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Stretched for time: The state of volunteerism in Canada

Written By: Nicole Zummach
September 4, 2001

A look at the state of volunteerism: who was volunteering, where, and how much, based on the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating.

The wrong way to attract volunteers

Written By: Cam Tait
August 20, 2001

The trouble with the idea of giving tax receipts for volunteer hours.

A tragic anniversary can draw communities together

Written By: Cam Tait
July 16, 2001

The anniversary of the Pine Lake tornado sparks some thoughts on the importance of volunteers and community.

Looking for inspiration leads to a new name proposal

Written By: Cam Tait
June 11, 2001

Why volunteers should, perhaps, be called "community leaders".

The power of fresh wheels and a gust of wind

Written By: Cam Tait
May 22, 2001

How a windy day in Edmonton inspires the author to think of those on the streets and a local Salvation Army hostel.

Let's give single moms a special treat

Written By: Cam Tait
May 14, 2001

In honour of Mother's Day, an ode to single moms.

This is your column: a place to share your good news

Written By: Cam Tait
May 7, 2001

A personal story of volunteerism and a call for more volunteer stories.

A young volunteer learns a lesson and lends a hand

Written By: Cam Tait
April 30, 2001

The story of Bronwyn Bragg, a 15-year-old who volunteers with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary.

A Volunteer Week round-up of stories

Written By: Cam Tait
April 23, 2001

A round-up of volunteer stories from across the country in celebration of National Volunteer Week.

Global Youth Service Day comes to Canada

Written By: Kristin Duare McKinnon
April 23, 2001

April 21st is Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). Started by Youth Service America, Global Youth Service Day strives to recognize the year-round contributions of young people while recruiting a new generation of global volunteers, promoting the valuable contributions that young people make, and mobilizing communities to support them.

This is our time, so keep those cards and letters coming...

Written By: Cam Tait
April 17, 2001

CharityVillage asks for your volunteer stories in honour of National Volunteer Week.

We want to hear from you about volunteers and volunteerism

Written By: Cam Tait
April 9, 2001

A call for volunteer stories to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

What's the best way to thread an ongoing fabric of volunteerism?

Written By: Cam Tait
February 26, 2001

Is rewarding volunteers with gifts appropriate and a good way to foster voluntarism in Canada?

Sometimes it's better to answer a question with a question

Written By: Cam Tait
February 5, 2001

How a young boy with muscular dystrophy volunteers as a coach's assistant.

Volunteer Linkages program at the half-way point

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 8, 2001

Twenty-five Ontario nonprofits began using the Internet to pursue their goals in 1999, with the support of the provincial government. Volunteer @ction .online is one of several initiatives undertaken by Ontario under the umbrella name of Volunteer Linkages in the spring of 1997.

Ushering in the New Year with a warm thank-you

Written By: Cam Tait
January 2, 2001

Celebrating International Year of Volunteers with a personal memory of how a volunteer can affect a child's life.

Youth Volunteering -- It really pays off!

Written By: Campus Starter Magazine
December 18, 2000

A recent study in the Canadian Journal of Economics found that on average, volunteers earn about seven per cent higher incomes than non-volunteers.

Let's keep reaching out to volunteers and as volunteers

Written By: Cam Tait
December 11, 2000

The need to hear from volunteers themselves as to what they require to make their volunteer experience the best it can be.

UN and local groups kick off International Year of Volunteers

Written By: CharityVillage
December 4, 2000

This Tuesday, December 5, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and voluntary sector leaders around the world will launch the International Year of Volunteers (IYV).

PET and the pirouette -- embracing individuality

Written By: Cam Tait
October 2, 2000

How Pierre Trudeau taught Canadians to stand for what they believe in.

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