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Organizational transition --- pain for gain

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 22, 1995

A look at the three phases of a nonprofit organization's life cycle and how staff and volunteers evolve within each phase.

Be intolerant of inertia, but tolerant of mistakes

Written By: Carol Chabot
March 27, 1995

When change must come to organizations, recognize that resistance develops as a result of stress increasing our need for comfort, predictability and inclusiveness.

Demographics: Discovering our destiny

Written By: Sherry Ferronato
March 27, 1995

By using demographics as a tool for assessing and prioritizing need, estimating expenditures, justifying programs, identifying potential volunteers and donors, and planning ahead, charities can capitalize on the shifts in the population makeup.

Readiness for change in fundraising organizations

Written By: Leslie DeAthe
March 27, 1995

This article presents a summary of the key ideas about organization change that were presented to NSFRE, and shares some of the survey findings and their implications for fund-raising organizations.

Book Review: Better Safe: Risk Management in Volunteer Programs and Community Service

Written By: CharityVillage
January 1, 1995

A mini book review of Better Safe: Risk Management in Volunteer Programs and Community Service, by Linda Graff.