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HR Planning

Planning for a payroll: Hiring your first paid employee

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
February 5, 2013

Transitioning from all-volunteer to paid staff isn't necessarily as easy as it might appear.

Stepping off the ladder: Can alternative organizational structures change the career trajectory of young professionals?

Written By: Jillian Witt
January 16, 2013

Shared platforms allow nonprofit leaders to manage new initiatives without becoming executive directors.

Help Wanted. Apply Within: Tips for hiring for difficult-to-fill positions

Written By: Benita Aalto
October 15, 2012

Having trouble filling positions at your nonprofit? It’s not just you: nonprofit hiring is a tough gig.

Ready to lead and not ready to leave: The demographic conundrum

Written By: Susan Fish
September 27, 2012

You might think it’s a good problem to have: too many capable leaders. Unfortunately, the situation can backfire.

Results from 2012 Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Study now available

Written By: CharityVillage
July 22, 2012

Findings from CharityVillage’s second annual Canadian Nonprofit Sector Compensation & Benefits Study.

Harnessing the potential of cross-sector partnerships

Written By: Dave Nanderam
May 24, 2012

Practical advice to help your organization tap into high-calibre volunteers.

Human Resources Q&A: What managers and supervisors need to know about HR

Written By: Kathline Holmes
May 16, 2012

Do your managers and supervisors have a basic understanding of HR principles? Here's what they should know.

Human Resources Q&A: Why managers should encourage staff to take vacations

Written By: Kathline Holmes
March 12, 2012

Why should managers care whether employees take their vacation time? Isn't it up to the employee to make sure they taking the time they need?

State of the union

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
February 13, 2012

Workers of the nonprofit sector, unite! That famous Marxist quote — altered slightly here for effect — could apply to the 21% of unionized employees in Canada's nonprofit sector.

Hiring outside the baby boom box

Written By: Deborah Legrove
January 9, 2012

Even in today's tight and competitive labour market — where the candidate holds many of the cards — nonprofits still present an appealing option to those seeking meaningful participation in the workforce. But with baby boomers retiring, it's time to think outside the baby boom box to meet the hiring challenge before us.

Human Resources Q&A: I'm afraid my job is at risk

Written By: Kathline Holmes
December 12, 2011

A reader wonders whether a written analysis of her day-to-day duties as compared with her job description might put her job at risk.

Treat them like professionals and they'll play like professionals

Written By: Tanara Pickard
December 6, 2011

These were Governor General David Johnston's words of advice to the nearly 500 delegates at the National Summit for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector. This sentiment seemed most appropriate for improving conditions for the attraction and retention of paid staff in the nonprofit sector.

Human Resources Q&A: Providing references

Written By: Kathline Holmes
November 14, 2011

Many organizations are understandably nervous about providing references for staff - especially if they have something negative to say. Find out how to properly handle references in this article.

How to design and evaluate your mentoring program

Written By: Trina Isakson
October 17, 2011

Good mentorship program design and matching is crucial to the effectiveness of mentorship relationships. Not only does good design lead to good outcomes, bad design can lead to worse outcomes than not having a mentorship program at all.

Is your organization ready for a mentorship program?

Written By: Trina Isakson
October 11, 2011

This is the second in a hands-on, three part series on mentoring programs. The first article provided an overview of mentorship programs and their benefits, along with activities to help you start thinking about your own program.

Developing a mentoring program at your nonprofit

Written By: Trina Isakson
October 3, 2011

Is your organization interested in starting a mentorship program? This first article in a three-part series addresses how mentorship programs benefit organizations and their employees.

Women and work in the nonprofit sector

Written By: Caroline Veldhuis
September 19, 2011

Many women were a-twitter when data released from the 2011 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Compensation and Benefits Survey showed men earning more than women in the top five out of six job levels.

The four pillars of HR governance

Written By: Carla Moore
September 19, 2011

This article outlines the foundations necessary for effective HR governance.

It's a fact: Happy staff are loyal staff

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
August 29, 2011

When nonprofits and charities consider employee remuneration, limited revenues and smaller operating budgets often hamstring them. This can lead to high employee turnover rates.

Compensation: The inside scoop on nonprofit payrolls

Written By: Julie Stauffer
August 15, 2011

If you’re working at a Canadian nonprofit, chances are your compensation is modest compared to others working at for-profit companies. But how does your remuneration stack up against others in similar positions within the sector?