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Who'll get the boomer bucks?

Written By: Becky Fung
July 30, 1997

Canada's post-war generation stands to gain substantial wealth from parents who saved and accumulated very little debt, and their children will tend to spend wisely, shying away from spending sprees, indicates the survey.

What makes donors tick?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 21, 1997

United Way/Environics research maps social, cultural values of donors and non-donors.

Charitable gaming revenues now exceed four billion dollars

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 15, 1997

Growth in charity gaming to 3% of revenues across North America.

Fundraiser's council surveys direct marketers' activity, compensation

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 13, 1996

This summer, the Canadian Direct Marketing Association's Fundraiser's Council conducted a study of fundraisers involved in direct marketing. Although only a sample survey, it found that direct marketing fundraisers in Canada are an active group.

New research focuses on tobacco sponsorship

Written By: Judith Barker
November 13, 1996

The results of a nationally representative public opinion survey asking Canadians whether tobacco companies should be allowed to sponsor charities and events.

Survey-based fundraising attacked

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 2, 1996

Fundraising under the guise of market research (FRUGGING) criticized.

Six out of seven charities flunk responsiveness test

Written By: Steve Thomas
March 27, 1996

Ken Burnett offers ten keys to world-class donor service that are applicable to each organization involved in fundraising today

Population changes, fiscal challenges, technology impact fundraising

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
February 26, 1996

Fundraisers should focus on and think more about the implications of our aging populace, according to Susan Wright, Partner - The Randolph Group, in her recent presentation to the National Society of Fund Raising Executives - Greater Toronto Chapter.

Nonprofit salaries and benefits in British Columbia

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
February 12, 1996

The findings of Volunteer Vancouver's Salaries and Benefits Survey.

Creativity, accountability new survival skills for charities

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 29, 1996

More people are answering the call and taking responsibility at the community level in terms of voluntarism and community action.

Compensation survey: fundraising direct marketers

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 15, 1996

Results of a national compensation survey by the Fundraisers Council of the Canadian Direct Marketing Association.

Future of arts, culture, sports does not lie in Attracting tobacco dollars

Written By: Bill VanGorder
January 5, 1996

Mr. VanGorder wrote in response to "Sponsorship Dilemma Allies Nonprofits with Tobacco Industry", an article on our news page.

Arts organizations jeopardized by Canada's move to U.S. funding model

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
December 26, 1995

Small performing arts organizations will cease to exist and a major city such as Toronto will be able to sustain only one or two large performing arts companies if Canada moves to the American funding model, according to a new study.

Growth in the availability of gaming brings risk

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 13, 1995

Argument for the need for gambling addiction awareness programs

Home lotteries --- a hot new trend

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 6, 1995

A case study on Home lotteries in BC's Surrey Memorial and New Westminster Columbia Hospitals

Changing face of donors also changes fundraising approaches

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 23, 1995

Canadian charitable organizations must work harder to build, among donors, a sense of ownership in their causes and institutions.

The new nastiness

Written By: Doug Jamieson
October 5, 1995

Now, perhaps due to declining incomes and chronically high unemployment levels, there seems to be shift in attitudes underway.

Appealing to the young adult consumer

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
August 4, 1995

this important group will be the next key target market, according to Gordon Ashworth, Vice-President of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE).

Cohort analysis of the Canadian population

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
August 4, 1995

From a new Canadian market study by Goldfarb Communications

Study uncovers new data about giving and volunteerism

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
August 4, 1995

The trends traced by Goldfarb Communications, a leading market research and consulting company, uncover some vital data about giving, attitudes and volunteerism.

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