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Differences between profit and nonprofit accounting

Written By: Stephen Meade
June 28, 2010

This article compares and contrasts the terminology and explains the differences between accountin in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Choosing an auditor

Written By: Richard MacNeill
February 1, 2010

This article lists things you should look for in an auditor for your nonprofit.

A guide to right record keeping for nonprofits

Written By: Bob McMahon
January 25, 2010

This article outlines the essentials to keeping proper financial records.

Proper financial controls can protect your nonprofit

Written By: Bob McMahon
October 26, 2009

This article provides a comprehensive "how to" guide to implementing financial controls at a nonprofit.

The right treasurer can be a treasure trove for a nonprofit

Written By: Melanie Borho
September 21, 2009

Article detailing the importance of a treasurer and how to find the right person.

Typical accounting functions for nonprofits

Written By: Kevin Hearty
August 24, 2009

This article provides a detailed overview of the accounting functions necessary for nonprofits, including financial controls, budgeting, auditing and more.

Taxing issues for nonprofits

Written By: Stephen Meek
July 20, 2009

This article outlines the various tax obligations of a nonprofit organization.

Six key items to consider when evaluating a new accounting system

Written By: Annette Balgord
May 25, 2009

This article lists six key items specific to nonprofit organizations, for accounting systems.

What your nonprofit's financial statements can tell you

Written By: Bob McMahon
May 19, 2009

This article lists and explains the various types of financial statements.

What nonprofits should ask themselves in an economic downturn

Written By: Betty Ferreira
May 11, 2009

How exactly do we define the terms "economic downturn" and "credit crunch" and what are their real implications for the nonprofit sector?

Better start planning how you are going to manage the impact of the recession

Written By: Betty Ferreira
May 4, 2009

Do you know how well prepared your organization is to withstand the growing impact of the recession? Have you developed and implemented a recession plan?

Understanding financial ratios

Written By: Bob McMahon
April 20, 2009

This article defines and explains ratios that are used in financial analysis.

Managing endowments during difficult financial times

Written By: Terrrance S. Carter
April 13, 2009

This article provides some ideas for what a charity can do when it has insufficient income from an endowment fund to meet its disbursement quota under the Income Tax Act.

Ethics Q&A: To fee or not to fee

Written By: Jane Garthson
April 6, 2009

Members, donors, voting rights – what to look out for when considering changes to membership fee structure.

Right on the money: What board members should know about their financial responsibilities

Written By: Bob McMahon
March 23, 2009

A basic knowledge of financial management is a must for nonprofit board members.

Time for a financial fitness check-up?

Written By: Jason Orr
March 2, 2009

This article discusses financial prudence and includes a quiz to assess financial controls.

How to keep costs steady when funding isn't

Written By: Bob McMahon
February 23, 2009

This article outlines ways your organization can keep on top of and minimize costs.

Strategies to proactively assess the impact of the growing recession on your organization

Written By: Betty Ferreira
February 2, 2009

This article provides you with a decision-making framework that will help you to assess the impact of the growing recession on your organization.

Charity tax-shelters, the CRA and you

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
July 28, 2008

Much has been made in the press over the last year about the alleged fraudulent use of tax shelter plans by Canadian charities.

Governance Q&A: Fraud in nonprofits

Written By: Jane Garthson
July 7, 2008

What safeguards should be in place to ensure a nonprofit's assets are secure against fraud?