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Career Q&A: Making the jump to manager

Written By: Mitchell Stephenson
October 18, 2010

Advice on how to best showcase your skills to gain a management position.

Human Resources Q&A: Creating an employee handbook

Written By: Kathline Holmes
October 12, 2010

Why it's important to create an employee handbook and how to get started.

Seven tips for job seekers

Written By: Jack Shand
August 3, 2010

What will elevate one's chances for a call-back, and how can a job candidate increase his or her prospects of getting the job offer?

Interview do's and don'ts

Written By: Julie Stauffer
July 15, 2010

Most HR professionals decide whether to rule out a candidate within the first five to fifteen minutes of a job interview. So how do you make the most of that precious window of opportunity?

Employment check-list for good employers

Written By: Jack Shand
July 5, 2010

A check-list for people to reference as they seek to work in a nonprofit.

Six tips to keep your team motivated

Written By: Jean Crawford
May 31, 2010

Six inexpensive ways to motivate employees.

Information Interviews: Gaining perspective on your future career path

Written By: Karl Noseworthy
May 20, 2010

What is the best solution to finding both the career path and the job you want? The answer is by performing information interviews.

Demonstrating worth and value through daily recognition and rewards

Written By: Kathline Holmes
May 10, 2010

How to identify and reduce toxicity in the workplace.

Career Q&A: How to deal with an unhappy coworker

Written By: Mitchell Stephenson
February 15, 2010

Follow these tips to cope with an unhappy co-worker.

Working with staff and volunteers

Written By: Donna Lockhart
January 11, 2010

Three ideas to improve volunteer and staff relationships.

Human Resources Q&A: How to give direction to the people you manage

Written By: Tim Rutledge
September 14, 2009

This article explains when to give direction to the people you supervise and how to communicate direction clearly and effectively.

Managers: Do you have your employees' attention?

Written By: Louisa Jewell
August 10, 2009

Four things managers can do to reduce distractions and fully engage people at work.

Seven essentials for a successful executive transition

Written By: Becky Andrews and Rebecca Post
August 4, 2009

A change of leadership is never an easy time for a nonprofit. This article gives you an overview of the transition process and how it differs from a typical hire.

Career Q&A: Getting organized

Written By: Mitchell Stephenson
May 19, 2009

Don't get caught unprepared - follow these tips to stay organized on the job.

Human Resources Q&A: Writing and conducting an effective employee survey

Written By: Tim Rutledge
May 11, 2009

This article is full of tips and instructions to craft a useful employee survey.

Seven money tips to reduce fear-of-job-loss stress

Written By: Brian Pritchard
January 22, 2009

Seven steps to stabilize a personal financial situation.

Career Q&A: The importance of networking

Written By: Mitchell Stephenson
January 19, 2009

To celebrate International Networking Day, Mitchell Stephenson offers tips to help you network for career success.

How are you doing? Take a quiz - no one has to know

Written By: Paulette Vinette
August 18, 2008

By the time your planned evaluation programs kick in, it is too late to make adjustments if you drifted inadvertently. In this article, we offer an easy quiz to help you assess whether you are on track.

Volunteer and staff roles and responsibilities

Written By: Paulette Vinette
July 21, 2008

This article offers a checklist for you to use to delineate your organization’s roles and responsibilities; we offer some suggestions as guidelines that come from our experiences of working with high performing boards.

Five strategies for improving workplace retention

Written By: Louisa Jewell and Tracy Griffin
July 14, 2008

Five top strategies for keeping employees happy.

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