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Career Q&A: Self-management rules to help get your workload under control

Written By: Michael Mayne
October 15, 2007

Do you find yourself working long days but still falling behind on your work? Here are some simple time management techniques to keep you on track.

Career Q&A: Finding true work/life balance

Written By: Michael Mayne
September 17, 2007

Is work/life balance possible in a successful nonprofit career? It's not only possible, it's necessary to avoid burning out.

Human Resources Q&A: What is the right salary?

Written By: Tim Rutledge
February 12, 2007

Steps to establishing an appropriate salary and pay scale.

Human Resources Q&A: Job descriptions to find your ideal employee

Written By: Tim Rutledge
October 2, 2006

Tips for writing a job description to attract the right employee.

Career Q&A: Succeeding during your first few months at a new job

Written By: Michael Mayne
December 19, 2005

It's normal to be a little on edge for the first few months at a new job and concerned about impressing your new supervisors and colleagues. Here are some tips on how to put your best foot forward when starting a new job.

Hell hath no fury like a micromanaged workforce

Written By: Julie Ireland
October 17, 2005

A guide to stop micromanaging at the workplace.

Career Q&A: Coping with a professional failure

Written By: Alan Kearns
October 3, 2005

Not every job or professional project goes quite as planned. Follow these tips to quickly rebound from a negative experience.

Running more effective meetings

Written By: Ron Robinson
November 22, 2004

An article on how to run meetings more effectively, including benefits of and problems with meetings.

Career Q&A: Conducting a successful interview

Written By: Michael Mayne
August 16, 2004

Found yourself on the other side of the hiring desk? Follow these tips to conduct a successful job interview.

Painless performance appraisals

Written By: Teresa Howe
July 21, 2003

How to help people set goals and achieve them through painless performance appraisals.

Ten steps to successful interviewing

Written By: Teresa Howe
June 16, 2003

A step-by-step process to effective interviewing.

Everyday solutions for training and development

Written By: Teresa Howe
February 17, 2003

Everyday learning opportunities and activities.

An orientation plan in three phases

Written By: Teresa Howe
January 20, 2003

A three-phase orientation plan checklist with a description of how successful orientation plans benefit an organization.

Team-building exercises

Written By: Monika Penner
April 15, 2002

A list of team building exercises for use with staff or volunteers.

Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Written By: CharityVillage
January 1, 1999

Book review of Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations by Marcia Avner

You can't do it all

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
July 6, 1998

Working for charities and nonprofit organizations is rewarding and inspiring for many of us. However, in today's climate of change and uncertainty, helping work can also take its toll. Managers, staff, and volunteers in our field are always at risk of chronic stress and burnout.

A methodology for conflict resolution

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 1, 1996

Successful fundraising is always a team effort, and according to Del Staecker, who presented a session at the recent NSFRE International Conference, there are a number of common team characteristics, including the ability to manage conflict.