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Nonprofit fraud: What are the key indicators?

Written By: Stuart Douglas & Kim Mills
August 16, 2000

We probably hear or read about fraudulent activity, on average, at least weekly. The headlines confirm that fraud does occur in NPOs and, in some instances, may have a significant impact on their continued viability.

Delegation of investment decision-making still an uncertain business

Written By: Terry Carter
May 10, 2000

Most Ontario charities are aware - or should be - that they should address the potential for liability arising when their board of directors continues to delegate investment decision making to a discretionary investment fund manager.

Book Review: Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives

Written By: CharityVillage
January 1, 2000

A mini book review of Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives, by Jeanne Bell and Elizabeth Schaffer.

Book Review: Bookkeeping for Nonprofits: A Step by Step Guide to Nonprofit Accounting

Written By: CharityVillage
January 1, 2000

A mini book review of Bookkeeping for Nonprofits: A Step by Step Guide to Nonprofit Accounting, by Murray Dropkin and James Halpin

Budgeting a fine art for NGOs operating internationally

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 8, 1999

The challenges of working internationally with changing exchange rates and dollar values.

Rebuilding after the storm

Written By: Jim Campbell
September 27, 1999

It is a rare organization that has never gone through a period of turmoil, which may have even threatened its continued existence. Crisis can have a disheartening impact on all concerned. It can be the death knell for an organization or a time for renewal and revitalization.

Financial accountability and Ontario's Bill 25: It's a Hobson's Choice for Ontario charities

Written By: Terence Carter
August 30, 1999

Many Charities have been left in an uncertain position by some of the more problematic aspects of Ontario's Bill 25, which amends the investment power provision of the province's Trustee Act. Proclaimed in force as of July 1, Bill 25 limits the authority of trustees to delegate investment decision-making solely to the area of mutual funds, which is not a defined term.

Potential for director's liability substantial

Written By: Don Bourgeois
August 25, 1999

Charitable and nonprofit organizations in Canada are facing a wide variety of legal issues, including those made through inadvertence, negligence or misunderstanding, and may be involved in legal proceedings they could have avoided.

The CGAs release their Tax Guide to Planned Giving booklet

Written By: Ed Pearce
November 23, 1998

At last, the Certified General Accountants' Association of Canada is on board. In their recently-released booklet Tax Guide to Planned Giving, it has finally recognized the growing importance of this central concept of philanthropy.

Centre for Philanthropy's proposed ethical fundraising and financial accountability code gains favourable response

Written By: CharityVillage
August 17, 1998

As an ideal counterpoint to the Broadbent recommendations on accountability for the nonprofit sector, the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's proposed Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code fits the bill perfectly.

Financial responsibilities of not-for-profit boards

Written By: Reprinted with permission from the Board Development Program of the Government of Alberta
March 1, 1998

Article on roles and responsibilities, budget, bookkeeping, financial statements, auditing and financial management for nonprofits.

Micro enterprise credit changes lives

Written By: Martin P. Connell
August 14, 1996

We all know that Canada is in the middle of an economic transformation. As we move into the open competition of free global markets, we have traded firm ground for anxiety.

Interest-free loans offer a variety of benefits

Written By: Sherry Rodney Kushner and Dr. Edward Pearce
July 30, 1996

An explanation of interest-free loans and how to encourage them.

Charities must advance both altruistic motivations and tax efficiencies

Written By: E. Blake Bromley
March 13, 1996

Creative tax planning takes on greater significance to charitable funding when one considers the demographics of wealth in Canada. Creative tax planning will be an important tool in obtaining funding from this wealth.

Examining your investment strategy

Written By: Winsor Pepall
December 26, 1995

This article considers investment strategies with endowments, foundation and pension funds.