-do list for producing a successful conference.

Broker names hottest lists and urges fundraisers to be more aggressive, innovative

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 30, 1995

Speaking at the Canadian Direct Marketing Association's Fundraisers Council, Ossie Hinds, president of Cornerstone List Brokers, identified what he called "the hottest fundraising lists currently available."

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