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Three ways to plan a web site

Written By: Gillian Kerr
August 9, 2001

How to plan an effective, easy-to-use website.

Time to redesign your web site?

Written By: Ellen Agger
June 25, 2001

You're not happy with your organization's website, or think it can be improved. Is it time to for a redesign? Maybe.

What kind of computers should my agency buy?

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2001

How to decide what kind of computers a nonprofit organization should buy.

Setting up a starter web site

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2001

How to build a simple business card site or brochure site for an online presence with minimal budget.

Online collaboration and the death rate of dot-coms

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2001

How to chose an online collaboration service for a nonprofit.

Managing technology projects

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2001

Tips on increasing the chances that your technology projects will succeed.

When your technology provider bites the dust

Written By: Gillian Kerr
June 8, 2001

How to plan ahead for when technical troubles arise.

Extending the hand of technology to caregivers

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
May 22, 2001

Three organizations in Ontario are taking part in a new and exciting initiative, Outreach to Informal Caregivers: A Virtual Support System. Spearheaded by the Canadian Association for Community Care and its partners, this project strives to empower caregivers through technology - and will develop and test a practical model for supporting them through the computer and Internet.

Searching the Internet: The good, the bad and the ugly

Written By: Barbara Fanning
November 30, 2000

The benefits of searching the Internet are that it's free and the quantity of available data appears to be limitless in scope. Here are some tips to increase the precision of your Internet searches.

Working with dot-coms: Guidelines for nonprofit organizations

Written By: Melanie Lovering
July 4, 2000

Since many lack the financial and human resources required to do it alone, more non-profits are considering pairing up with dot-coms to keep up the pace and not lose out on what appears to be a potential windfall of on-line donations.

Toronto Webgrrls: The answer to your prayers?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
June 19, 2000

A profile of a new web design service for nonprofits started by Webgrrls.

Cyber hijackers make off with Web Networks domain

Written By: CharityVillage
June 5, 2000

Internet hijackers wreaked havoc with one of Canada's biggest nonprofit Internet hosts last week, disrupting web and e-mail service at Web Networks for several days. Web Networks hosts 700 web sites for a wide range of Canadian activist and nonprofit groups.

Artez first off the mark with eReceipts

Written By: Pat Porth
March 15, 2000

If someone asked you as a fundraising executive what you needed to make your job easier, cut your costs substantially, and enhance the effectiveness of your donor, volunteer and sponsor relations, would you think of saying "electronic tax receipts"?

Protecting your agency's information: security and backup

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 1, 2000

How to properly back up your nonprofit's data.

Virtual meetings and teleconferences -- the Internet and the telephone

Written By: Gillian Kerr
January 1, 2000

How to increase productivity with emerging by integrating telephone systems and the Internet, and the use of virtual meetings.

How people in remote locations can work on the same document

Written By: Jayne Cravens
January 1, 2000

The key to sharing documents isn't your computer technology; it's how your humans save and share information.

Technology budgeting basics

Written By: John Kenyon
January 1, 2000

To make certain that your computer systems remain an efficient tool for your agency, a basic understanding of the technical and economic realities is necessary.

Book Review: Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology

Written By: CharityVillage
January 1, 2000

A mini book review of Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology by Don Tapscott and Art Caston.

Y2K Cool: Brinkmanship or common sense?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
June 14, 1999

The media hype has ensured that nonprofit organizations, along with their corporate cousins, are aware that the world might (or might not) come to an end at midnight January 1, 2000.

Twelve must-do tips for database newbies

Written By: Annabelle Wood
May 27, 1999

The better your database, the bigger your profits. Here, based on 18 years' experience in re-building new clients' databases are a dozen brass-tacks basics of setting up and maintaining your own.