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Human Resources

Nonprofit salaries are up overall, but women still lag behind men

Written By: CharityVillage
July 17, 2000

The Second Annual Survey of Remuneration and Benefits in the Canadian fundraising profession is out and many of the trends noted in the first survey continue this year. Women still hold most of the fundraising jobs across the country (64.5%), but they continue to be paid an average of 10% less than men in the same positions.

Vicarious liability for wrongful acts of employees of charitable and nonprofit organizations

Written By: Don Bourgeois
May 10, 2000

Looking at tort law and how that affects charities and wrongful acts committed by employees.

Virtual meetings and teleconferences -- the Internet and the telephone

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 1, 2000

How to increase productivity with emerging by integrating telephone systems and the Internet, and the use of virtual meetings.

Mental health blinders costing big bucks

Written By: No
October 4, 1999

According to a study conducted by Homewood, Canadians are more than twice as likely to report being off work because of stress, mental illness or emotional health problems as they are for physical illness or injury.

Mental health at work part 3: The new challenge

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
July 19, 1999

This three-part series looks at the new challenges facing today's workplace by exploring the vital relationship between mental health and productivity. In particular, we look at the initiatives set in motion by several Canadian players to put the issue of mental health and well-being on the business agenda.