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Ten spam-filtering methods explained

Written By: Brian Satterfield
December 11, 2006

How to effectively filter email spam.

Tools for nonprofit leaders: Tips for improving your website

Written By: Paulette Vinette
October 16, 2006

If you'd like some ideas on the big picture of website planning, you you might find this article helpful.

Sector Connector: Creating a platform for technology partnership

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
May 15, 2006

A look at how technology has enabled collaboration and partnerships for one nonprofit in Ontario.

Podcasts and audio presentations: Posting your audio and video content on the web

Written By: Gillian Kerr
February 9, 2006

A case study of Ourmedia, a free service to archive online content such as podcasts.

Moving to digital: Converting, organizing and managing your music collection

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 6, 2006

How to effectively organize and manage your music collection using a digital system.

Sharing your files: How to store, back up and share documents and projects

Written By: Gillian Kerr
December 12, 2005

Why file backup is important and how to do it properly.

The $100 notebook computer

Written By: Gillian Kerr
October 5, 2005

Inexpensive computers aimed at developing countries will be available in North America soon.

Using social networks to find and evaluate online information

Written By: Gillian Kerr
September 7, 2005

Online subscription music services are developing approaches that find useful and relevant information through social networks.

Summer roundup of new technology

Written By: Gillian Kerr
August 4, 2005

Open source software reviews, using Google maps, new SharePoint applications and a promising online calendar.

Communications technology and culture

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2005

Using technology in Qatar on the Arabian Gulf.

Mobilizing communities and sharing information

Written By: Gillian Kerr
April 8, 2005

Suggestions and tools for connecting people through technology.

Building a community web site

Written By: Gillian Kerr
March 6, 2005

Creating a successful web site that enables communities to work together depends more on processes than on software.

Technology and today's nonprofit: When the cutting edge is unrealistic

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
February 28, 2005

Rather than focusing on the cutting edge, perhaps it's more useful to ask technology experts familiar with the nonprofit sector to comment on today's baseline standards for IT in the nonprofit sector.

Coping with email in 2005: spam, viruses, phishing, security and privacy

Written By: Gillian Kerr
February 10, 2005

Advice on dealing with spam and other email cons, dangers and irritants over the next year - until it gets worse.

Technology-mediated living for people with disabilities - and the rest of us

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 4, 2005

A wheelchair that can climb stairs, digital eyesight, automatic voice transcription, communication through brain patterns - new technologies are transforming the environment for people with mobility and sensory impairments.

Academic search engine may help the voluntary sector

Written By: Gillian Kerr
December 8, 2004

Nonprofits may be able to disseminate their research and reports to a worldwide audience through the new Google Scholar.

Should you move to a voice over IP phone system?

Written By: Gillian Kerr
November 2, 2004

Voice over IP, or Internet phones, are finally going mainstream. Should your agency think about switching to VOIP?

Video games come to the boardroom

Written By: Gillian Kerr
July 1, 2004

New web conferencing tools use avatars and 3D gaming graphics to mimic face to face meetings.

Cheap online presentations using PowerPoint

Written By: Gillian Kerr
May 4, 2004

How to post PowerPoint presentations online.

Alternatives to e-mail newsletters - RSS

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 11, 2004

How to manage the issue of spam in email newsletters or use RSS feeds as an alternative