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New website connects professional immigrant networks

February 16, 2012

Professional immigrant networks are not new, but the dozens of associations of immigrants helping immigrants in the GTA have been operating mostly under the radar — until now. The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), the Government of Canada and Scotiabank introduced a new website as part of the Professional Immigrant Networks initiative (PINs) to forge connections between immigrants, employers and community agencies. For more information visit:

Work/life balance a key contributor to job satisfaction, new survey finds

February 16, 2012

Want to know the way to an employee's heart? Thirty-eight percent of professionals interviewed by OfficeTeam identified work/life balance as the top contributor to their job satisfaction. Opportunities to learn and grow came in second, with 20%. Camaraderie with coworkers (16%), a good working relationship with the boss (10%), and the ability to accomplish goals (9%) were also popular answers. For more information visit:

Few Canadian employees willing to relocate for employment

February 16, 2012

Two in ten (19%) employees in 24 countries would be "very likely" to take a full-time job in another country for two to three years with a 10% pay increase, finds a new poll conducted on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council. Those most likely to say they would relocate internationally were from Mexico (34%), Brazil (32%), and Russia (31%). Just one in ten or (10%) of Canadian employees in the survey say they would take a full time job overseas. For more information visit:

Working from home less popular in Canada than other countries

February 16, 2012

A new global Ipsos Reid poll found that nearly one in five employees frequently telecommute and nearly 10% work from home on a daily basis. Although a popular option in countries such as India, Indonesia, and Mexico, it is a less popular option for Canadians with less than 10% of employees working from home. However, with 34% of employees saying they would telecommute full-time, if possible, it is a trend likely to grow. For more information visit:

Executives say humour is key part of cultural fit

February 16, 2012

Is it good to LOL at work? A new survey from Accountemps suggests it could be. Nearly eight in 10 (79%) chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said an employee's sense of humor is important for fitting into the company's corporate culture. For more information visit: