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How to answer the “What is your greatest weakness” interview question

Written By: Anne Fehr
May 20, 2015

It's a tricky interview question that can make even the most experienced job seekers stumble. Here's how to answer it the right way.

Five ways to compete with the corporate sector to land top talent

Written By: Lisa Brown Morton
May 13, 2015

Think you can't compete with the corporate sector when it comes to recruiting talent? Think again!

Ace your next fundraising job interview with these easy tips

Written By: Siobhan Aspinall
April 29, 2015

Don't go into your next fundraising interview unprepared! Stand out from the crowd with these easy tips.

Networking: What is it, how to do it and what it can do for you

Written By: Dana Zaruba
April 22, 2015

Networking doesn't have to be scary - follow these tips for networking success!

The solo employee: How to succeed when your nonprofit staff consists of just you

Written By: Susan Fish
March 11, 2015

Are you the only employee at your nonprofit? If so, you're likely facing unique challenges and working conditions.

Finding Ease in Times of Crazy Busy (Recorded Webinar)

Written By: CharityVillage
March 5, 2015

Do you find yourself feeling overhwelmed in times of 'crazy busy'? You're not alone! This recorded webinar gives you the tools you need to cope and thrive while maintaining work-life balance.

Human Resources Q&A: Is training the right solution? Part Four

Written By: Veronica Utton
March 4, 2015

The final part in our four-part series on professional development and training, this article focuses on evaluation.

Find ease in times of crazy busy with brain-friendly habits

Written By: Eileen Chadnick
February 25, 2015

Ever feel like life is a blur? Try these tips to work well and find ease in times of crazy busy.

Hiring your first fundraiser: Hitting the ground running

Written By: Brock Smith
February 12, 2015

Starting a new fundraising job at a small nonprofit? Check out these tips from the experts to hit the ground running.

Human Resources Q&A: Is training the right solution? Part Three

Written By: Veronica Utton
January 7, 2015

Once you've decided on the content of your training, it's time to think about delivery and what training methods might be the most effective.

Career Q&A: Passed over for a promotion

Written By: Nancy Ingram
November 12, 2014

Not sure how you can stay with an organization after being passed over for a promotion? Our Career Q&A columnist has some advice.

How to write a compelling job ad that attracts the right people

Written By: Susan Fish
October 29, 2014

Are your job postings routinely bringing in the wrong mix of candidates? Our experts agree - it's time to take a new, revolutionary approach to writing the classic job ad.

How to hire for cultural fit at your nonprofit organization

Written By: Susan Fish
October 8, 2014

These best practices (and things to avoid) will help you hire not just for solid qualifications but also good cultural fit.

Discipline and Dismissal: Making the best of a difficult situation (recorded webinar)

Written By: CharityVillage
September 25, 2014

Join presenter Denise Lloyd from EngagedHR as she shows you how to work through the discipline process.

Human Resources Q&A: Is training the right solution? Part Two

Written By: Veronica Utton
September 24, 2014

This second article in a three-part series discusses how to go about designing the objectives and content for employee training programs.

The painful days of discipline are over: Creating a culture of positive discipline

Written By: Denise Lloyd
September 17, 2014

Does the thought of holding a discipline or dismissal meeting with an employee or volunteer make you break out into a cold sweat? Check out these tips on how to proactively create a culture of positive discipline at your organization.

Career Q&A: Received one nonprofit job offer but hoping for another

Written By: Nancy Ingram
September 10, 2014

What should you do if you get a job offer for a position you aren't excited about while simultaneously going through the interview process for a job you do want? Nancy Ingram offers some advice.

Human Resources Q&A: Is training the right solution?

Written By: Veronica Utton
August 21, 2014

Additional training may not always be the best approach to addressing a performance management issue.

Strategic onboarding delivers engagement, retention, results

Written By: Deborah Legrove
August 6, 2014

Make sure your onboarding process for new staff is done right with these tips that take you right through the first year.

Internships done right: A winning approach for both nonprofits and students

Written By: Susan Fish
July 30, 2014

Is it possible to have a win-win internship situation for both nonprofits and students? Our experts say yes - with the right approach.

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