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The art and science of setting objectives

Written By: Ron Robinson
June 20, 2005

How to set achievable, realistic and effective goals for a nonprofit organization.

Project evaluation: Measurements of success

Written By: Blair Witzel
June 6, 2005

There are many, many methodologies for evaluating projects. A helpful tip is to realize that almost all of these resources will fall into one of three types.

A framework for personal and organizational success

Written By: Ron Robinson
April 18, 2005

A framework to help manage the process of implementing your strategic plan and linking it to the day-to-day work of your staff.

Not another "me-too" strategic plan

Written By: Ron Robinson
March 21, 2005

How to overcome the problem of uniformity and customize a strategic plan.

The ups and downs of offering and accepting pro bono work

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
March 14, 2005

We've come to think of pro bono as a synonym for "free" or "no charge", but it actually means "for the public good". That's an important distinction.

Capacity building in the not-for-profit sector

Written By: Ron Robinson
January 17, 2005

Understanding the key determinants of successful capacity building.

Keeping your strategy vital

Written By: Ron Robinson
March 1, 2004

Signs of strategic fatigue and how to overcome this setback.

Scenario planning: A key to better understanding strategic risks

Written By: Ron Robinson
January 5, 2004

How to develop alternative possible strategies when creating a strategic plan.

Aligning strategy and governance

Written By: Ron Robinson
November 3, 2003

How the board of directors becomes a key driver in the ability of the organization to implement its strategic plan, at both the volunteer and governance levels.

The fallacy of financial ratios - part 2

Written By: Tony Poderis
October 27, 2003

Five actions an organization should take in regard to evaluation and how to collect data.

Strategic management and the interim executive director

Written By: Ron Robinson
October 6, 2003

Strategic decision making method changes for an interim executive director.

Performance measurement and reward - Linking organizational strategy to execution

Written By: Ron Robinson
September 2, 2003

Overcoming the failure to execute a strategic plan.

Strategic planning often means strategic change

Written By: Ron Robinson
August 5, 2003

It can be difficult, at times, to implement the strategic plan. Especially when it means taking the organization in a different direction.

Ethical considerations in strategic planning

Written By: Ron Robinson
July 7, 2003

Four key ethical considerations to be made in strategic planning.

Seven tips for successful strategic planning

Written By: Ron Robinson
May 5, 2003

Seven tips to improve strategic planning.

How to conduct a SWOT analysis

Written By: Ron Robinson
April 7, 2003

Follow these five steps to conduct a SWOT analysis.

Avoiding groupthink and strategic blind spots

Written By: Ron Robinson
March 3, 2003

How to avoid groupthink in decision making.

Best practices in strategic planning

Written By: Ron Robinson
February 3, 2003

Best practices for an organizations strategic plan.

Translating vision into action

Written By: Ron Robinson
January 6, 2003

Three steps to translate your organizational vision into action.

The Role of the Executive Director & Board in the Strategic Planning Process

Written By: Ron Robinson
December 2, 2002

The realities of a nonprofit board, its limitations, roles and responsibilities

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