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Performance Management

Executive coaching: Another tool in the toolbox?

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
September 14, 2009

Whereas coaches in the corporate world have been popular for a while now - some even calling them "status symbols" - the same could not be said for the nonprofit sector. Until recently, that is. There are a number of signs indicating a change in attitudes.

Human Resources Q&A: How to give direction to the people you manage

Written By: Tim Rutledge
September 14, 2009

This article explains when to give direction to the people you supervise and how to communicate direction clearly and effectively.

Managers: Do you have your employees' attention?

Written By: Louisa Jewell
August 10, 2009

Four things managers can do to reduce distractions and fully engage people at work.

Pygmalion in the workplace

Written By: Louisa Jewell
April 13, 2009

The self-fullfilling "Pygmalion" effect in the workplace.

Human Resources Q&A: Mentoring, coaching, trainining and development

Written By: Tim Rutledge
April 13, 2009

This article clarifies what is meant by the terms mentoring, coaching, training, development and counselling.

Bowling and the power of the positive

Written By: Louisa Jewell
March 9, 2009

Case study on a bowling study and the power of positivity on improved performance.

Managing emails in a not-for-profit setting

Written By: Paulette Vinette
December 15, 2008

How to effectively manage email communications as well as tips and tricks to make it a little easier.

Learning communities: The best investment we can make

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
October 27, 2008

Why learning is an important investment, especially in times of global change.

How are you doing? Take a quiz - no one has to know

Written By: Paulette Vinette
August 18, 2008

By the time your planned evaluation programs kick in, it is too late to make adjustments if you drifted inadvertently. In this article, we offer an easy quiz to help you assess whether you are on track.

Human Resources Q&A: Engaging employees of any generation

Written By: Tim Rutledge
May 12, 2008

Outlines keys to employee engagement that cut across all generations.

Human Resources Q&A: How to give performance feedback

Written By: Tim Rutledge
February 11, 2008

This article provides an outline of how to give performance feedback, including an explanation of commonly used terms.

Performance management primer: How to get the best from your staff

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
January 21, 2008

What is performance management and how does it help you and your staff?

How to avoid repeating mistakes

Written By: Paulette Vinette
December 17, 2007

This article deals with common mistakes not-for-profit organization staff and volunteers make and suggestions on how to avoid making them again.

Human Resources Q&A: Stress-free performance evaluations

Written By: Tim Rutledge
September 10, 2007

A manager's guide to reducing the stress and anxiety of conducting performance evaluations.

Time management: Does training work and where do we start?

Written By: Graham Tyler
May 14, 2007

How to to train others and yourself to use time effectively.

David Sax and interactive learning for nonprofits

Written By: Nicole Zummach
March 26, 2007

An interview with David Sax, Muttart fellow and creator of a board game that helps organizations orient staff and volunteers.

Human Resources Q&A: Making sure employees implement new learning

Written By: Tim Rutledge
November 6, 2006

How to make sure employees transfer training to the workplace.

Nurturing creativity: A priceless tactic toward innovative organizations

Written By: Carmaline Mariya
July 31, 2006

Steps to nurture creativity in the workplace.

Human Resources Q&A: Firing a new employee

Written By: Tim Rutledge
June 5, 2006

What to do when a new hire is not working out.

Character in fundraising - Principle number seven: Be Socratic

Written By: Roger Richard Breault
September 27, 2004

This is the sixth in a series of articles about the seven character traits to develop to become an effective fundraiser. This week: Be Socratic.

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