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Examining your investment strategy

Written By: Winsor Pepall
December 26, 1995

This article considers investment strategies with endowments, foundation and pension funds.

Making committees work

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
December 12, 1995

The way committees are run is often the problem. This article addresses the "dos and don'ts" of successfully running a committee.

Co-Directing: A leadership "pas de deux"

Written By: Jim Campbell
December 12, 1995

In order to meet the challenges of a demanding environment authority has to be divested throughout the organization. Co-directing an organization is the strongest possible demonstration of a commitment to power sharing.

What is a strategic plan?

Written By: Steve Bocska
December 12, 1995

A Strategic Plan is a blueprint of activities, strategies and workplans for your organization or business. Strategic Plans are best created by following this very simple four-step approach.

Consultants: The Rodney Dangerfields of the nonprofit world

Written By: Warren Dow
December 12, 1995

Consultants are the Rodney Dangerfields of the nonprofit world. Even worse, consultants are especially vulnerable to the "Don't shoot the messenger" syndrome.